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 ­ God King of War


On the sixth day of the sixth month, Great Chen Empire, Fallen Dragon Cliff.

Dark clouds covered the sky and a chilly wind swept the earth.

Tens of thousands of wounded soldiers were stationed at the Fallen Dragon Cliff. Many officials and high ranking officers were gathered at a tent in the center of the encampment. They all gazed anxiously at a throne in the middle of the tent.

On the throne sat an old man, dressed in a dragon robe[1], who looked to be around sixty years old. He currently had a pale complexion and was constantly coughing. Beside him stood an attendant who was carefully attending to him, occasionally wiping blood from his mouth.

At this time, a seemingly forty year old white robed man arrived behind the dragon robed old man and put his hands on the the man’s back.He was transferring True Qi into the dragon robed old man, in an attempt to heal him.

A mouthful of blood spurted from the dragon robed old man’s mouth as the healing came to an end. However, his injury did not improve, and his face became even more pale.

“Father Emperor!” The chief of the officials, gowned in a python robe, exclaimed.

“Sovereign!” Congregation of officials suddenly exclaimed.

The dragon robed old man didn’t pay any attention to the officials, but looked at the the white robed old man, who had previously transferred True Qi.

“Third Grandfather, you don’t have to try to save me. I know my own body, my heart vein is broken, I was careless!” The dragon robed old man spoke with a pain-filled voice, then sighed.

The white robed man also sighed: “Ah, the heart vein is completely broken… Chen Taichi, you were too greedy for power and acted rashly. Why didn’t you wait for me?”

“I wanted to go all out and earn a victory for the clan! Sadly, I underestimated the Great Song Empire’s God of War, Gao Xianzhi! As he had been stationed on the southern border, I didn’t know he was so formidable. Even in front of my entire army, he was still able to score a victory. I didn’t believe it was possible, The Emperor of the Great Song Empire unexpectedly gave all the power of an army general to Gao Xianzhi and put his entire army under him. It was like divine intervention and we never saw it coming. As we entered the fight, we had the advantage, however, he turned the fight around and his army came at us like a flood, slipping past our defences and forcing us to retreat. The Emperor of the Great Song Empire, he really is willing to- Ah! Cough Cough!” Chen Taichi spoke with bitterness, then began to cough.

“I told you, though this war is between the Chen Empire and the Song Empire, many others have become interested in the fight, some whom you can not even begin to fathom. Just like us, there is a sect behind the Song Empire, and they have issued an order to “win or die”. Whoever wins, the sect behind them will claim the spirit stone mine!” The white robed man slightly sighed.

“This grandchild urges third grandfather to personally deal with Gao Xianzhi, otherwise my Chen Empire will suffer a crushing defeat! It might even be destroyed!” Chen Taichi pleaded.

The white robed man’s eyebrows twitched as he shook his head and said, “I already said, many others have become interested. Originally it was a fight between two empires for a spirit stone mine, but this attracted the interest of a certain, very powerful, figure, and that figure wanted to see a war between the forces of the secular world, and ordered us not to get involved. Not just me, even the Sect Chief, isn’t willing to offend that figure for your empire!”

“What? You can not intervene? Cough Cough!” Chen Taichi again spit out a mouthful of blood.

The white robed man nodded in affirmation, “Similarly the sect behind the Song Empire also cannot intervene, so you mustn’t think that the damage done to your empire is done by the sect behind Song Empire, it was entirely due to Gao Xianzhi commands”

“Cough Cough Cough Cough Cough!” Chen Taichi coughed again and again.


A young soldier entered the big tent, kneeling down on one knee, and looked towards his pale sovereign, who was coughing up blood. His complexion turned stiff.

“Speak!” Chen Taichi stared at that young soldier.

“Qi Bing Sovereign, we lost the Tong Pass!” Young soldier panickingly said.

[TLN: Respectful way to report something to higher official.]

“What? Cough Cough Cough!” Chen Taichi once again coughed up blood.


Another young soldier entered the big tent.


“Qi Bing Sovereign, we lost the Chengshan Pass!”


“Qi Bing Sovereign, we lost the Jiayu Pass!”

“Cough Cough Cough Cough Cough!”

Inside the big tent, it suddenly turned quiet, only the rapid panting of officials and the coughing of Chen Taichi could be heard.

To everyone surprise Chen Taichi pale face turned scarlet.

The white robed man’s eyebrows wrinkled, it seemed that Chen Taichi was nearing his death.

Inside the big tent, panic was visible on the faces of all of the officials, regardless of whether they were civilian or military officials.

“Father Emperor, Tong Pass, Chenshan Pass, Jiayu Pass, we lost three checkpoints all in one day, leaving the Song Empire with most of the land. Ah, my……my Chen Empire has lost three fourths of its territory. We are finished!” The python gowned[1] man face revealed a countenance of panic .

white robed man slightly sighed and said, “We lost… this Gao Xianzhi, indeed, has much strategic prowess. The Chen Empire will not be able to turn the tide!”

Chen Taichi countenance had become an intensely deep red: “Commanding troops as if an all-knowing deity? Using diversions to break through all three passes, and making our troops lose their moral. Good one Gao Xianzhi, very good, cough cough cough cough!”

“Chen Taichi, make the Crown Prince ascend the throne. The Chen Empire still has Hulao Pass, and I hope we can defend it for sometime. Alas, even if we guard it again what’s the use? This battle, we have already lost. It’s such a pity, that I hope you children have not angered the Sect Chief!” said the white robed man, his complexion turned ugly.

“What? Sect Chief’s anger?” Chen Taichi held back his cough and looked at the white robed man.

white robed man was silent for a moment, then nodded his head and said, “It’s quite possible, I would also be implicated, as there VIP is also watching, and once the Chen Empire is defeated, the VIP within the clan would certainly be disappointed and the Sect Chief would care about the view of the VIP. Maybe, hopefully, the Sect Chief is not angry. After all that God of War on other side is extremely formidable………!”

Chen Taichi’s whole body suddenly trembled, his eyes were changing irregularly, as if making a very difficult decision.

“No, we have yet to lose, we still have Hulao Pass, still have Hulao Pass!” Said Chen Taichi while trembling.

“Hulao Pass? Hulao pass has the least amount of troops, furthermore some of them are Imperial Guards, and these troops are different from the other three troops. They have not seen blood, and are only a flock of sheep, and their numbers are not much. How would they resist the Tiger Wolf Army of Song Empire’s? Moreover you’re also going to die, there is very large difference between you and your children’s ability. Even you cannot stop it, then how could the Crown Prince? In addition to this you have already lost three fourths of the land, lost half of the homeland. The citizens have lost their morale, and with what are you going to fight the Song Empire? Moreover the other side has God of War, Gao Xianzhi! Mountain and rivers are destroyed, and rivers pour away  by the day, the flows of times, you cannot stop!” said white robed man with a slight sigh.

[TLN:Idiom : rivers pour away by the day (Meaning: deteriorating day by day; going from bad to worse)]

“Not, we have not yet lost!” said Chen Taichi while trembling and his face turning hideous.

“Relying on these remnants? The Empire will be destroyed, and who can stop it, Taichi, you must still be thinking about how to confess to the sect!” the white robed man painstakingly said.

“Father Emperor, what way do we have? The Immortal Sect refused to intervene…..” said the python robe Crown Prince, with an agonized face.

Chen Taichi closed his eyes, his whole body shaking, and after a long pause, opened his mouth and spoke, “No, there is one person, he, he can turn the tide. He’ll be able to!”

“Oh?”  the white robed man was slightly surprised for a moment.

The python robe Crown Prince was also curious.

“Crown Prince, you go ask him if he is willing to come out, as long as he is willing to come out, we can win it back, certainly can! Cough cough cough!” Said Chen Taichi while coughing.

“Chen Taichi, this is not the time to joke, now all of Chen Empire is about to fall, who can even turn the tide? That Song Empire is currently united, moreover the God of War, Gao Xianzhi, is singing all the way. Their morale is soaring in the sky, and our sect cannot even intervene, it is impossible to change the situation of the war!” said the white robed man as if he didn’t believe.

“Yes, if it is him, he certainly can!” Chen Taichi face turned dark red.

“Who? Father Emperor, who is he?” said Crown Prince with a surprise.

“Gu Hai!” It was extremely difficult for Chen Taichi to even speak his name. As if he was incapable of tolerating that person.

“The richest man in all six empires, Mister Gu?” said Crown Prince with surprise.

“The richest man in the six empires? Cough cough cough, Gu Hai? Surprisingly, before dying I’ve had to once again bow my superior head in front of you to come.” said Chen Taichi, while his face revealed a sad smile.

“Gu Hai? Is that the guy who started cultivating after he was thirty year old, and later he wishfully thought that he could even waltz into my sect. That old man with an extremely poor skeletal root?”

“Third Grandfather, you know him?” said Chen Taichi with surprise, and looked at the white robed man.

“I’ve seen him. Most of the Jindan Stage people in my sect have seen him. As long as anyone of them are in this secular world, that old man will quickly find us, with all sort of bribes, seek us to introduce him to the sect, but his skeletal root was extremely bad. Moreover he started cultivating very late, and simply cannot contribute much. If we accepted him it was nothing but to be ridiculed inside the sect!” the white robed man nodded his head.

“Gu Hai? Oh, I thought I’ve suppressed his opportunity to have contact with the sect, unexpectedly he actually was able to bypass my defences. The dragon is deeply hidden, hahahaha, cough cough cough cough!” said Chen Taichi painstakingly and coughed up blood.

“Chen Taichi, you say Gu Hai can turn the tide? How can you be so sure? He is just an ordinary mortal, and his power level is at the Houtian Stage and nothing more.” the white robed man said with a frown.

“Yes, Father Emperor, he is just an ordinary businessman, how can he unite the army to fight?” Crown Prince also said anxiously.

“He certainly can! If Gao Xianzhi is the God of War, then he, Gu Hai, is the God King of War! Crown Prince, you lead by civil and military official ask him! Meet all his requirement! Even while kneeling, ask him!” said Chen Taichi with resolute eyes.

“Ordinary businessman? The God King of War?”

“Third Grandfather, trying to meet all of his request, he is just an ordinary businessman. He is just an ordinary mortal, which is also true, but only he can turn the tide, and if you want to win this back, you can only go and see him! I swear on the Crown Prince’s life!” Chen Taichi complexion was completely red.

The white robed man watched Chen Taichi, frowned and sunk into his thoughts.The situation was already hopeless and was unable to recover, but Chen Taichi insisted that Gu Hai was able to turn the tide? Moreover, it didn’t look like Chen Taichi was lying. The white robed man gradually turned serious. After all, the war between the two countries involved too much and the details could not be neglected


“I’ll meet him, Sect Chief gave me these rights, and as long as there is even a fraction of possibility, I’ll fully satisfy his demands!” said the white robed man solemnly.

“Crown Prince, later please Gu Hai to come out, you want to turn the tide, you must listen to all of his arrangements. Remember, whatever arrangements. Furthermore, call him Gu Uncle!” Chen Taichi weakingly said while being somewhat agonized.

“Gu Uncle?” Crown Prince face revealed a surprised countenance.

“Lastly, in place of me, tell him I’m sorry, in those days, I was unfaithful to him!” Chen Taichi showed a sliver of sadness and bitterness.

At last, after finishing speaking, Chen Taichi closed his eyes, and the redness in his face, in an instant, faded, turned pale, and not a trace of his breath was heard.

“Father Emperor!”


“The Sovereign has died!”

In the big tent, whether inside or outside, everyone suddenly knelt. Everyone was constantly crying in sorrow.


[1]: As in Chinese mythology all dragons are transformed from snake like creatures, the Crown Prince’s python signifies the process of turning into a dragon or in this case the next Sovereign/Emperor


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  2. I’ve always wanted to read a story about a merchant and a 30 years old guy starting cultivation xD ,this is my kind of story.
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  3. so I tried to read this…but becomes confused about the age of teh characters.

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    throne – old man – dragon robe – SIXTY -sick – Father Emperor/Sovereign – Chen Taichi – grandchild

    white robe – FORTY – Third Grandfather

    python robe – crown prince – chief of officials

    is there any secrets to this disparity in age?

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