EIFP Chapter 3

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 ­Feral Wolf Squad

Tang Chu was very skilled in walking down the hill, and he was treading this steep mountains like he was walking on a flat land. On one side Tang Chu was walking on the mountain, while on the other side he was also carefully watching the lush green plants on the both sides. He mainly came to the mountains to pick herbs, so naturally on the return journey he would pay more attention on the road. If by chance he came across some herbs naturally he will be pleasantly surprised!

These actions were just habits of Tang Chu. He had been picking herbs for a long time, and he would have to get accustomed to every hour and every moment whether there was a herb present or not.

However, this was basically futile effort. On this mountain, Tan Chu himself don’t know how many times he had walked past it, and even if there were herbs it would have long been taken away, leaving only some useless plants!

Walking for a long time, Tang Chu also hadn’t picked any herbs, but he also didn’t care about it too much. Today his harvest was very good, and had already surpassed his estimate. He was naturally born an optimists, and he was already satisfied with today’s harvest!

Gu Hai was similarly freely walking on the mountain road, but he was also carefully looking at the surrounding environment, not for the herbs, but he wanted to understand how the plants in this world were different from earth.

Through the observation, Gu Hai found here plants and generally much more higher and stronger than that of earth, and the life force of the plants were also much more vigorous. Moreover, he would also occasionally see some small animals, and their size was generally larger.

Moreover he clearly felt the air here was particularly good, and although the majority of credit was due to the plants here, but the air where he formerly lived in ‘The Han Hai Villa’ could not even compare.

Gu Hai believed if everyone lived the whole year in such an atmosphere, everyone would live longer, but also would be more healthy and this should be the Spirit Qi that Xiuxianists spoke of. Moreover this world’s Spirit Qi was clearly very abundant, and was more suitable for cultivation!

“Roar!” A loud tiger roar suddenly broke the tranquility of the ravine. Feeling the source of the tiger roar, this tiger roar was coming from the front of the two people, which meant that the road in front was blocked by a tiger!

“There is a tiger in front of u!” Tang Chu was suddenly wary, and then once again with some doubt said, “No, how come there is a tiger on this road, every time I come to pick herbs I go down this road, already walked here so many times, never met a tiger!”

But Gu Hai’s brows slightly frowned, and Tang Chu could not have heard, but Gu Hai had once studied different kind of tiger roars. From this tiger roar Gu Hai knew that this tiger was angry, and someone or something must have angered it!

“Uncle Gu, or we should go back, then change the road again and walk down the mountain.” Tang Chu after all was still a teenager and although he dared to come to the Heisha Mountains for herbs alone, but that was because that was what life had forced upon him. Now that he also met a tiger, Tang Chu’s first thought was naturally to avoid it, “I know of a path, and although it is somewhat more steep, it is much more safer than meeting a tiger!”

“Roar!” The tiger roar was once again heard, and the roar this time was louder and more irritated. Gu Hai and Tang Chu very much understood that the tiger was getting closer to them, and obviously that tiger was coming towards them.

Gu Hai complexion changed, and he clutched Tang Chu, leaped directly into the bushes, then walker deeper into the mountains. After he arrived at a 20m high tree he started directly climbing it, and at the same time signalling Tang Chu behind him to climb the tree along with him.

In the past Gu Hai was already experienced in rock climbing, so climbing a tree naturally goes without saying, and Tang Chu had grown up in the mountains, so climbing the trees came to him as easily as eating. Tang Chu even climbed up faster than Gu Hai.

Both of them quickly climbed near the top of the tree, and normally speaking, a tiger was not going to climb the tree. The tigers here are also no different from earth, so Gu Hai also didn’t believe it was capable of crawling upto to such height.

Gu Hai stood on the thick branch, both eyes intently looking towards the front of the mountain road, only to see a giant tiger with lifted eyes and a white-forehead madly rushing on the mountain road. The giant tiger was about 4m long and 5m high, and compared with the tigers previously seen by Gu Hai this tiger was way too big!

[TLN: Lifted eyes depicts the ferociousness of tiger. It is believed if the corner of the eyes are lifted then it is fierce. Basically it is the normal wild tiger.]

At the abdomen of the giant tiger there were also two narrow and long cuts, and it was very difficult to imagine for Gu Hai how such a giant tiger was hurt by cold weapons. Wasn’t this a giant tiger with lifted eyes and a white-forehead?

But Gu Hai immediately also came to realize, this was after all is world of cultivation, so the limit of human capabilities were unthinkable. Not to mention killing a tiger, even more unimaginable things could also be accomplished!

The giant tiger with lifted eyes and a white-forehead bolted out in fury, and less than 10m behind the giant tiger were 5 humans following it. These five people were all dressed in black robes, and in each person’s hand was a broadsword with a wolf head on its hilt. The five people were madly rushing on the mountain road as if this steep mountain was simply nothing to them.

Besides, they were extremely fast, and were closely following the giant tiger.

Obviously, these five men were the cause of the abdominal wounds on the giant tiger, and the five men by no means ordinary people. They had a certain degree of cultivation in their bodies, but were only at the Houtian Stage, nothing more. If they were at the Xiantian Stage, they would be able to kill this giant tiger in the blink of an eye.

Besides, these five men were hunting that giant tiger with lifted eyes and a white-forehead,, and seemed to be nearly successful!

“Quick, brothers, there are two of my blades inside this tiger, it is already heavily injured. It can not run quickly, catch up to it and kill it!” The leading fellow among the five men loudly shouted, “Peel out its skin, deliver its leather as a gift to the Fort Lord!”

“What Elder Brother said is good, we will kill it and make clothes with its leather!” The rest of the following four men’s sound echoed.

That giant tiger was injured, and its speed was also gradually slowing down. The five people seized this opportunity, sped up and closely surrounded the giant tiger. At the same time five broadswords moved towards the giant tiger!

“Roar!” The giant tiger was furious, and hurled his body towards one of the man attacking him. That fellow who was about to get attacked, instead of drawing back, he planned on resisting head-on, and the broadsword in his hand heavily hacked towards the giant tiger head.


The broadsword in that fellow’s hand ruthlessly split the giant tiger’s head, “Roar!” The giant tiger furiously roared, and in the blink of an eye there was a huge wound on its head. Red blood continued to flow from inside the wound, but the giant tiger did not stop, but continued to rush towards that fellow. That fellow, due this huge momentum, was struck and flew out, and fell in the dense plants on either side of the mountain road.

This all happened in a split-second, and the remaining four people didn’t have the time to react, but could only look at their partner flying out.Immediately they brandished the broadswords in their hands and attacked the giant tiger!

The giant tiger was seriously injured was weak and had no strength and it seemed to know that it was not going to live, but the giant tiger didn’t want to escape, in fact, in the current state fleeing was useless, as sooner or later it would be surrounded!

The giant tiger turned around and continued to spring towards the other four men, while the four men were also holding their blades, but the outcome was already doomed as four people were sieging a heavily injured giant tiger. It was simply a slaughter!

Soon, the giant tiger’s body was full of wounds, and it weakly fell on the ground, passing away.

The fellow who was previously hit and flew away also came out. If it was ordinary person who had been hit by such giant tiger, he would absolutely be killed or wounded, but this fellow only suffered minor injuries, and it simply did not have much of affect to him!

“Ha ha, Elder Brother, Fort Lord’s brithday is coming soon. For our Feral Wolf Squad the gift this time fallen right in our lap!” one man said while laughing, “This time we’ll be able to shine in the fort!”

“Ha ha ha, Who is going to say no?” Elder Brother, the leader of the squad, was similarly very excited. After all such a large tiger skin was very rare, and during the Fort Lord’s birthday it was sufficient enough to be applauded. This matter was extremely related to their reputation.


“Ah! They are the Black Wind Village Feral Wolf Squad.” Tang Chu shouted in low voice, and he could not help but blurt out.

Gu Hai heart sank, and he don’t know whether or not the Feral Wolf Squad heard, but if they were found out, it was totally going to be a problem!

“Who! Who’s there? Come out!” The Feral Wolf Squad boss was startled. He felt as if someone was present in their own surroundings, peeping at them, and that was why he suddenly shouted loudly!

“Who? Someone is watching us!” There was a fine line of a difference between the cultivation of the rest of the four men and their boss, and now when the heard their boss’ voice they also understood that there was someone out there!

“Uncle Gu, I’m sorry!” Tang Chu apologized in a low voice, and he also understood what he did. He sould not have done that!

“It does not matter, Uncle Gu will be able to solve it!” Gu Hai gently said, and though they had been found out, but Gu Hai did not worry about it, very quickly restoring his calmness. Though it was troublesome, Gu Hai was very confident in resolving this, because compared with the giant tiger who only depended on instincts, Gu Hai was more than willing to deal with the humankind who could think, as human could only think and that was also their weak point!

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