EER Chapter 27 Release

Translated by: Chamber

Edited by: Illidan

First regular chapter of the week. Enjoy:)

1/2 Complete

Few announcements:

  1. I think Embodiment of the Dao is the best one up from the Pinnacle and then Chinese Xianxia MC is the highest level and is also funny. Cheers to all those who commented and once someone goes above 1000 I’ll have to rely on you guys again for ideas. Cheers
  2. Revolution of the 8th Class Mage is officially being translated here. Some of you might’ve read that Clicky said no but it was a misunderstanding as he thought I was tryna poach MEMORIZE which was both our bads for not clarifying. He has been a true bro by letting me use his chapters and even gave us the raws until chapter 20 which makes it easier for us to translate. So give him your thanks and please welcome our new TLer SaintSnack and Editor Illidan (this guy aint new)

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  1. Hi, ¡thanks for the chapter!
    One question, Can I use your translation of this novel to translate it to Spanish ?
    I really liked that really made ​​me want to translate : v

    1. Author

      Sure go ahead:) Just give a link to the author that I have on the EER page and this site as well. Cheers and good luck man:)

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