EER Chapter 8-9 Release

Translated by: Chamber

Edited by: JSmith

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Bloody hell Arlos… You’re killing me and Chamber mate. Another two sponsored chapter by Arlos who has broken through once again and reached the Pinnacle of the Dao of the Fan. Us Plebeian Fans must once again bow don to his mightiness. This once in a million years genius has broken through 1 day after his previous breakthough… Words cannot describe me and Chambers feelings at the moment. We have also decided with 2 regular chapters of EER as Chamber has 3 novels on his hands. Try to get Chamber to slow his other novels for this one but don’t tell him I said that:P… Anyway enjoy these two sponspored chapters and right now we’ve decided to increase the donation to 50 buckaroos as someone…Arlos…. has been donating too much and we have no chapter to give out and chamber is busy. Right now its $30/$50 but please don’t donate until like next week or the next month please…I’m talking to you Arlos….

To sum it up: Praise Arlos, 2 Regular chapters weekly (1 already done, 1 to go) and donation increased to $50 due to Arlos and Praise Arlos again



  1. i got warning messages about certificates or something when i access this page,and im using mobile. hope this will get solved, google is anoying recently because most of my fav. site got same warning.

    1. Author

      Yeh I needa download and implement a security certificate but… im too lazy:/ soz

  2. Let the guy rest, you generous glorious gorgeous genuine EER sponsor fan. They had live too beside translating…

  3. Is there a place where this is translated to chinese?

  4. that 50 dollors is actually a sufficiently small amount compared with the epicness of this novel, 9 chapters in and this is already one of my favorites

  5. when is the next chap going to be released

  6. Ya’ll got anymore of dem chapters?

  7. it’s already 45 bruh, release ahead plssss 😀
    poor student like me only can support with whitelist this site from adblock and klik some ad’s , can ad’s revenue become sponsored chap too ?
    thx anyway

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