EIF Chapter 2 Release

As promised we will release 2 chapters but 1 will be of the main storyline and one will be of the prequel which will help in your understanding of the main storyline. It was really weird editing this chapter until I read the first chapter of the prequel so read that one first then read this one:D

Also from our glorious translator Ash this is his message:

The storyline of main novel will not be affected by prequel

In the mainnovel, the previous storyline will be revealed slowly

Also please do appreciate how long this chapter was. It was 11 pages in google docs, 4000 chinese characters, around 4000 words in english and took us a hell of long to TL and ED. That’s the main reason why the donation bar is much higher than others as most of EIF chapters are suppper long.

Thanks for understanding:D



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