EER Chapter 2 Release

Translated by: Chamber

Edited by:

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It’s OFFIIICIALLLLL. Chamber has decided to translate this novel with us/me/theboys. Anyway I managed to bribe chamber to start tling this novel with me and there’s finally going to be more chapters of this drug-like substance. I’ll probably release atleast 1-3 weekly so rejoice you drug-addicts and thanks chamber whenever you can. Read his other novels which are amazing: God of Music and Coder if you havent already. ANyway Enjoy this bloody amazing chapter:)

Ah also one last thing. I pay the TLers with my own money to help motivate and bribe them to translate more so please do consider turning off ad block… There are no pop ups or what not and there should only be some initial lag then it should be all good… Cheers to all those who do turn off adblock for this site:)))


    1. Author

      Dude so have I so have I. I’ve just finished editing chapter 3 so look forward to it:D Its sooooo gooooddddd.

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