EIF Chapter 3

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A mountain range at outskirts of the Chen Empire, this mountain range is the location of Clear River Sect, inside a Clear River Sect is located a seemingly large hall!

Within this hall there were more than 20 people, and as different as the waters of the Jinghe and the Weihe, they were divided into three clear factions.

[TLN: Jinghe or Jing river and Weihe or Wei river two rivers of China, Jing is tributary of Wei which in turn tributary of Yellow river, Jing and Wei waters, one is clear while the other is muddy, even though they converge but their water are clearly divided, it is metaphor to understand right and wrong.]


On the left, a small group of people were garbed in azure robes. This group was led by a middle-aged man. Everyone in the group was looking at a giant map in the center of the hall with tightly knit eyebrows. Anger was flashing in their eyes while looking at the map.


The group on the right was garbed in white robes, and at this moment they were very happy. The leader of this group suddenly said with smile, “Clear River Sect Chief, it seems you have lost this battle. The Great Chen Empire has lost three of its passes, and they are in an extremely vulnerable state, Hahahahaha!”

The people in group garbed in white robes burst out into loud laughter.

However, the people in the left group were glaring angrily at the other group. Their leader, the Clear River Sect’s Chief, clenched his hands into fists and said, “Song First Sect’s Chief, this is not necessarily the end of everything. Are you certain that Chen Empire will be defeated?”

Song First Sect’s Chief, who was wearing white robes, sneered and said, “How? On this maps you can see all the troops as they are stationed on the battlefield, and at this moment in the Song Empire, whether it be high officials or lowly commoners, they are all united. Their momentum is like a hot knife going through butter. Gao Xianzhi has killed 600,000 soldiers of the Chen Army, and only 100,000 soldiers are left at Hulao Pass. Even if the soldiers were to be led by an inferior general, there would be simply no suspense. Not to mention, the troops are being led by a skilled and clever general, Gao Xianzhi! There is no need for you to resist, simply surrender as soon as possible!”

“You!” Clear River Sect’s Chief’s stared daggers at him.

Once again, everyone stupidly watched and realized that, in this battle, the Chen Empire is right on its way to destruction.

But the Clear River Sect’s Chief was extremely unwilling! It was not about losing an empire, but was about the extremely great character that is standing beside him. He has also been concerned about the battlefield, with him losing so badly in front of the VIP, it would create an incompetent impression in VIP’s heart, how can the Clear River Sect’s Chief not fret over this?

When the two Sect Chiefs were bickering, an additional five other people have also been concerned about it.

Although this is Clear River Sect, these five people were standing on the north side.

They were led by a girl wearing a black robe, dressed in men’s clothing.

That girl, who could be described as a peerless beauty, had extremely slender legs and was nervously yet enthusiastically looking at the map. A quite well-proportioned body, revealed a snow white slender neck, under the contrast of black robe making it even more dazzling. One would wish to go up and take a bite, her hair combed like a man, but beside the face on the forehead a wisp of hair fell, adding even more to the charm. Although she was dressed as man, it still could not conceal her peerless appearance. Maybe because of wearing men’s clothes, it would add even more wisps of temptation.  

The two sect’s disciples were also watching the girl very covertly, but they all understood the girl’s identity and immediately suppressed their slightly throbbing heart.

The girl was holding a folding fan in her hand, and carefully watched the huge map in front of her eyes. On the map there were various kinds of tags, each carefully describing every bit of detail on the battlefield between the Song Empire and Chen Empire, regardless of their importance.

Four people stood behind the girl, and out of these four three of them had no expressions on their faces. They were similar to bodyguards, not saying a word, but there was one exception. It was a bald buddhist monk wearing blue white robes, and just by standing there he gave off a mundane atmosphere. He had an extremely handsome and scholarly face, and in his hands were buddhist praying beads made up of 18 tiny beads tied by a string. Together with the girl, he was  watching the auxiliary map.

“Grandmaster Liunian, what do you think about this battle?” The girl looking at map patted the folding fan on the palm of her other hand and asked with a smile.

“Hall Lord, just because you wanted to see a war between the secular world, it became the cause of thoughtless slaughter. 600,000 soldiers were needlessly killed, Amitayus Buddha!” The bald buddhist monk read the buddha chant, as if the killing of these soldiers had caused him to sigh.

“Grandmaster, I heard that before you became a monk, you have also killed a lot of people. And comparing those killing with these is like a drop in the ocean. Besides, I have not ordered anyone to start the battle or kill anyone, the battle was already happening when we came. This sin  of killing is not due to me, but is due to them killing each other! I’m the cause, but not the effect!” said the girl while shaking her head.

Grandmaster Liunian slightly smiled bitterly and said, “That is water under the bridge!”

“My grandfather had told be that if there is an opportunity, I should take a look at mortal warfare. Although they are not stronger, sometimes they have a lot of wisdom. This battle is very amazing, Grandmaster, what do you say?” said the girl with a smile.

Grandmaster Liunian looked at the map, nodded his head and said, “That Chen Taichi is also not that bad. In such a big battle, he is actually able to manipulate events with ease. Even by our standards, he can also be considered a pretty good general. He was playing safe, extremely safe.

The Chen Empire will still most likely be one sidedly defeated by the Song Empire, however I had not thought that Gao Xianzhi from Song Empire would be the one to act!”

The girl nodded her head and said, “Yes, this Gao Xianzhi is indeed formidable!”


“Gao Xianzhi is known as the God of War of the Song Empire, and is fully deserving of that title. His command and use of troops is far more formidable than that of Chen Taichi. In all of fighting, the direct method is often used for joining the battle, but indirect methods are needed in order to secure victory! In just these short few months, he has changed his tactics and schemes again and again, commanding the troops like they were directed by a god. Even before advancing, he had anticipated the enemy’s level of power. But even more extraordinary is that he only took a few risks, yet all of those resulted in remarkable achievements, ending in Chen Taichi’s defeat. Actually, it was part psychological warfare, but no matter what, in the end he had used diversion to eventually destroy the three major passes. Indescribable!”

[TLN: 以正合,以奇胜 (Art of war by Sun Tzu): In all fighting, the direct method may be used for joining battle, but indirect methods will be needed in order to secure victory]


“This Gao Xianzhi is certainly a bit interesting. What level do you think his commanding skills have reached?” asked the girl looking at Grandmaster Liunian.

“Hall Lord is also very intelligent. Presumably, you have already guessed his level long ago, so why ask me?” Grandmaster Liunian smiled and said.

“Although there are not many unique techniques, every time he has commanded his troops they were nothing but experts blows, incomparably precise and subtle. So at least, he should be General level material!” said the girl with a respectful countenance.

“Hall Lord’s view and mine are same!” Grandmaster Liunian nodded his head.

“It seems that this trip is not without harvest, at least we encountered one genius!” The girl said with a satisfied smile.

However this appreciation from the girl made the Song First Sect’s Chief eyelids jump up.

“Hall Lord, this Gao Xianzhi is just one mortal! He is only at the Houtian Stage!” Song First Sect’s Chief suddenly said with impatience.

Girl calmly glanced at Song First Sect’s Chief and stated, “Do not worry, he is not counted in your quota!”

What the girl cared about was the person’s talent, not their strength as power can be gradually elevated. However, the intelligence of a person is limited and even if it could be increased, it would not be increased by that much. How could the girl allow such a talented person to be covered in dust?

“Grandmaster Liunian, you see this Chen Empire. Do you think it is also capable of counterattacking?” Asked the girl while looking at the map.


Grandmaster Liunian, after a moment of silence, shook his head. “Neither sect nor other countries are participating in this war. The Chen Empire has already hit a dead end, all three major passes have fallen. Additionally, after the three passes there is a wide boundless plain. This is not even mentioning the fact that everyone in the Song Empire, whether they are the highest officials or the lowest commoners, are united. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers will converge outside Hulao Pass. Although the pass itself does contain 100,000 soldiers of its own, none of them have ever seen blood. Don’t even talk about resisting, at the appointed time of the fight, not flattering and surrendering instantly to the enemy would be already considered pretty good. In addition to all of this, some information came that Chen Taichi is already mortally wounded. His heart veins have been damaged, which is beyond their grasp to heal. At most, after half a month Gao Xianzhi will be able to lay siege as the Chen Empire becomes history!

Grandmaster Liunian precisely and directly hammered in every last nail into the coffin lid. Now, the Song First Sect’s Chief had a face that was brimming with happiness. On the other hand, the Clear River Sect’s Chief had a complexion of deep sadness.


The girls also nodded her head, the Chen Empire is already not able to turn the tide.

“Sect Chief!” Suddenly, an anxious shout came from outside the large hall.


However this was Chen Tianshan who rushed back from Gu Mansion.

“Tianshan?” Clear River Sect’s Chief’s expression sank.

Previously he made Chen Tianshan leave to go to the Chen Empire, as he just wanted him to secretly help the Chen Empire from behind the scenes, because he didn’t want to lose, but now seeing Chen Tianshan arriving here, Clear River Sect’s Chief was showing a sliver of anger.

Chen Tianshan entered inside the large hall, and was suddenly surprised for a moment, as apparently he had not thought that there will be so many people present; there is a group of people from Song First Sect, as well as that VIP.

“Clear River Sect’s, Chen Tianshan has seen Hall Lord!” Chen Tianshan respectfully said.

That girl just nodded her head, but did not respond.

“Tianshan, at this time why did you come back? Is Chen Taichi all right? How are his injuries?” Clear River Sect’s Chief heavily asked.

Chen Tianshan was slightly anguished and said, “My nephew died half a month ago, all of his heart veins had been shattered and were beyond repair!”

Clear River Sect’s Chief complexion immediately sank.

“Ha ha ha ha ha, Chen Taichi is dead, Chen Empire is now completely hopeless, Clear River Sect’s Chief, you should make them admit defeat on their own!” said Song First Sect’s Chief with a loud laugh.


Clear River Sect’s Chief’s complexion immediately turned ugly

Black robe girl’s eyebrows also slightly wrinkled. Just a moment ago they were still thinking about Chen Taichi not being able to turn the tide, and now Chen Taichi was dead, this battle between the two countries is already a forgone conclusion, and soon will come to an end.

“Hall Lord, this time I brought shame to the Clear River Sect!” Clear River Sect’s Chief painstakingly faced the girl and slightly bowed.

Now the last trace of hope was also lost.

Before the girl could say anything, Chen Tianshan right away anxiously said, “Sect Chief, we have not lost yet, there is still an opportunity to win!”

“Hahahaha, Chen Tianshan? What is it you said a moment ago. All of this, and you can still win?” Song First Sect’s Chief suddenly said with a loud laugh as if he didn’t believe him.

“Tianshan, you shut up! Is the shame still not enough for you?” Clear River Sect’s Chief scolded loudly.

“Disciple came here just for this matter. We can still win!” Chen Tianshan bit the bullet and affirmatively said.

“Oh?” The black robed girl showed a sliver of curiosity.

Anyone with discerning eye will know Chen Empire is finished in this battle, but this human suddenly came here and indulged everyone with wild fantasies

“Humph, good, Chen Tianshan, speak, how can we win?” Clear River Sect’s Chief coldly said.

He already lost to Song First Sect, and had already lost too much face, however Chen Tianshan did not know the repercussions and boasted that they could still turn the tide.

Now Chen Tianshan could only bite the bullet and speak, “Sect Chief, my nephew Chen Taichi recommended to me one person before dying, and said that this person will certainly able to turn the tide. It will be just like the Song Empire releasing Gao Xianzhi at that time.”

“Oh? Like Gao Xianzhi?” Hearing this got the girl into high spirits.

“How can he be that similar? Song Empire has barely revealed the shadow of defeat. When our strength was at its peak was Gao Xianzhi able to advance like a hot knife through butter, but now the Chen Empire is already finished, with its strength greatly reduced, and you say we can still make a comeback? Cooking a meal without rice, how is that possible? This also something you believe?” Clear River Sect’s Chief didn’t believe a bit.

However the girl slightly smiled and said, “Tell me, who is it!”

When the girl was speaking, Clear River Sect Chief also naturally didn’t try to stop him, and just kept staring at Chen Tianshan.

Chen Tianshan was also feeling the agony, but he could only bite the bullet: “When Chen Taichi died, he nominated this person, and said that this person was certainly capable of turning the tide. I’m pretty sure that he was speaking the truth, as when he was speaking from his posture I didn’t see any kind of fabrication, and as soon as possible Crown Prince Chen went to find that person, who is called Gu Hai. He is someone who presumably all senior brothers seated here have seen.”

“Gu Hai? That old man whose entire body stinks of money?”

“Is it him? That person with the poor skeletal root and still had the wishful thinking to be added into my clan?”

“He began cultivating at the age of thirty and still dared to have these delusions. Only in the next life!”




Everyone suddenly responded, Chen Tianshan was surprised to find that not only his Clear River Sect’s senior and junior brothers knew him, but also all the people behind Song First Sect’s Chief knew Gu Hai.

“Oh? He is willing to help Chen Empire?” However the girl curiously asked.

When the girl spoke, everyone suddenly quieted down.

Chen Tianshan bitterly smiled and said, “No, he said he’ll help the Chen Empire win, and it may be possible! But, he needed the Sect Chief’s undertaking, and after he helps the Chen Empire turn the tide, the Sect Chief must help him go from the Houtian Completion Stage and impact the Xiantian Stage! Moreover we must also allow him to learn the Clear River Sect’s Xiantian Stage Exercise!”

“What? He is at the Houtian Completion Stage?” Everyone in the large hall suddenly said with surprise.

However the girl was somewhat confused, and with a somewhat bewildered appearance she looked at Chen Tianshan.

“Hall Lord, this guy called Gu Hai, we don’t have any prior information of him before 40 years ago, but out of the blue, we don’t know where he came out from, and at that time he hadn’t even started his cultivation, was just an ordinary mortal. Moreover he started cultivating at the age of 30, furthermore he strangely also had an extremely poor skeletal root, as such that it was not suitable for cultivating using Internal Strength. So he instead chose to cultivate using External Strength, and painstakingly refined his body. He wanted to waltz into my and others sects, so naturally everyone despised him. Nevertheless, in just 40 years in the secular world he had opened many promising large industries, and became the richest man in all six empires, moreover, he also reached the Houtian Completion Stage!” Chen Tianshan explained.

“He cultivated up to the Houtian Completion Stage using External Strength? He must have a very strong determination!” Grandmaster Liunian showed a sliver of surprise.

“External Strength cultivation, but also to the Houtian Completion Stage?” the girl looked at Grandmaster Liunian.

Grandmaster Liunian nodded his head and said, “It’s very rare, at least, this is only the second time I’ve heard of it!”

“Second? Who was the first?” the girl asked with uncertainty.

“Your Grandfather!” said Grandmaster Liunian.


However the girl’s pupil contracted and all the people present became serious.

“Sect Chief, Gu Hai said, as long as you promise he will help the Chen Empire in turning the tide, however he needs your promise!” said Chen Tianshan.

“Wishful thinking, one Houtian Stage old man also thinks he can turn the tide? A fool’s dream!” said Song First Sect’s Chief with an unbelievable look.

Clear River Sect’s Chief took a glance at the girl, but seeing the girl showing a trace of curiosity, his already lost heart once again started to beat with excitement. He had already lost a big deal of face, and if he loses face once again… but maybe…?

“Good! I promise!” Clear River Sect’s Chief solemnly said.

“Yes, many thanks Sect Chief!” said Chen Tianshan excitedly.

Nearby the girl slapped the folding fan in her hand, and said, “Since it is this way, then we can only see what he will do!”

“Hall Lord, it might be too late!” Grandmaster Liunian said with some worry.

“There’s no harm. I also wish to take a look at this Gu Hai and what he is relying on to boast like this!” the girl smilingly said.

“But…………!” Grandmaster Liunian slightly frowned.

“I know it is almost a forgone conclusion, however, didn’t you discover, everything now became more interesting?” said the girl while smiling.

“All right!” Grandmaster Liunian said with a bitter smile.

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