Emperor of Solo Play Chapter 41-42

Chapter 41 and Chapter 42 are here.

Here’s two of the sponsored chapters. Site admin seems to be busy right now so it might take a while to have the queue updated. There should be 3 in queue (note the amount has been changed to $50 too).

I just realized that since it takes a day for the edited chapter to come that the queue won’t clear by the end of the week lol. Probably Monday though.

Still reading Reincarnator and I love that it’s so long. I think I’m on like chapter 60 or something like that and there’s like 220 more to go!!!

Translated by: FudgeNouget
Edited by: Beno


  1. it sucks to see a translator increase the price of a series

  2. Thanks for the chapter and intro to Reincarnator!

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