Emperor of Solo Play Chapter 54-55

Chapter 54 and Chapter 55 are here!

Here are this week’s two regular chapters. I’ve got 1 midterm left! (the hardest one though…)

I’m not sure how I feel about the new theme on novelsnchill; the light color hurts my eyes. For anyone interested, I’m currently reading Mother of Learning. Excellent novel.

Translated by: FudgeNouget
Edited by: Beno


  1. i have one too in a little over a week and its…math

  2. I’ve read Mother of Learning, one of my favorite online reads. Have there been any updates?

    1. It comes out like 1 chapter a month or something doesn’t it? A bit unfortunate (though it’s a long chapter), but it can’t be helped since it’s an english original.

  3. Too cream green, so i must scream Aahhh! My eyes! My eyes!

  4. I can recall those days… more if i have to review the electromagnetism physics and thermodynamics… good luck with your last one…

  5. Yeah, I read that 2, it’s a pretty long wait but it’s with it. Good luck on ur last test

  6. I recently pick this nice read and bloody hell this web’s theme is so eyesore 🙁 it would be nice if could be change oooh nice job keep up

  7. Good luck for examp most important think is not panic!? Thanks for chapters… 🙂

  8. MoL is probably the better read since 10-like years,everything about that is good:)
    If someone reading my comment didn’t give that a try…YOU WANT TO READ THAT!!! You can’t be disapointed no matter your tastes,that how good this novel is;)

  9. Thx for the chapter i hope that you did well in your midterms :).

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