EER Chapter 15 Release

Translated by: Chamber

Edited by: Sin

  1. All you Fan Plebeins, Commoner fans and Outer Sect Fan bow down to your new Inner Sect Fan – Kirindas and Direct Disicple Joe. Go thank them in the Fan Sect Page
  2. Once again gonna push Chaotic Emperor which just released the 60th chapter so a worthy binge rafe. Emperor of Solo Play is a killer as well check it out
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  4. ALSOOOOO. two super important things happen in this chapter which just blow me away. His bloody reward is OPOP and his second quest from heaven… I’m getting shivers just waiting for the next chapter so I hope you enjoy it as well:)

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  1. ty for your work, i cant wait for more why im so poor? :_. i cant sponsor 🙁 so i go to rober a bank ciao

    1. poor people can help site owner and TL’er with unblock ad’s block on this site 😀

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