EER Chapter 12-13 Release

Translated by: Chamber

Edited by: Sin

  1. Few announcements. Firstly, we have an original novel which is really good so please try it out. I even bow down to the Fan Plebeins to atleast try out the first book atleast. Or if you’re a binger like me and you’ve run out of novels to read this is for you. 59 chapters of quality work so have a try. Chaotic Emperor TOC
  2. We also have a new korean novel which you probably already have heard of: Emperor of Solo Play. FudgeNougets has graced our Fan Sect with his presence so give him a thanks when he starts releasing. Both of these novels do 2 releases weekly so check out the schedule page.
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  4. THE CLASS HAS BEEN RELEASED. Our MC’s class is perfect and I’m sure you’ll nod your heads and think that the author made it perfect like I did. Enjoy the chapters and give your thanks to Derrick McKearney who donated these 2 chapters and has reached become our Second Dao of the Fan. Cheers Derrick

Chapter 12

Chapter 13



  1. yesssss, thx u so much just coment asking weekend chap and it come out 😀

    1. Author

      lol there will be another chapter tmr so a 3 chapter weekend:/ Chamber is dying atm:p

      1. thx U , give him stamina drink LOL

  2. Hello, new leacher here. Just wanna let you know that I love this novel and thanks so much for this, there arent that many good novels such as this specially one that got me hooked since chapter 1 or maybe 0. Anyway, sincereThanks for the chappy!

    1. Author

      Hello Kourii-nim and welcome to the fan sect and cheers for reading this novel:)

  3. Yaaahooi~?Gun-chan and I here~ just a new leecher (yesterday that is~) so fudge-chan is crashin’ in this place huh?! W-well it still two releases per week? *roars into the sky* Please who is the one who made the systems called “RL”,Tests,and School/Uni cause please come here and Ill promise I won’t try to punch you face desu~!!! *cough* still wates for the next release(secretly prays for ninja release tonight or double release tommorow) Mm-a thankies~

  4. Glad ESP has been picked up! I thouroughly enjoyed chapters up to 30 ^^ Are you goign to release anymore TMoS?

    1. Author

      I will but these 3 weeks have been soo hective. 2 tests everyweek, adding a new original, 2 new korean novels, got the year 12 formal… hahh… I’m halfway done with chapter 9 so ill release the full chapter if possible if not I’ll just release part of it. Glad to see someone wants some TMoS even though it hasn’t even gotten to the good parts yet:)

    1. Author

      14 is out and ready for you guys to enjoy:)

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