Emperor of Solo Play Chapter 48-49

Double chapter release!

Chapter 48 and Chapter 49 are here.

I have officially read almost all the top novels on Munpia. Most of them are being translated as well. In the order of my favorite on-going series, it would be The Reincarnator –> I am the Monarch –> Everyone Else is a Returnee –> The Lazy Swordmaster –> Max Level Newbie. I put some of the others on hold like Return of the 8th Class Magician, Dimensional Lord, Eat Some Food Before You Leave,  Bless my Life, etc. You guys should check them out if you haven’t already. Reincarnator and I am the Monarch gets special shoutouts for having a very solid story.

Also, I’m pretty sure the waiter at the sushi restaurant I always go to recognizes me now. I need to stop going there almost everyday… lol


Almost 50 chapters! About 1/4 of the way in.

Translated by: FudgeNouget
Edited by: Beno


EDIT: These are the regular chapters of the week. The queue is cleared (it just hasn’t been updated yet). Max Level Newbie, Dimensional Lord, Eat Some Food Before you Leave, Bless My Life aren’t being translated as far as I know.


  1. hm sushi .. a load of calories o.o ty for double release; hm wonder if chapter 50 is going to be done today or next day

  2. i couldt find these at novelupdates. are they original ?

    Max Level Newbie, Dimensional Lord, Eat Some Food Before You Leave, Bless my Life

    1. Author

      Dimensional Lord is now being Tled at gravity as Dimensional Sovereign and it is top notch. Bless my life can also be Tled as Hooray to my life and I have the prologue on my site but yeah… I’m not in a position to tl atm so it won’t be Tled until later (http://novelsnchill.com/hooray-to-my-life/)

  3. Aware of most of these, but “Max Level Newbie” brings up nothing even with Google. Top result for it (in quotes) brings up a parody song making fun of level 70 Warcraft characters.

  4. You didn’t read king of the battlefield? how could it be not in your read list?

  5. you should try king of the battlefield and sovereign of judgement

  6. 1/4 of the way in, does that mean the series will end at around 200 chapters or is this an unfinished series?


    Seriously though, I thought there were only 33 chapters, I thought this novel was about that guy with a famous hand. Gods left hand, I think it’s called, so I didn’t read it. Checked the summary because it said it was from NovelsNChill, forgot completely about where it was posted, and started reading from the prologue. I was disappointed that the 33rd chapter wasn’t posted there, thought I’d be able to get to sleep for the night. But no. It goes all the way to 49. Do you know how long it takes to psyche yourself up to ending a novel at the latest update?

    You cruel, cruel, person.

  8. Thanks for the chapters 🙂

    BTW: Could you add the links to the series that have a translation? The series “Max Level Newbie” seems interesting to me but i can’t seem to find it.

  9. Yeah, the lazy sword master looks good…

  10. yup cant find “max lvl newbie” either

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