EER Prologue – Part 2 Release

Translated by: YongBirYong

Edited by: JSmith

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My mate just sent me the final part of the prologue and what a prologue… Was gonna wait til next week or a few days at least but damn this novel has gotten my interest and so I wanna share it with you guys as well. I’m 100% sure you’ll be super curious about this novel by the end as well. ARGH I already want more chapters anyway, enjoy:)


  1. Hello, Chamber (translating coder lee yongho and god of music at kobatochandaisuki)
    (WordPress is denying me access to this website)

    GAAAH I’m so jealous of you taking this project…
    I’ve read ahead in Munpia (And they’re so good)

    I’ve also sent an e-mail to but no replies (derp).

    In my opinion, the TL quality is not good enough, I don’t mean the English quality (actually in this category you’re probably better than me), but you aren’t doing the novel justice! … just my opinion though

    Oh yeah, do you know that there’s a discord server for translators? We’d love to have you on board. I’d like to put the invite link here, but since other people may click, send me an e-mail?

    Well, enough wall of text, good luck translating!

    1. Author

      ah sorry for the late reply. Usually only check the comments when I post or when I’m bored. Haven’t checked my mail in ages as I’ve been busy with school but I’ll check right now and thanks for the invite to discord:)

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