EER Chapter 4 Release

Translated by: Chamber

Edited by: JSmith

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Rejoice you plebeian fans and praise your Fan Overlord!!! I promised, I edited, I released. Here’s another dosage to keep you alive for the day. Don’t get too addicted:)

Ah also one last thing. I pay the TLers with my own money to help motivate and bribe them to translate more so please do consider turning off ad block as the ad money goes to bribing them with even more money so they TL more… There are no pop ups or what not and there should only be some initial lag then it should be all good… Cheers to all those who do turn off adblock for this site:)))

(Yes I copy pasted that and will do so from now on:P)


  1. Kowtowing to the great Overlord Translator and Comp!
    Ten thousand of years!
    Your edict this little shall obey!
    Too bad we are already addicted~ lol

    1. Author

      Lol Chibi-san, I think everyone including me and the TL Overlord is addicted. Even I’m messaging him right now telling him to translate more for me:P

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