Have a Meal Before You Go Part 2 Release

Translated by: JSmith

So here’s the second part of the prologue which took me forever to translate. Also I think Fudge or someone changed the name to Have a Meal Before You Go. I’ll send a msg to the novelupdates staff to change the name. Also someone complained about my bad translations. I’m sorry if it my translation is bad but it can’t be helped as I use a dictionary for basically single word as I was born in Australia and am not that good at Korean. Please apply for a Translator position to help make translations as we need more translators and because I’m trash at translating:/ I’m also not like CKtalon or Rainbow who can release a chapter a day as even this prologue took me forever as I have to constantly check the definitions of words and such and that is why the donation is so high as it would actually take me at least 2 days to translate a chapter.

Anyway enjoy the chapter

Prologue – part 2

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