Emperor of Solo Play Chapter 56-57

Chapter 56 and Chapter 57 are here!

Two regulars chapters for this week; just in time!

I talked to the site admin about some of the problems with the site formatting (light coloring, wall-of-text, etc). I think he’s looking into how to fix it / alter it, so give him some time!

ALSO, remember that one time I said Top Management wasn’t my cup of coffee. How wrong I was. Easily one of my most anticipated novel now. Binged through the entire RAWs in 2 days. It just might be my favorite novel on Munpia now :O

Translated by: FudgeNouget
Edited by: Beno

From JSmith: “Also some of you may know that I will be taking a gap year next year where I will be just lazing around and focusing on translating. Thus I will be holding a poll sometime January next year for which novel I should translate from the Korean novels list. Also, if you’ve read the Announcement post, I’ve taken down all video ads and even animated ads. So only picture ads are on the site at the moment and this has lowered the ad revenue by a significant amount. Thus for every 1000 clicks on my ads I will release an extra chapter of the novel of your choosing in January. This will only last until January so click away if you want.”


  1. eh really translator?
    i thought he was one of the most petty MC 🙁
    like there’s nothing special about the story
    and i’m glad myoniyoni trans decide to drop it and give us reader sovereign of judgement XD
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3

  2. Wait, Top Management was dropped? Why didn’t I know this?! I too enjoy the novel so far, to suddenly stop… ? Though I enjoy God of Music more.
    Thank for the chapters ?

  3. Eh? Top Management? Anyone have a link so I could look it up? Can’t seem to find it.

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