DHM Chapter 8

Stagnation Witch

After spending the rest of the night as it is, toppling over outside of the home. It truly is a cruel treatment.


Kurando is launching a violent protest to Marika.


「Therefore, what you did yesterday was just too much」


「Yes. Thanks to Marika, my little peter has been rock solid since the morning. Do you know why it has become like that?」(ED: little peter = pen*s) [TL : Sorry, added a little censoring]


「That’s just a common physical phenomenon. It have nothing to do with me」


「Oyoy, this one here is laying down his bare feelings.  You should at least be blushing」


「My bad, I’m not a child who will scream “KyaaKyaa”」


「Huuumph. Not a child Huuh. Currently I’m 20 years old, I wonder how old Marika is?」


「Thousa, ………….., I mean 19 years old」


「WAAAIIIIIIIIT A MINUUUTEEEEE!!? Just now, there’s no way I can overlook the fact that you just skipped some numbers right? What, tell me thousand WHAT? Is it reaching Millennium already? Aren’t you already at Alamire’s* level!  ! 」[TL : アラミレ – Alamire]


「Can’t you shut-up, you youngster. Don’t ask a woman for their age. Also I’ve spent 1000 years in sleep, so it NO COUNT. I’M, 19-YEARS-OLD」



「OyOy. You, how can you just suddenly called me a “youngster”. You unexpectedly act like an old woman. That’s err, just like prince Mari. Should I teach you something nice? A human’s nose will grow longer with each of their lies.」


「I see. Then, it’s just a little one, but maybe you’re just lying to me. 」


「That’s, tell me, can you read someone expression? Just like that, this Ojou-chan is just hurting this ojii-san feeling without even allowing him a glance at her sweet face1」 [1:       そうい


「SO, it just can’t be helped then. I’m a cute high-elf after all. I just don’t understand everything about the human who worries about appearance」


「AAAAAH! Listen to me Ma’am. This one can finally praise you with a song. Will you believe me? Marika, the truth is… Mama, has left me alone in a multi-unit apartment a long time ago, and it’s all due to this FACE2」 [2: 俺がご近所に顔の利くママならおまえはとうに団地でハブにされてっぞ」] [TL : poor Kurando, abandoned due to his face][ED: From the picture of him, he looks like a yakuza]


「You, though I don’t quite get what you’re talking about. Please do forgive me. I know how it feels like. Do you want some sweet?」




「EHH, No way will I do that. I might get a contagious disease」


「Wha……! That face, STOP IT, PLEASE STOP WITH THAT FACE. Please open your heart」


「Jokes aside, It’s almost time to prepare for dinner. I will share a small amount of my meal in this nice occasion」


「Aa–  Oh my goodness, my gratitude then. Come to think of it, is there any place for me to sleep tonight? Is it fine to sleep on the same bed as Marika? 」



「Stop with your jesting already, or I’ll thrust a long spear into your mouth and penetrating you until it reaches your anus. Then tie you at the upper most edge of the cedar tree outside, and I’ll keep watching you until you can’t move anymore.」 [TL : TRUST ME, she really CAN DO THAT!!!!] [ED: SHE WAS SO MUCH CUTER LAST CHAPTER, NOW SHE’S SCARING ME…]


「Then, how about under your bed?」


「You pervert. Ah, why are you coming to this place? Or rather, who the hell are you3? 」[3: と



「OYOY, I just teased you a little and now you’re starting to remove my existence already.」


「I hate your vulgar jokes.」


「You were just normally follow along with it a little while ago right? You’re laughing right?」


「That’s, it’s because I really can’t stop it」


「UWAAAH, that polite tone is, a little too forceful right. HAHA」


「What are you laughing at. It’s disgusting.」


「I-Is that so?」


「Well, I can’t waste anymore time with teasing Kurando. I should start the preparation for dinner soon」


「Oy, you’re just blowing a pot4」 [4: 「おい、鍋吹いてるぞ」]


「Then please tell me about that quickly」




「What’s with that」


「……I wonder whaa~t?. Marika, you have not taken a step outside of your home once today right?」


The witch looks down at the boiling pot.. The ingredients inside the pot is making a loud boiling sound.      Today dinner is chicken with vegetables boiled in a tomato soup.


Kurando has been in the living room since the morning waiting for Marika to wake up. When she finally shows herself, she is rubbing her drooping eyes, the time is already 3 in the afternoon.   As soon as she wakes up, she brews a cup of black tea then adds in plenty of sugar and milk for Kurando who then drinks it slowly as if savoring its taste. Even though it’s just drinking a cup of tea, it takes one hour. Furthermore, it takes another hour to prepare a change of clothes. By the time Marika is completely awaken and gets in her dress, the sun is already in the west.        [5: 蔵人は、朝から居間でマリカが起きるのを待ち続けていた。]    [TL : she just broke the record of being listless]


「Why have you fallen asleep at time like this. Don’t tell me, you made preparations yesterday which caused you to stay awake till dawn?  」



「As if I would do that. I go to sleep right after I knock you down」


「Then, you wake up because it’s afternoon tea time.  Are you making fun of me? With such a splendid personality, do you think you will become a splendid corporate slave?         You’re a woman yes but, it’s an unforgivable attitude for a housewife of this era.」


「I don’t understand, just what are you talking about?」


「I’m talking about your living habits」


「Please don’t speak with such loud voice. It’s annoying」


「With each passing moment, this land is being ravaged by the threat of an evil god. And here you are sleeping」


「Because it looks just fine after a thousand years, I think there won’t be any difficulties even after a hundred of years」


「How can you say such a thing with unimportant details. Even I will be forced to give up with such an attitude」


「That’s rather quick huh. Furthermore, that weak attitude is hated by woman you know」


「Oyyyy. How can you just say that! It’s undoubtedly something like “sekuhara” right! ? 」[TL : Sexual harrassment(Kurando speaking sekuhara in japanese which meaning can’t be understood by most of the people in another world despite the auto translation function)]



「You just thinking too much of it. You made the normal food seems rather bad」


「You really must properly choose what you eat to keep your body healthy. Anyways, I’m wondering whether you will leave things as it is.  Today is, forget it, it’s already too late for today. It seems we will need to wake up properly tomorrow」


Marika giggles while answering his question and keeps watch of what she is cooking.          Just like that, the two sit facing each other with their meals in front of them and have dinner together in silence.        Marika is looking at the man in front of her.


「I’m feeling something strange. It’s been a long time since I last had a meal with someone」


「You changed the subject huh. By the way, May I stay here tonight? As expected, I want to sleep in a place with roof once in awhile」


「For your place for sleep, there’s a barn outside, so please feel free to use it」


「EEEEHHHHH Your joke is too much you know」


「I’m not joking. In the first place, is there any particular reason for me to give a shelter to a man who I just met in my house?.    Riight, won’t that make me look like an easy woman?  」



「Iyaaa, I was just hoping that you would be going along with the flow of the conversation.  Ah, that’s just a lie. Thank you for sheltering me」


However, contrary to the way she spoke, she’s unexpectedly an extremely gentle woman. Her abusive words aside, not only does she treat Kurando who she just meet to dinner but also let him to stay at her house. Alas it’s just inside the barn. Even though they’re forming an alliance, specially, he has yet to gain the trust of that woman. She’s more defenseless than necessary.    Marika attitude is clearly showing that she’s inexperienced with people.           She isn’t able  to measure the distance between herself and  Kurando. One might say that the evil god story and such is fabricated, the way she handles men is strangely improper for anadult woman.       Kurando scoops the tomato soup into his mouth. The good flavor is slowly spreading in his mouth.         Suddenly, as he shifts his line of sight, he can clearly feel someone peeping at his face expecting something.


「It’s delicious. You’re, unexpectedly a skilfull cook」




Marika smiles firmly despite her rather cold and short answer.


That night he obediently head towards his designated barn to sleep. If you convert the time from after the sunset, she has fallen asleep around 8 PM.  No matter how you put it, it’s just too early to sleep, there’s no way someone who sleep at this time can sleep till noon. The blanket covering him is exuding a sweet smell unique to the young woman making him restless.


The next morning, Kurando wakes up inside of the dusty barn. His face is sticking out from the blanket that Marika has loaned him. Straining his ears, he hears the dull sound of thunder and wind from the other side of the door. Leaving outside, there’s a magnificent cloud covering the skies.     He can’t even catch a glimpse of the sun. The black cloud is rapidly flowing towards the east. From the feeling of emptiness in his belly, or maybe it’s just around the dawn. He smells the thick smell of rain that was carried by the strong wind. The surrounding trees are rustling and moving in an eerie manner.    With this, even if Marika didn’t leave her house, this weather will make you unable to leave your home. As he hardly moved his body yesterday, he has excessive energy right now. Although he really wants to move his body, he has a feeling that he shouldn’t recklessly wander around the neighbourhood. As Marika has said before, she can feel an increase in activities from the living creatures within forest as they are receiving the evil god’s miasma, careful and meticulous preparation is required to counter this.


「Anyways, I wonder what I will be having for breakfast.」


Though he feels a little guilty with his current freeloading life, there’s no need to put on a persona right now. In the first place, for Kurando who doesn’t have any sort of belongings, he may need to pay with something of equivalent value. Standing before the hut, he turns the doorknob. Although it isn’t as if he’s expecting it, still, he really didn’t find Marika. A strong speculation came to him. If that’s the case, after separating last night she really didn’t go into her bedroom.



「But, it’s your fault for not waking up」



Part 2


Without any slight hestitation, Kurando was entering further to the inner room across the living room.


Though the best masterpiece is the mountain of books filling the room and even reaching the ceiling without any room to spare. The mountain of books was binded with tanned leather and filled all four bookshelves. The amount of books can even cause a claustrophobic male to instantly go mad.    Kurando’s eyes dazzled as he’s looking around the main room.


At that place was the figure of Marika, completely defenceless in her sleep.


He’s straining himself to looking at his surrounding to calm himself.


What he sees are the usual items found in the room of a young woman[?], many cute accessoris were placed there and there.


「That’s unbelievably very much huh」


Though Kurando hand grabbing at the book in thebookshelves, the meaning of continous wriggling words like the one in arabic language is completely alien to him.         Though he can communicating with words, he’s  completely can’t read that book. Dueto the contract during the summoning, Kurando brain will immediately understand the meaning of the words spoken by the people of this world because of the magical power.     He put the book back to the shelves and goes toward Marika side. The unique smell of burned incense drifting through the air. Her trademark pointy hat were laying quietly on the desk beside her bed.  The tip end of the hat was bending slightly as if showing it’s respect. He feel some amusement when he’s looking at that hat.

「O~h, this is a truly splendidly thick cloth」


Kuranso was playing the pointy tip of the witch hat with his hand, and returned it in it’s original position.


And looking at Marika calm sleeping face.


Marika is being covered by her silky silver hair with her face was on the pillow.


「Good morning, lady Marika. It’s already morning you know」


「Uhhmm. Uhmmm~」


When he’s whispering to her, the long ears which is her characteristic is slightly twitching.


「Come to think of it, what kind of high-elf she’s talking about1. Is it some-kind of superior elven race? Rather, I don’t know the difference since I never saw an elf」

[1 : 「そういえばハイエルフがどうとかいってたな。]


When Kurando’s touching her long ears an inspiration suddenly come to him.


「Ha~, U~hn」


When he’s softly pinching her ears between his fingers, Marika was turned over while letting out a seductive voice.


Her blanket was removed and exposing the upper-half of her body.




Marika ridiculous breast was standing erect right in front of him. [TL : UOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!]


She was naked. It seems it’s only when she’s asleep.


The swelled snow white twin hill shaking “poyopoyo” like a pudding.


It’s standing upward form without getting crushed were the testament of it’s excellent quality.


Her tight and slim waist is without too much excessive flab.


On there was a lovely navel.


Her lightly grown silver colored downie bush were sparkling.  [TL : Drooooooooooollll]


Kurando gulping down his saliva, extending his hand, and lightly grabbed the twin hill before him.


Marika eyebrows raises and she let out a seductive voice.


As expected, he regained his sanity and feeling guilty. He quickly fixing her blanket and running away from that place like a startlet hare.


After that, he’s wondering how much times has passed.  Marika apeeared in the living room around the afternoon.  Though her expression is completely different compared to yesterday, she’s inclined her head as if being puzzled by something.


「Good morning, Kurando」


「Yeah, good morning. Wha-What’s matter? Why are you made such gloomy face」


「Yeah. Somehow, I get the feeling my hat place was slightly off from the place I placed before. Ri~ght, don’t tell me」


「It’s just your imagination, that aside! How about we do “that” today! 」


「What’s with that, you suddenly speaking in loud voice. Don’t get mad, let’s put our best today」


「I see, trying our best  huh! Tha’t’s a nice words to hear! 」


「I say, stop talking with such lo …………. 」


「Ah, that’s right, what about the preparation! ? Or will we departing immediately?  」



「Wait a minute, we haven’t even have a breakfast yet. It won’t take that long, there’s no need to be so hurried.    Still, It’s still too ear ……….. it’s too early isn’t it」


「O~I, Don’t cha know that I was waiting for you to wake up since the morning」


「My apologize. I really can’t match to your level」


「Geez, and that was all you said after such complete oversleep2. Look over there, though it’s cloudy, the air in the forest is fresh」[2: 「まったく、あれだけいったのにまた寝坊してからに。]


Kurando opening the door. The soundwave of the storm is reverbrating in the heavy cloud outside, and it’s slowly released drops of water.


「It’s postponed for today, isn’t it」


「I-It’s just a rain. Human is completely water proof」


「Unfortunately, a noble high-elf like me is weak with rain」


Today too is just passing by with them only chatting all day long.


「We will leave tomorrow. I’ll be extremely grateful toward Marika-sama if by some miracle you can leave the hut before noon」


「Who are you talking to?」


「Nevermind, just talking to myself」


The next day, Kurando and Marika finally ventured out the hut and left for the adventure in the name of the evil god extermination.


Yesterday was raining all day long.    The sun finally show it’s face.    According to the plan first, Marika who’s a high elf will be the one who will completing the sealing of the evil god existance in the lower most strata in the dungeon in the innermost part of the forest, and mission complete.          Kurando nose was lenghtened when he’s recalling the anxious face of Gertra the village girl and the reward that was already awaiting him.


「Well then, lead the way please. Since you’re called witch of the forest, we won’t lose our way if I entrust Marika to lead the way right? 」


「Eh………?  」


Marika was turned around with blank face.    Her well ordered look made her somewhat childlish.


「E?  Iyaiyaiya*.  Please stop joking around already. Right, You’re just teasing me right?」[TL : I leave it as it is since there’s hardly any any equivalent for this in english but the meaning is almost similiar to “Noway”]


「It’s not like I don’t know about the way in the forest. In the first place, I never leave my hut ever since I born all the way till the road can’t be seen anymore3」  [3 : そもそも、私は生まれてからこの小屋から見えなくなる位置まで離れたことはないわ」]


Marika put her hand on her hip, and proudly puffing her breast. The wrinkle on Kurando face almost reaching his nose[deep wrinkle].


「HaaA?? NO WAY Just what kind of live you’re living up till now.     Are you not doing anything in your spare time?」


「Not really. When my mother still alive, I was immersing myself in studying magic, trying my best to memorize it, and learned very much about it」 [TL : NEET? she is a NEET Elf right?]


「I see, your mother has passed away huh. Sorry for making you remembering painful memory」


「Yeah. It’s alright. Because you’ll be useful after this」


「Then, it’s my turn right?」




「Ha~h, alrightalright」


Even if Marika didn’t know the way, there was a detailed map complete with the distance all the way to the dungeon where the evil god is sealed.


Kurando receiving the map and lead the way. Marika was following along closely from behind.    She’s wearing her trademark pointy hat, navy blue mantle, and gripped in her hand is around 30cm long cane.


Affixed at the pointy end of that cane is pale colored gem. The mysterious hexagonal gem was sparkling due to the reflected sunlight.


They’re pushing their way through the forest entering the wet bushes. The smell of the deep green colored trees feel like permeating in every corners of his body.


Kurando closing his eyes and deeply inhaled the forest air and turned around at the delayed Marika.


From the feeling of his body maybe they’realready walking for around 30 minutes. No matter what happens, it’s not the kind of distance that will made an adult to fall behind. Kurando was responsible for carrying the sack that was stuffed with water and food for two people. It’s weight is around 30 kilos. On the other hand, Marika was completely empty handed. She’s just carrying a small pouch. There’s no factor which will made her tired.          Kurando was left speechless.


「How can it be?」


When He’s rushing toward her, her face is pale. Her breathing is disordered and trying to catch her breath with her back leaning at the trunk of the tree. Her beautiful silver colored hair was dishelved. The stream of sweat is going all the way from her forehead running along her face.  She let out a small and seductive voice whenever she’s gasping for breath, which made him involuntary gulping down his saliva.  Even her breathing rythm seems erotic. When Kurando offered his hand to help her, Marika made a sullen face.


「Your walking pace is too fast you know」


「E? But, I’m currently walking at the average speed of a young woman you know」


「I’m a frail woman you know. Don’t put me on the same level with a beast called Kurando」


Marika suddenly raising her cane overhead and began to chanting the magic spell.


「Wind Magic of Levitation(Aero Levitation)」


When Marika finishing her chanting the aria, a small wind surging from under her feet.          He’s completely startled when he’slooking at the bottom of her dark boots, it was floating aroung 30 cm from the ground.     Kurando walking more slowly with Marika by his side.    Kurando eyes were as if trying to finding her fault and turning into a sly one 4. [4 : 蔵人は自然とズルを咎めるような目になった。]


「You, really are a sly one huh」


「I should do this since the beginning, right. Fu~h.  Don’t misunderstand, I also think that excersizing once in a while is also good」


Marika characteristic long ears are slightly trembled. It seems that her feeling is transpired by her ears movement. There’s no proof for it but, it seems similiar to dog tail.


Part 3


「Your buttock will sag if you never move your body you know」


「It’s not your bussiness. It’s alright since I’m doing a tightening excersize before I goes to sleep.    Let’s walk again. Look, I’m already catch my breath」




A short while later, they’re continuing their walk in silence. There’sno sign of of any creatures in their vicinity. And then, maybe because she’s a woman, Marika opening the conversation.


「Hey, why are you so quiet now. I’m so bored, tell me something interesting」


「Why are you so suddenly. You can also starting talking about something isn’t it. By the way, can you tell me two or three things about you? 」



「It’s not something indecent right?」


「OIOI, in that case our common topic is zero isn’t?」


「Then should I fry your brain first?」


Marika cane was letting out a bluish pale electric current.


「I’m just joking you know. Come to think of it, it seems there’s many monster inhabiting this forest. How can your hut still alright? Why they’re only swarming the village?  」


「There’s powerful barrier surrounding my hut. It’s entirely different case if it was the evil god himself, it’s impossible to be broken by small fry」


「Then, why I could come in?」


「Are you an idiot.   more or less luring someone. Furthermore, it’s was set starting from the door of the hut. The automatic offensive magic will automatically put into motion if the creatures who approached have an ill intention to me.  Ah, but you’re saved because of that.  Most of the other visitors are dead in the first attack」


「That’s unexpectedly a truly cruel trap」


「It’s because I want to protect my life too. While we’reat it, this is the first time I received a guest. So please be careful」


Marika red colored pupils shone as if burst into fire. Kurando nose twitching and his body solidified. And looking carefully at the clump of green bushes.  He heard a strange flapping sound approaching their place, weaving their ways through the trees.


「Swarms of  Locust(Locust). Don’t let it bite your head as much as possible」


Swarms of Locust(Locust)。


Is a monster which length is around 30 cm, and a carnivore.


As it’s name implies, it’s always moving in the several tens of flock consisting of hundreds.


It’s ate small animals of the countryside5. [5 : 主に山野の小動物を補足する。]


Different from common locust, it’s number isn’t exceeded 10000 since they’re instinctively maintained their population if their population expanded too much by cannibalism.


And since they’re carnivore, it’s extremely hard to trace them.


There’s also areas in Romres which have captured this creatured as their staple food, and boiling it along with vegetable. [TL : stir fried locust? my granpa used to eat them, but they’re strangely dissapearing lately]


「Lightning Wave(Lightning Blast)!」


When Marika finishes her short aria, a violent lightning released from the tip of her cane.


That lightning attack brought down tens of the swarm of locust.


The smell of burning meat which tingled their nose is drifting along with it’s sound. He quickly moved his line of sight, what he saw was crowd of locust swarms that was resembling brushwood as whole. The number are more than hundreds measured by eyes alone.


「Ouch!? 」


Then he noticed that around 3 locust are biting his right leg.


「YOU!! 」


Though Kurando is trying to brush them off by waving his leg, they’re already coiling around his leg muscle and “bachi”, their tooth sunk into his meat. Then he recalled that this is just like being biten by dog.  It has such terrific musseter mucle[biting power] for an insect.


He quickly stretching his hand to grab one of them and crushing it. It’s body isn’t that firm.           When his fingers entering it’s guts, it’s released a painful throes.  It’s slimy bodily fluid soaked his hands till reaching his wrist. The disgusting sight of it’s incomplete remnantmade him want to vomit. He twist the last one, then smashing it with the sole of his boots. It left a truly disgusting smell.


Dozens of locust leaping at him one after another. Though Kurando managed to catch severals of them and crush them, he’s still screamed in pain when they bite his ears or face. Marika sighed as if being fed up with his idiocy.


「Kurando, distract them for a while.  I’ll finish them in one go」


「Roge~er, High-Elf-Sama!」


Marika body floating high in the air to the top of the trees. She won’t be easily swooped if its at that place. She could guessed that she won’t be able to aiming at them unless she’s separated herself.


Kurando pull his old long sword and brushed off the locusts that was coming at him one-by-one.  The sword he picked was suitable as it was dull5. It become duller with every moment passing due to the lack of maintenance.     The emerald devil then started to attack him with cooperation to the point that they’re forming a huge wall. Left arm, legs, and the back of his abdomen was being swarmed by the hungry locusts.    Though he’s continue to brandishing his dull sword, it’s no different from brandishing a metal pole since it’s already dulled. The bodily fluid of the smashed insect along with the blood that was spraying from the biten wound, his whole body was dyed with muddy red and blue color.  The emerald wall is bend and keep on biting all parts of his biody. When Kurando knees bend due to the locust weight, he’s throwing away his sword and teared off the one that bite his face.  His breath become painful.  He was certain that this was a fear.     [5 : 適当に拾った剣はなまくらである。] [TL : Emerald wall = Locust]




「Thank you for waiting. Lightning Spiral(Lightning Storm)! ! 」


What she invoked was a wind attribute intermediate magic. The swarm of locusts were beuzzing more loudly as if getting angry witj tje lighting being pointed at them and disturbed the forest.  The pale blue lightning descended and moving forward in spherical path sweeping the swarm of locusts along the way.  The insect that dug it’s teeth all over Kurando’s body is instantly carbonized and crumbled down into dust as it is.     The surrpunding brushwood and the trees were dirtied by the swarms of locust that was become pile of dust and then scattering around.


「Kurando! 」


「Ha~h. Ge~ez , I’m fine. 」


Kurando was fall on his knee and moaning painfully at the same time.           Marika was rushing to his side after cancelling her floating spell and taking his shoulder with worried look on her face.


「Such terrible wound……! Wait a minute, I’ll patch you up immediately」


「There’s no need for that, it’s fine to left it as it is」


Great amount of blood was oozing from each part of Kurando’s body that was biten by the locust, his body was dyed black and blue due to the locust bodily fluid and theeir bite wound.  Marika face was dyed with anger when she saw that he can still spouting such joke even at his last moment.


「Why are you spouting such idiotic joke at this last moment. E~H ………………… ? 」


Kurando face that was previously screaming in agony gradually look better. A pale blue-light was emitted from his chest, and the light is getting stronger.    Marika red-blood pupils was enlarged, feeling relieved, she quickly placing her hand on his chest6. [6 : マリカは、大きな赤い目をしばたかせると、焦ったような手つきで胸元をくつろげさせた。]


「WHA-Stop it, this elf. Are you transformod from Erofu[Elf] to Erofu」 [TL : he really said it]


「H-How can it be, that crest. Don’t tell me, you’re」


After Kurando cleansing his clothes and body at the nearbu streamlet, he told his own story to Marika.  He was summoned as a hero by the princess of this country and obtained the ability of  this Crest of Immortality(Immortal Red)   as a proof of their contract.         About him killing the chief of the number one prison in this country, and the fact that someone of royal palace putting a bounty for his head. And then, the fact that he’s currently in the middle of a journey toward the city called Silver village which is located faaar away in the southern direction of the capital. The type of the woman he likes are, a cute and gentle girl with big breast, and will do whatever he asked her to do despite being too embarassed.


「There’s no need to tell me about the last one right?」


「By the way Marika, if it’s just by your appearance, you’re definitely inside my strike zone. Will you make an obscene contract of master and servant with me?」


「Sorry but, I’m extremely picky regarding someone appearance. And you’re short of that」


「YeahYeah, sorry for not being an ikemen. Well then, my wound isn’t that hurt anymore. Let’s proceed with our capturing strategy immediately」[TL : handsome]


「Ha~h. It just like my worry is wasted.    You really are just fine with that without even asking about it 7. Even so, I’ll give you one advice, that crest of yours is still incomplete」[7 : あなたが、それで問題ないなら別にいいけど。]




「In short, the link between the one who summoned you and you isn’t complete.  It won’t even strange if it was snapped.        Kurando, I sympathized with your circumtances but, please don’t become too conceited with this abilityof yours.  After all, things that was easily gained will also easily lost. Don’t spare any effort to survive」




「Look at me here. You clearly just thinking “that’s too bothersome” right」


「T-There’s no way I think about such things」


「Geez. If you’re fine with it. I”l use you as a meat shield till we’re done with the sealing of evil god 」


「So crueel……」


「That’s why, please be more careful with your body.   You can run way at once if you feel that the situation look grim. I won’t resent your decision. Since I’ll do the same too」


After saying that, Marika once again floating in mid air and turned her back. When Kurando saw that back, it seems extremely fragile and small back.

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