DHM Chapter 6

Fallen Forget-Me-Not

「Kamarovich you bastard! Once we get out of here I will gouge out your innards then shove it back into your ass hole. After, I’ll mince your pen*s, feed my SH*T to you AND SEW YOUR LIPS TOGETHER TIGHTLY WITH AN IRON WIRE!  」



Koizumi’s facial expression became dark red from anger, as he continued  spitting out creative ways to torture Kamarovich.   He continued these thoughts until his eyeball even popped out.


There are bundles of blood vessel covering his sclera, it’s as if his eyes were made entirely of it. (ED: Sclera is the white part of your eyes)


He is furiously kicking the lattice many times while cursing Kamarovich.


A thunderous sound is rung out, it’s as if a giant is kicking a great tree, and deafening the ears of everyone in the cell.


His current self has already surpassed the human comprehension of strength*. [TL : a titan?]


The sturdy lumber began to creak, along with it a cracking noise was heard.




Goronzo falters and steps back due to Koizumi’s menacing look, the cracking sound of the lattice travelled through the entire hallway.






Somehow after hearing the commotion that they made, about ten muscular men began to rush towards  them while carrying a two pronged fork. They ran as not all of them carried weapons.




「No worries, it’s fine. Since it’s only that kind of power, let’s charge forward」




Yarmir is calmly pointing at the crowd of the prison guards.


That is where Koizumi is seen charging ahead like a gale, without any hesitation.


With much ease, Koizomi steals the two pronged fork that was brandished by the first prison guard that came at him. Then jumping at the crowd of the prison guards with his gray hair disheveled.






His downward strike from above split the wind.


Koizumi’s two pronged fork struck the defenceless crown on the head of the prison guard, breaking his skull causing blood to splatter everywhere along with chunks of his brain.


The other prison guard immediately became frightened and was unable to move. Taking advantage of this, Koizumi jabbed the edge of the fork which is made out of iron through his mouth and continued to apply pressure, piercing his throat and sticking him to the wall along with the fork. Fresh blood began to spray all over the stone pavement as if it was a geyser.




「HIIIiiiiiiiiiiii, GET AWAY FROM ME」




Koizumi leapt into the air nimbly once again like a monkey, thrusted his fingers into the eyes of the prison guard who was trying to run away, forcibly digging out his eyeballs.


He then turns around and walks away from the scene, leaving a trail of death throes behind.




Goronzo is cheering as he follows the berserk Koizumi.




Martha’s war cry.




Yarmir follows and yells out as he releases his pent up anger.

Kurando on the other hand is opening the cells for the other prisoners who had woken up from the commotion they had made.


Spreading crimson red passion, which is exhausted, while they spent their time inside their cells.


The smoke created by burning wood.


The intense sound of meat being hit[body]. Following with screams and white smoke seeping out. The prison brawl has began.


During the confusion, the locks on the cells were opened one by one.


All types of people were running about and releasing all the pent up stress and anger. From that one guy who was falsely charged due to injustice done by the court of Romres, to true criminals with nasty personalities.


Now that it has come down to this, it became impossible to quell the situation with the power of prison guards and around 100 goverment officials.


The torrent of power from 300 humans who got their freedom stolen from them is a force to be reckoned with.







The prisoners are beating the prison guards with the sticks that they stole, surrounding the prison guards, and bashing them to vent out their accumulated anger. The the prison guards brain being smashed, like a fallen tofu that is scattering away in a diarreha like manner, the pieces of their brain is splattering in every direction over the floor.




「STOP IiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiT!」


As they are thinking that, several prisoners are pinning down a prison guard, piercing under their nose with a red-hot-burning-metal-pole. The aroma of roasted meat began drifting around, mixing with the smell of the burning prison.






The violent side which is usually laying dormant is slowly seeping out, as they were now the ones who had power, they are rioting against the ones who had oppressed them.


They have lost all reasoning and have become insane men who are one sidedly massacring the prison guards, forcing them into submission, and they are painting the world a deep black color.


Chaos is in the air.




With his vision barely functioning, Koizumi’s figure emerges and attacks like a zombie from hell, on his waist there were three heads hanging that had been twisted off their bodies.






While he is scratching the right side of his face, the prison guard’s reinforcement that came in and interrupted Koizumi’s march started to look like a ragged dust cloth. [TLC*: 顔の右半分を掻き毟られて、古雑巾のようになったまま手を差し伸べて来た獄卒が、古泉の行く手を遮る格好になった。]







Koizumi mercilessly stabbed the spear he held to the chest of the man in front of him. He is thoroughly enjoying the moment, the feeling of breaking apart a person’s body and twisting around their innards as much as he likes.


As the man attempted to grab the spear, he unconsciously grasped the spearhead, with it’s sharp blade it easily ripped through his fingers.


His catterpillar-like thumb fell to the ground and is rolling on the floor and vanished as it went towards the smoke along with blood that it was spraying.


Koizumi is casually yanking out his spear by from the dead body with his leg.


As it was pulled out, small bits of flesh was sticking to it.



As Koizumi is cursing, he began spitting onto the dead body,  he had a mix of blood and mucous.




Koizumi started to cry as he thought of all the time that he had lost, after all this time, he is finally truely happy today.


Everything he had became nothing to him after he found out about Marianne’s betrayal.


But he is now living quietly, despite everything, deep inside his heart he’s still waiting for someone to come and tell him that it was just a misunderstanding.


「 I didn’t understand it at that time, but now I’ll definitely accomplish it」


Everyone he faced has perished, he quickly moves forward with all his might.


This place is a kingdom, Kamarovich’s stronghold.


He won’t discard the enormous amount of wealth that he gathered due to a mutiny like this.


Ringing the alarm bell at the central part.

Charging through the crowd, Koizumi is opening a path while he is bathing in the splinters from the collapsing stone wall that has lost its wooden frame from the fire*.

Passing through the receptionist hall from the underground passage, he continued onward, dashing up the stairs and is heading above ground.    [TLC*: 古泉は、焼け落ちる材木と崩れゆく石壁の破片を身体中に浴びながら、群衆を掻きわけ走った。]


Part 2


Countless government officials that tried to escape were trampled on, prisoners were beheaded, the head of the prison guard who attempted to interrupt him had their head smashed.


He understood. Kamarovich is waiting outside.


Everything will be settled once he goes out. Everything.


The great steel door can be seen, it’s the last thing separating him from this prison and the outside.


Around him, prisoners and the guards are facing each other.


Koizumi began making his way towards the opening of the steel door. But out of nowhere he was hit on the right side of his chest.


「UH!? 」


He forcibly swallowed the big lump of mass that rose from his chest.


It immediately spread in his mouth. It’s the taste of blood.


Koizumi snapped the arrow from its root then threw it onto the polished floorboard, it’s quality is worlds apart from the basement. Slowly, he started raising his head.




Easily recognizable, the chief of the prison guard is in front of him, with his large body and his arms folded together. Around him is a fully armed knight squadron with polished armor and helmets of steel.


The heavy  infantryman are forming a line  in the front, each armed with a long spear. The tip of their spears has been arranged as if  they were a polished mirror.


In the back, dozens of archers nocking their arrow with the best feather, it truly is well-organized formation.


「I see, so you intentionally let us hear such a story, all for this moment.」


Kamarovich’s short trimmed moustache trembles while he’s playing with the command sabre.


「I give you my gratitude for dancing like a clown until reaching this place, it’s as I expected. In the first place you were all uncertain factors. The preparations I that have made today is not actually for the former hero-sama, I heard from an insider that another large faction of the prisoners was also raising a rebellion. Even though I already thought of doing a major cleanup for those rebellious trashes already. The public order nowadays is also bad, there will be a huge uproar if those trash keep piling up in this place with its overflowing capacity. Oh well, this is an opportunity none the less, opportunity」


In the middle of his conversation, Koizumi turned his head to look behind him, he realized that the prolonging sound of those trash were behind him.


In that place, with the left side this person’s face burned like a well cooked teriyaki style, and slowly crawling like a slug towards Kamarovich while leaving trails of blood behind him.


It was Kamarovich’s favourite child, Morino.


Maybe, maybe it was due to him being ganged up on and tormented by the prisoners who have enmity toward him till now.


With his hair pulled out, and limbs had turned in the wrong direction which shouldn’t be normal for human.


He was surely at deaths door.


「Kamaro~sama, hyu, it’s hyuuuuurt」


Morino is letting out a [kufui~n] idiotic ways of breathing, like an underdog due to his crushed nose.


Slapping the muzzle of his command sabre just before his clothes being touched, Kamarovich is looking down with an indifferent expression trying to cast aside Morino.




Morino, fallen down, his blood with a reddish-brown color scattered around.


As he crashed to the ground several times, his front teeth broke and scattered around.


「Wa, Whyyy, whyyyyy」


Morino couldn’t comprehend what is happening and began shaking his head left-and right while weeping.


「Because I’d hate to get dirty 」


Following his signal, the soldiers standing next to him began to pierce him with their polished long spears, stabbing them into Morinos cranium until they made contact with the ground beneath him.


Morino, who was flapping his limbs like an insect has now completely ceased to move


「I’m a bit tired now, I want to end this quickly and go home to take a shower. Come to think of it, Hero-sama, Want to make a deal with me? 」



Licking his lips, Kamarovich began putting out a coquettish act*. [TL* : BLERGH!!]


「You know, I just recently have awaken to a dandism hobby. If you want to spend the rest of your life with me after this, just because it’s you, I’ll overlook you because of our friendship from the olden days, how about it?  」



「Do you think that I would accept such a proposal?. This Kamarobitch*」[TL* : A pun of Kamarovich name, it has almost similar pronounciation] [ED: This could be the name of a new hit series“Welcome to the Kamarobitch show”]


「Fu~un, but you’ll need emergency treatment for that wound right? So, how about it? The present is more important than the past」


Koizumi, overwhelmed by his wrath for the large man before him, white flashes flickered before his eyes*. [TLC* : 古泉は怒りのあまり、目の前の巨体が白く明滅した。]]


Making fun of me after ruining my life.


Overwhelmed by rage, just as he was about to leap at him, he felt someone’s hand holding him back from behind.


It’s a voice that he’s used to hearing.


「For what reason are you going as far as mobilizing the country soldiers just for a mere prisoner. It’s not like we’re a big shot」


「You guys」


Turning his head, Koizumi can see Goronzo, Martha, Yarmir and Kurando. Although they were tattered, all of them lined up behind him.


The prisoners who saw the soldiers from the army immediately turned pale, and being pushed back by the prison guard and the guard.


Koizumi is chewing on his lips until it tore, small amounts of blood is leaking out flowing like a string.


「Old man, let’s open the way and send Kurando and the others back to the rear entrance*. As the rear entrance is shorthanded. You can leave this place to me, after all I’m also in my golden age.    I have already lived long enough, let’s combine our power and pierce through the front. I’ll leave the rest to you, so please, somehow escape from this place」

TLC*: 「ジイさん、クランドたちをつれて後ろに引き返せ。]


Those were Goronzos words. No one agreed with him.


「Oy, stop joking around」


Grasping Goronzo by his cuff, Martha spoke in a low voice.


The look of loneliness and pure anger can be seen from his eyes.


「 You really are a hot-blooded one. Oh well, time is short. It truly has been fun! 」


That’s not it.


Kurando almost dropped the sword in his hand, Goronzo who continued laughing until the scar on his face twisted.


Making a big swing with his right hand, Goronzo turned around to face Kamarovich without ever looking back again.


Hah, this world truly is different from mine.


Until now, Kurando never really had a sense of reality towards this world.


He also did not hold any sense of discomfort in hurting others. Of course he felt neither disgusted nor guilty.


It’s as if he was a protagonist of the game.


If that was the case, why?.


I who didn’t have any miraculous power nor sword art. Of course without special power to save my comrade from a crisis by myself*. [TLC*: 自分には仲間の危機を救う特別な力も剣の技も不思議な力も備わっていないのだ。]


A group of european-like knights, equipped with steel armor and helmets are guarding the big gate.


Arrows are being nocked, and soon arrows come flying past with [swiiish] sound, stabbing into Goronzos body turning him into a human porcupine, and vanished like a piece of paper. [TL : EH, he is not become a corcupine?]


After all of the arrows had fallen, the soldiers began rushing forward with their spears in a thrusting position.


It’s the personification of great determination, without differentiating between friends or foes, their spears piecing anything and everything that was moving. Completely pulverizing it.


Blood is spraying and pieces of flesh scatters in every direction.

Part 3


Even Martha who had stayed til the end ran away without hesitation.


It truly is a chaotic situation.


The fights from the surrounding seems like a petty show compared to it. Its as if they were dimensions apart.


It didn’t have any individual will, they could be classified like a lump of one will whose sole purpose is to take an action in orderly manner like a well oiled machine.


Nothing will end until a conclusion has been reached.


Kurando’s group is desperately swinging their swords, clearing away the same prisoners that had arrived late after a struggle through the rear entrance.


Kicking down the wooden door, they begin to take a breathe of fresh air, this is the taste of freedom[outside]. He completely forgot about Maggot.


The tall mud wall that surrounds the prison.


This area marks the last of their struggle, it’s escape or be captured*. [TLC* : 周辺では捕らえるものと逃げるものの最後の闘争が終わりを告げようとしていた。]


They might need a miracle if they succeed in breaking out of the prison.


The prison is surrounded by a great overgrown native forest, it will also take quite a bit of time to travel a short distance in the forest.


Just don’t mind the goblins who live within the forest and keep on walking. Everyone is completely silent.


「Here it is, Kurando. Leave this place to me」


Koizumi mutters those words, takes his arm off Kurando’s shoulder, he then sits down from where he stood. The hemorrhage he received from the arrow did not stop yet and the blood has spread on his chest. His complexion is as white as paper and his rapid breathing becomes thinner.


They lay down his body on the root of a tree and stare at his motionless face from his side without knowing what to do.


「That Goronzo, he also died. Damn it, old man. Don’t die, you definitely can’t die」


「That’s right. You must live on to create a revolution in this kingdom. Along with me, we will overthrow the royalty who coveted with their own interest, and act justly for the sake of the masses」


Koizumi already on his last breath as it is, and with a thin smile on his lips without answering both of them.


「Everyone, thank you for being so kind to this old man. Kurando, are you there?」


「Yeah, I’m right here」


「Never, I’ve never thought that I’d meet another japanese before my death. All of you, please live on. You can only feel alive when you’re living. Otherwise, you’re living a lie」





Martha shaking Koizumis body while crying.


「Kurando. Kurando, it seems that you haven’t abandon hope in this helpless situation. Are you going to rescue Maggot?」


「That’s right, but. It’s not just that.」


「You really are an idiot huh. Though, that is what the creatures called men are*. Listen to me, never mistake recklessness from courage.Though, ha`h (ED: Sigh), that kind of saying won’t have much persuasive power when it’s coming from me who’s running away from the reality. Can you please do something for me after this?」

[TLC* : もっとも、男ってのはどいつこいつも同じようなもんだ。]


The bright sun has already risen to the peak of the mountain.


The cold morning air enters Kurando throat.


Dense fresh verdure enters his vision as if it’s burning the image into him.


Koizumi’s hand becomes as dry as a twig due to gripping him on the old looking leather bag in Kurando’s hand.


As he turned it upside-down, an elaborate necklace came out of it.


「This stuff, how can you hide it?」


「You must think like a thief to catch a thief」


As Koizumi began to talk that way, a proud smile appeared on his lips.


His skin that has already withered like a tree is the testament of his harsh life.


「I was going to gave it to her that day」


It hanged loosely from Koizumis hand which weakened by each second.




Then with his head collapsing to the side… [TL : NOOOOOOOO—-NTRed HEROOOOOO!]


The three of them stood still in row without being able to do anything as his soul is being enveloped. And then vanished.


「This is where we take our separate paths.」


Kurando, running down the mountain to shake free from those two restraints.


He is running down with all of his might without following any roads.


He just can’t bear the feeling of not doing something that should have been done..


The crest of immortality on his chest began to shine and increased in brightness.


All of his fatigue is vanishing like a thin membrane being taken off..


With a sword grasping tightly in his fist, a power that was never there before dwelled within it.


The bright sun is shining brightly above him after the daybreak.


The clouds are moving slowly under the bluish-white sky.  He shakes the tree and leaves through the highway, the prison has smoke floating over it due to the fire, and within the sea of greens it laid there just like a floating island.


He can’t be at ease yet, the craftsman and labourer occupation will be summoned soon to repair some of the destroyed rampart and thus will be busy with their jobs.


Kurando tearing and undressing his prisoner uniform, wrapping it on his chest as if he were to cover his crest of immortality.


「Wait a minute」


Noticing something on his shoulder as he was about to step out from the bushes. He turns his head, at that place was Martha and Yarmir who were squatting to catch their breath.


「Oi ,look at your neck. If you’re going to do it no matter what, just say it! ! 」


「That’s right, aren’t we comrades?」


「You guys」




Kurando met with those two, nodding his head, he’s waiting for them to catch their breath.






Gray smoke is rising from the back of the building. It was Yarmir and Martha’s diversionary tactic.


The  soldiers that remain are scattered and have become loosened.


Kurando breathes deeply, he walks in a grandiose way.


He opens the great iron door from yesterday with ease.


At the center is Kamarovich who is issuing instructions in rapid succession with his large build trembling greatly.


None of the knights from the last night were found in his surrounding. Luck is on their side. Instead, he only has four soldier and an ordinary government official who wore an ordinary cloth.


Somehow he noticed that Kurando has changed, one of the soldier moved his face. Almost at the same time, kicking the floor Kurando dashes forward and set his sword for a straight forward thrust.


Steadily approaching Kamarovich who’s confused with the current situation.


All of the confused soldier simultanously began nocking the arrow on their bow.


Leaning his body Kurando is able to avoid them several times, the right side of his chest, his left hand, and his abdomen took direct hits from the arrows.


Even so he didn’t stop his charge, while enduring the excruciating pain that’s eating his guts.


And with the [swissh] sound.


A stray arrow lodged itself on to his right foot.


One after another, spears come from his side and pierces his abdomen.




Even if he wanted to, his body didn’t move at all. He pulled out a spear that was stabbed in his right flank.


As if he wanted to put an end to this, a man come and stabbed a spear in his chest.


Kurandos eyelids were squinting as he saw a white light being reflected by the tip of that spear.


At the same time, a small shadow came between them.




Maggot received the spear with her chest, she shows him a frail smile.


Part 4

There’s no sound coming out from her due to the impact.


The small book that she had always carried on her fell from her chest.


A pressed pale blue colored flower dancing in the air, the petal that came out from the bookmark scattered around.


Suddenly, a fiery red colored anger surging up inside his head.


Kurando pressing his body forward with the spear while dragging along the soldier who raised an angry howl*. [TLC*: 蔵人は怒号を上げて歩兵を引きずりながら槍ごと身体を前進させる。]


Regurgitating the clot of blood in his throat.


And spitted out that blood, spraying it to the soldier who raised his sword overhead and interrupting his charge.


Receiving the slashing attack from both sides.


Not yet.


For Kurando who didn’t have any skill.    His power is also just so so and he didn’t have any skill to breakthrough the wall of meat.


But it just one, he have one thing that far surpassing most of the people.


It’s just a power of infinite regeneration given to him due to the contract.


Kurando hurling himself forward despite the sword biting into his shoulder and injuring it, the soldier lost in the power struggle and was staggering backward*. [TLC*: 蔵人は、手傷をものともせず肩に食い込んだ刃ごと体当たりをすると、押し負けた歩兵がのけぞった。]


He swings his sword with all of his power.    Because he didn’t need to worry about defense.


Smashing the face of the staggering soldier with his slash, even though it’s breaking his arm with that slash*. [TLC*: 腕を斬り裂かれながらも振り抜かれる斬撃に顔を打ち砕かれ歩兵が後ろに倒れこむ。]




Somehow it’s different from the chivalric order from last night, the soldiers that surrounded Kamarovich unintentionally retreated.


「WHyyyyyy, PLEASE PROTECT MEeeee!」


Though Kamarovich looking at his surrounding and shouting so loudly, looking at their state, many of the still injured, the prison gurad included.    For both of Kamarovich and the soldier, there’s not enough trust to protect other with their own body.


That kind of body alone is something that I can’t fight.


Kamarovich is frightened by Kurandos grim face and retreated again.




「It’s the hero」


「That’s, the legendary…」


The rag that’s winding on Kurando chest is unwrapped and falling down, it’s pale light filled the room.




Kamarovich pointed ahead.


The stabbing wound that can be deemed as a fatal wound is reconstructing it’s cell as if rewinding time itself.


This is, all of what left from Kurando.


It’s name is, Crest of Immortality(Immortal Red)。


The arrows that pierced all over his whole body are spat out along with the arrowhead and the missing flesh is also refilled in an instant.


When the shining is settling down, even the one who seen the shine from afar, knew when they saw the shining crest of royal family on his chest.




「IT’S THE CREST OF ROYALTYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy」


This is the age with a deep rooted supertition.


The men who’s looking at the surrounding completely lost their guts and began to flee.


Most of the workers and the prison guards in this place that was leaving are just a farmer or just a commoner*. [TLC*: この場にいる獄卒も職人も元は正せばほとんどが平民や百姓の出である。]


All of them fleeing for their life just by hearing the word like royal family and hero.


It the situation where just several percent of all the population are noble, that was a very powerful word.


In the first place, they’re also looking for a reason to run away which is coincident with the current situation.


Everything was working on Kurandos favor.


In desperation, Kamarovich grasps the spear and lunges forward.


Kurando wards it off by arching his body and delivered a silent horizontal slash on Kamarovichs body.


Dark red, fresh blood soaking Kurandos profile.




The large build of Kamarovich was sliding to the floor, his face facing ahead, and both of his hands fallen to his knee*. [TLC*: 巨体の男は、両膝をつくと両手を前に突き出すようにして顔面を床へと滑らした。]


The surface of the floor becomes similar to a lake because of the blood that’s leaking out from his body.


If one looks at that sight from above, it’s just like a blossomed red rose.


Kamarovich moving his hands toward his breast pocket while gasping on his last breath.


When Kurando turns his large body to facing above, Kamarovich grasping on what look like an old comb with his rugged and hairy hands.


Kamarovich closed his eyes with calm expression as if being released from his pain.


With a blurping sound, yellow foam’s coming out at the edge of his lips.


Deprived of a lower and everything beyond that.


Maybe, there’s a possibility that I will be arriving at that future myself*. [TLC*: もしかしたら、自分にもありえたかもしれない未来。]


Just for a meaningless word, the loss was too much.


「Kamarovich. I will kill you. So don’t you dare to complain to me」


Kurando decapitated the long neck of a prison guard and send the fat bull neck from upper part of the sword*. [TLC*: 蔵人は、剣を上段から太い猪首に叩き込むと獄卒長の首を切断した。]



He’s looking at Maggot who is lying face up nearby, Yarmir and Martha standing up beside him with pale faces.


Kurando, looking at her expression, falls into his knee at the side of the bloodstained feeble girl.


「Why are you protecting someone like me?」


Maggot carrying the srecked and scattered pressed flower on her chest and just like that, smiling at him with her already pale face.


「Ah, Oniichan. Finally, you’re coming to pick m……」


She already can’t see everyone in front of her.


Maggot finally met with her most beloved brother in her dream.


Kurando felt a chill running through the corner of his heart.


「There’s, many adventure, right……」


「Yeah, I promise. I definitely will find a treasure.」


Maggot closed her eyes as if she’s just sleeping,  her cat ears erected as if being blessed.


A blue petal falling on Maggots face.


At this moment, Kurando finally remembers the name of that flower.



Climbing the mountain road that no one ever passed.


Overlooked at the tiny figure of the prison under him, where he was till just a moment ago.


Kurando turning over the gem necklace given to him by Koizumi on his palm.


Koizumis story and this gem necklace.


The love story of a hero and a princess who is boasted of her beauty.


The maid that he treated like his own little sister.


And one soldier who’s watching attentively at them from the side.


Kurandos line of sight lowered to below while fidling the necklace with his finger.


Using the centrifugal force, he throws it at the bottom of the valley as he saw it drifted away.


And muttered in his heart, [Goodbye, Maggot].


The singing sound if the mountian bird crossing over peacefully toward the line of ridge.


The light of the evening sun, that looks like a conflagration, shining on Kurando back that was getting far at quick pace.



The flower language of forget-me-not flower is, true love.


And one more, never forget me.

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