EER Prologue – Part 1 Release

Translated by: YongBirYong

Edited by:

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Jsmith/theno1fan here with a new novel. A very freshhh concept. If you haven’t read the synopsis I recommend you do. Its basically about a guy who always gets left behind and this time while everyone ‘returned’ or basically got transported hes left behind alone. Anyway we picked this novel coz my mate enjoyed it and it just happened to start getting big. Its the daily No1 these days so it must be good. Also the prologue is so long it’ll have split into 2 parts. Enjoy



  1. The font on this page is so thin it is pain to the eyes on mobile.

    1. Author

      damn second person who said that so I guess

  2. I still have this link haha
    I’m gonna reread this again during spring break whoo

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