EIF Chapter 1 Released

So another novel has joined the chill group:D

Some of you may know Ash but Ash really wanted to TL this novel as its one of his favourites and the big sites (like normal big sites do) don’t accept unknown novels so he is here to chill until some hot shot comes to pick it up

Also this is the release for Sunday and the Tuesday release will be on Thursday with a double release as i’m busy Wednesday and Tuesday. Sorry:/

I’m also the editor for this and I can say its already my favourite with the MC being the Richest merchant basically of all 6 empires

Also I’ve decided to get rid of the banner ads as people (2 people:P) have complained about the banner ads so bye bye to them:D

Here’s the chapter

And once again thanks to all those who click on the adfly link to help support our ice cream foundation:D

Heres the link to that:D

Lastly donations will be set to $60 as the Tler himself has stated that its a hard one to translate but there will be 3 chapters per week so don’t worry:P


  1. Thanks for the chapter
    seems like interesting novel

  2. Sounds interesting, but I have a question: are you going to just skip the prequel?

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