DHM Chapter 13

Witch Demise

Never in my wildest dreams I´ve meet an existence who could pass this barrier.


I put back the book that I just started to read and raised my upper body from the bed.


My head feels heavy thanks to staying up late night reading a large number of books.


「Such troublesome」


I make a circle with my finger in the middle of air, then connecting with the crest of far vision then I could see the outside scenery without leaving my bed. [TL : -_-‘]         What I see from the window was a young man who’s eating while sitting on top of a stone with idiotic face.

From his appearance, he’s a human, maybe.


I never see any young man except from the description inside of the book.   The people of the village won’t be able to arriving in this place no matter what due to confusing spell, in that case he’s a traveller that was coming from somewhere and have a certain divine protection.


It’s really turning into a troublesome matter.   That man face look gloomy, and somehow seems stupid.   Could it be that he become completely relaxed as he didn’t feel any tension at all?.   The thing he wore isn’t first quality good, more like a farmer clothes.   A cheap looking sword which main point is only its length hanging on his waist.   As he’s not being vigilance at all, I don’t think that he’s an expert.   By the way, after various possibilities he is just an idiot.   Huu~h.  Some humans who hold divine protection will occasionally pass through the barrier.   Beside, since I occasionally wake up from my sleep to looking for a qualify person, I purposely sett a light defense mechanism.   No no no no, it’s hopeless if he’s just an idiot.   In this case, talent, strong will, having all of that without high quality spirit is impossible right.   It’s really s disadvantage character even for me*. I wonder how long time I need to spend to cleaning up the mess of my mad mother.   I wet my lips with the water jug on the bed then rolling the book that was covering my face. Despite thinking for a long time since this winter, that system is the only thing build by mother, the inside was completely flawless. That said, it’s a bit too much by trying to destroy it from outside. When I’m grimacing while mumbling with myself, a loud warning signal sound from the other side of the door.
「Geez, now what」


When I’m looking through window of distant view, I saw the full view of that man from some times ago standing outside the hut.


What the heck with this guy, is he an idiot.


I’m thinking of sending him off to the surrounding with a signal but, his movement similiar to that of amateur.


With that kind of movement, you won’t even be able to hunt a rabbit.


Geez, fine then. Please don’t cause anymore trouble than this to me.




Even my wish is in vain, that man just announced his visit.


Feeling the violent killing intent that I can’t feel until just a moment ago, I suddenly throwing my blanket. [TL : referring to the scene where Kurando looking at the bear shaped straps that was hanging on the door of Marika Hut]


My skirt rolling up and I can see my underwear.   Oh no, how unladylike I’m.


I fix my skirt and then grab my cane.


The killing intent, was completely vanished?   Is It completely surpressed up till now? .


If my opponent is a first class adventurer, then his aim is, my neck.


Thanks to that “KillKillAllThatHumanBelow-wave”[※Named by Me], Radiated from over there, which stimulating all monster-san and animal-san in the forest to raid the village with nothing but 「Yoosh, hang in there old man」*.

And then, it’s an extremely discomfort reality that they made me into the culprit.


Why did they do that?


Well, no one will give the answer right?.    Those human is, truly simple creature.


When I think about that, the knocker resounded with “konkon” sound.   Maybe, it’s the first time that the “Kuma-Chan knocker” made by me is being used. Somehow I’m deeply moved.  [TL : Kuma = bear]


For the time being, when I answered and getting out of the house, I flipped the owner of the vulgar voice from outside in fit of rage.


I’m getting carried away by a momentum.   Since I’m considerably irritated, I send a quite strong blow. [TL : Refers to chapter 7 when Kurando thrown by Marika’s wind blow]


Please learn from this experience and be a bit smarter the nex time you’re visiting a lady house.







That man didn’t show any sign of waking up even after considerable amount of time passed.


D-Did I a little over did it?.


Though of course I didn’t have any intention to kill him, it just a little unpleasant if he’s dying in front of my house.


I opened the door slightly and slowly approaching that man.


I can hear the healthy sound of someone breathing in their sleep. As expected, je fly a little too far.

When I’m looking properly, he look so young.   Around fifteen I guess.   Deducting the fact that I’m sleeping for a millennium, Uh~n around 19 I guess, that made him few years junior of mine. [TL : …………..]   He have quite large build and nice complexion.   Could it be, that he might be born in a considerably good family.


It’s annoying no matter how I see it.


I try to immersing myself in my study in my room till the man woke up and returned, for some reason I’m scowling on the hand-mirror,


Could it be that this is my first conversation with a man other than my father?.


Somehow I’m unable to calm myself.








That man called himself as Kurando.   He’s a kindhearted man by nature.   Somehow I know that.


WHen I’m trying to talk to him, as expected, he’s being manipulated by those villager to go to in a journey to exterminating the witch.  It’s good that he’s an understanding and impulsive person, though it’s suspicious looking from another angle, somehow I feel that I can trust him.


At this point, I decided that Kurando is a sacrifice for THAT.


My heart prickling with sense of guilt.


After that, when I’m deep in thought Kurando who’s groping my breast banished even that sense of guilt.


T-Twice, he touch it twice!


Though I already decided to never allow it except for a man who’ll become my husband.   Unforgiveable.








The main culprit of the monster who’s raiding the village is the Evil God who live in the deepest part of the forest.


Kurando must help me to stop the Evil God.


Wh~yyy, there really is someone who’ll trust such story?.


Except for his lewd personality, I felt that this man is just too kind.


I wonder how he’s survived up till now with that kind of personality?.


How can he easily being tricked even by me who’s practically never talking to human.


He’s sitting duck.   A very easy sitting duck.   In addition, he’s fully loaded with fat. [TL : extremely delicious]


As a revenge for touching my breast, I send an electric shock to him, as expected he didn’t wake up for the whole night.


Marika, you must reflecting of your error.


I over did it a little.   Even I know that myself.


But, I think that the basic problem is lay in Kurando.


One thing and another lead to our departure to the forest stalled for two days.


I, who’s an incomplete High-Elf.    For my basic specs, I lost all of the advantages of my ancestor.   To make the matter worse, due to various reason my magical power which is depending on waxing and waning of the moon creating a disadvantage where I’m unable to always fight in the peak of my power.   Moreover, without exception, whenever it’s the day of the new moon come, it left me in a completely defenceless state with almost zero magical power. Knowing that isn’t permitable.   Depending on the situation, whoever the opponent won’t be amusing. And yet, the silly conversation with him considerably softening my feeling.   Eating dinner together, I wonder how long since the last one I have?.   I’m truly glad with just that.


I’m assailed on my bed after that, though it’s extremely embarassing when he saw the figure of me in my birthday suit, I’ve no choice but to continue feigning my sleep. This guy, what the hell he think he’s doing, brazenly entering a maiden[?] room!.  I can’t believe it!   Pervert!


When venturing inside the forest, Kurando is more useful than I thought.   According to his story, he just an amateur adventurer.  Though he took swordmanship lesson from his grandfather during his childhood, he immediately abandoned it.   That cheerful him, suddenly hestitating when it comes to the stories of his family.   Surely it’s not something that I should ask.   Both of us, aren’t blessed with family.   When I think so, though it’s sad story, I get this feeling that our gap is narrowed only a bit, my heart beating wildly.


Part 2



During the battle againts Swarms of Locusts(Locust) in the forest. In reality, even seeing the monster starting to snatch that life.  Though Kurando is considerably durable vanguard, he received horrible injury in various place.   Though I was mowing down those monster with wind magic while flying in the air, I received just one wound.       But, the instant I saw him bathing in his own blood, I become careless.


Human is weak.   They die easily.   I shouldn’t love such human.


Was the words often said by mother.


Father, who become a corpse in that turning point day.


Was the day when I lost all my happiness.


When I’m rushing at him to use first aid, he recovered due to the auto recovery magic engraved on his chest.


This kind mighty magic crest couldn’t so easily seen.


I hear that he’s the legendary hero who’s summoned by princess.


Honestly it can’t be helped that slightly reacting to it.

Never in my wildest dream I think that the face of Kurando before my eyes is actually the legendary hero being told in the old book.   On the contrary, he’s almost getting himself brutally killed by the locust just a while ago.


「By the way Marika, if it’s just by your appearance, you’re definitely inside my strike zone.     Will you make an obscene contract of master and servant with me?」


Like hell I will.   Is this guy an idiot?.


There’s some part of Kurando which isn’t that different from my life.


I hate this kind of human.   Despite being weak, they’re continue to being unreasonable.   Accomplishing something beyond my power.   In the first place, accomplishing something beyond one’s ability is impossible for a normal human. Some of the people who’s born under the star of miracle succeded with 1/10000 probability. I told Kurando to not hestitate to escape when it become dangerous situation.


The Evil God revival is close.   Geez, I already running out of time to looking for another offering.   I can’t show any suspicious movement and I have to use whatevey means to made him enter the box.


If I don’t do this, the world will be destroyed.   That’s surely is the final implementation of mother last meaningless act.


Despite I’m being cautious to that extent, this idiot continously adting recklessly.


Thoughlessly charging toward moth monster.   On top of that, foolishly laughing at the other person worry. Jeez when will you notice that already?. I’m really mad at him,   Though he’s trying many other means to starting a conversation, I ignored him.   Even this anger of mine is the first time I feel this way.   While walking in sullen mood, I reunited with Ento who I thought that I won’t meet again for the second time.   WHen he’s looking at Kurando, he asked whether Kurando is my partner.


Never.    Not gonna happen. Definitely not.


How can it be, a superior High elf like me, with that man ……….




Since I say too many stupid things, my head feels hot.


I’m not thinking about it, and absolutely not embarassed.


He’s not that kind of target.   He just one instrument that I need to seat THAT.


That’s all.


But, thanks to Ento we can talk like usual again, Uhn.   Should I thanks him a little.   Since I never quarreling that look like quarreling with someone, I don’t even know how to handled weapon.


We returned to the hut with Space Distortion(Room) magic. I unconciously taking Kurando hand.   It’s thick and bulky and made my heart throbbing, only a little though.



There’s no doubt about it, I’ve been poisoned.   By the time I thought that way, it’s already too late.   My mind become hazy, my feet become limp, and I fallen on my feet.   I can’t even stand.   My body weakness is, so pathetic. Though I’m trying to use every single magic, to correcting one part.   My poor recovery system.   At that time, I’m roughly skimming in my mind without looking back.


Fu~hn, a cheap and  minor skill isn’t necessary for a genius.   Is what a wiseman said.


It’s blatant lie. It’s just him acting tough.   In that case, I’ll study diligently the next time.


If it was a normal High elf, the like of small amount of poison will easily purged with a basic magic.


AAHH, how can it be the strongest life form.


I saw a dream. It was a dream that I always longed for in my childhood.   Sitting around the table with my gentle father and mother. I pulled my father already white beard when he embrace me with his broad and wide chest.    My mother lining up the piping hot dish with steam waving on it while her similiar bright red eyes with mine sparkling from they joy.   Everything was perfect.   I didn’t wish for anything else.   This happy scene, collapsing from all side, peeled off while cracking, and dropped at the end of earth. That image being swallowed into the deepest hell.


「Ah, this place is……?」


When I wake up, I already lied on my bed.   The warm hand that was clasping mine is warm, just like father.


When I see Kurando anxious eyes, tears almost spilled from my eyes.


I relentlessly controlling myself.


My emotion shouldn’t swayed.   I ensnared this man to become a sacrifice.


For what reason?


When I didn’t think about that, it’s just okay for me to sacrifice him.


It’s unbearably painful.


Why, could it be that my heart is shaken by this?.


I’m clinging to Kurando, and crying like a child to my heart content*. [TL* : referring to crying Marika scene when Kurando about to left her in Lv 10 to looking for medicine]


This is, undoubtly the  Swarm of Locusts(Locusts) poison. My head can’t function normally.


The soft part of me collapsing, my weak self is leaking out.


I said a lot of cruel words.   Am I gonna killed this time?.   He carried me till my bed and reassuring me in addition, that look.   It’s just like pulling the legs of a benefactor.

Before I know, he left me who’s behaving like a spoiled child.  If it’s him, he’ll forgive no matter how mean it is.

That’s right, just like my kind father and mother.


That’s why, I’m truly shocked when he’s yelling at me. My eyes become teary. Being attacked by monster, I felt another fear when Kurando is wounded.


Please don’t angry. It’s scary. I wish you to be kind.


Right after he’s yelling at me, he brushed my cheeks and saying with tender voice.


Inside my head gradually warmed with reassurance.


I’m pretending that I caught a cold and made him take medicine for me.   It’ll be cured just by lying down in case of common insect poison.   The risk is just too large to experimenting with my own body.   But, I unskilfully saying to Kurando so that it won’t confuse him.   I don’t want to troubling him. I don’t want to made him sad. It’s just my body. My head doesn’t seem to be alright. And then, my consciousness interrupted again for a while.   Even if it’s cruelty, the time I just awakened for a moment, Kurando figure vanished from my bed side.


…… Why, why?


I know why he does that. Undoubtly, I’ve become troublesome for him.   Moreover, I’m not even in the slightest atom particle love him.   I’m really sad when I think that I’m that worthless.


「No, I don’t want this!! 」


As if I’m reverted to my child mind, I let out a loud cry.


My tears flowing beyond my control.   I’m almost squashed whole by my own grief.


No matter what it is, whether it’s my mission, or THAT, ALL OF THEM.


I’m tired of crying, why did it become like this?.


All them, everything melted and flowing away with my tears*.



Part 3 



And then, I’m awakened from my despair.   The time hasn’t passed that long.




My face paled when I feel the weight on my chest.


The bloodstained Kurando collapsed on my chest. [TL : How envious]


In that moment, I knew what he did.   And then, it’s not something one’s do without feeling deep love.

Joy and fear mixing together and then stirring up my soul.


「Kurando.   Kurando! ! 」


I lost my composure and once again bawling on him.


Not even worrying about my appearance so far.   When he opened his eyes, the truth is my back almost crumbled down. And now, I felt that this man was strong when I’m in sorry state.

As expected, he forced his way through the forest to get the antidote for me.


I, why’re you going this far looking for a way to save me.


He just said that it’s something he must do.


That words is a little different from what I expected but, that shy smile of him was etching deeply in my mind.


We’re acting like married couple for few days with me.


Though we didn’t do sexual intercouse, I’m completely infatuated with him.


Kurando talked about Sala, my most beloved flower.


I can feel that he has a profound base of study from the way he spoke of it.


That’s the evidence that he’s not commoner born, but someone born from high pedigree.


How should I say, he gave a completely different impression compared to the time when I met him for the first time.


I love his dark eyes that as dark as his dense black hair.   I really love it when he comb his hair.   His rugged palm, his strong chest, his big arms, even the way he’s make a pass to me, I really love all of it.


I always thought that I want to devoting myself to him.


Deep inside, I’m strongly desiring him, but I need his consent for everything.


When I know that he isn’t married or having a child, my heart almost soaring as if wings growing from it.


Even if it seems immodest for me to say this*. When I noticed being embraced by that strong arms and chest, I forcibly surpressed my wild delusion, that toned buttocks, before I noticed, my eyes already looking at that important part, it’s scary.   Maybe this is the desire of sexually frustrated pervert.   I, abosolutely, MUST NOT THINK OF IT.


The happiness accumulation didn’t continue forever.


Kurando was a man with stronger sense of responsibility than I predicted.


Though he’s worrying about my body, he can also clearly sensing the dread of the Evil God disaster.


We’re already reaching the middle of this forest.


But, the degree of drying up of my magical power is remarkable.   I’m accumulating fatigue.


Appearing during that time was a village girl called Gertha.


This woman with one or others reason poking her nose to our space.


She really is annoying.


My spirit almost burning up in anger.


This indecent dirt-poor farmer girl with rustic smell on her.


My head burning brightly and my surrounding dissapeared.


I heard that she’s the one who asked Kurando for witch(Inner Voice : Oh The Poor Me) subjugation.


Like insinuating of all things, she RUBBED her cheeks while CLINGING ON KURANDO.


Such impoliteness.


I really want to pulverize her with bludgeon then stabbing her without leaving any gap in her body with needle, enveloped her with burning net, chopping her intracerebral, then minced all of it for PIG FOOD to this vulgar girl called Gertha.

You should feel grateful to my tolerance that this is just ended as my imagination. [TL : -_-‘]


Since then, the torture goes on.   I in my insinuating, though I saw that insignificant breeding stallion called Luke, he was no good.   The result can’t be seen.   Kurando completely falling over heels to that whore called Gertha.


Moreover, I happened to see that woman flirting with that man-servant called George.


Gertha is so shameful, she loosened her clothes and let her body to be seen by George.


Those two raised their beast like voice while they’re become one[having sex].


I can’tbelieve it.   It only that, was the truth she’s acting coquettish to Kurando.   It’s okey if it’s just that.   A prostitute and farm man is matching well.   The problem was that she’s manipulating Kurando by his nose.   Those two exchanging a kiss after they done with their love affair.


For me that’s not a love, I can’t think of it as nothing but an extremely dirty-looking act of excretion.


According to my earsdropping story, both of them are going to use Kurando achievement to get the villagers recognition.   Though it’s easy to tears their limbs in this place, in that case won’t that will awakened Kurando.


And then, some feeling of cruelty has arisen inside me. I want him to experiencing a great betrayal at least once. In that case, he also won’t shift his attention to any other woman except for me, it’s killing two bird in one stone.   Even so, this despicable strategy of mine rebounded on myself by several tens fold.   Kurando’s heavily injured by Evil Ento attack. Looking that the situation become disadvantageous, Gertha running away.   The crazed Luke is eaten by a monster called Hydra.   Moreover, Kurando collapsed due to his wound.   There’s no one else but me who can save him.   I teared the sliding door of the decaying hunter hut, placed the unconcious Kurando on it, stitched vines of tree and shrub to made a simple stretcher.   I never even once doing manual labour since I born. I mean, I can’t even walk normally.   Even so, I’ve no choice but carrying him who’s unconscious due to his wound to a safe place. It’s hurt, so painful.   I’m running out of breath with every step I take to advance, the hard tree vines teared and shredded the palm of my hands.   I pulled Kurando while weeping.   My heart beating like crazy.   My whole body being smeared with sweat, I fall then rise, fallen again then rise again.   Even so, I’ve not thinking even a speck of thought of leaving him alone to death.   If I stop my movement, the weakened Kurando will die easily.   My body was being stimulated to it’s limit just by that reason alone.   When he opened his eyes, he embraced me and said 「thank you」.  I thought that I’m okay with dying with just that words.




Furthermore, I’m greatly shaken by Ento death. [TL : NooooooOOOOOO, EntoOOOO]


Gertha was under the effect of Evil God malice wave and set a fire at him.


I don’t remember what happened after that.


Wrong, my real intention was to forget that.


She was killed, by me.


I bashed a rock on her with my own hands.  Again, again, and so many times over*. [TL* : refers to gore scene in Lv 12 where Marika proven her excessive “love”]


It’s because she’s trying to kill Kurando.


Even if I can overlook the others thing, this is the only one that I can’t.


When I see Gertha body crumbling down, I feel refreshed. [TL : Gulp]


Really refreshed.   Honestly, I should just do this from the very beginning.


Even so, I really regreted it. Kurando look like that he’s almost crying when he saw my face.


Just how gentle you’re?.


Even though there’s no value on grieving to that kind of insect.


Aah, couldit be, me too, was being corroded by THAT.


We continue toward the deepest part of the forest.   Even if I throw a stone in it, it won’t reach the bottom, truly an eternal darkness.


I cast my eyes down while holding my knees.   Why, we’re perserved till this far, geez I don’t know anymore.   I’m alone, even if I stop THAT, no one will praise me, not a single one in this world.   That’s right, I was living a live without having any relation to anyone.   It’ll always like that even after this.   That’s why, no-one know me.   I also didn’t know anyone.  Even if the likes of human who I never know vanished, it’s not inconvenience.   Anyhow, If I don’t even know what vanished, you can’t even call that inconvenience in live. Even if I stopped THAT, destroying it is impossible.   Someday, someone will dig it out while holding a fear to that action, it continously fully functioning*. I’m a high elf.   In addition, the only one remained in this world.   But, since there’s no one know about this blood, no one desiring it.   Spreading inside my mind was the scenery of bleak frozen forest.


Part 4 


But, Kurando was once again drag me out of that darkness.


That’s why, I definitely cannot offer him as a sacrifice.


Finally, we reached the sealed dungeon.   I didn’t say anything even to the last moment.


Or should I say that I can’t bring myself to say it.


The mechanism called Evil God which will lead this world to it’s ruin is the essence of the most advanced magic theory build by mother.   This driving it to the failure of it’s operation is by flinging her own flesh into it, entering the world of spirit, we must somehow find a way to stop it.   Furthermore, a strong willed person was necessary.   At first my plan was to tell him the secret of the world destruction at this point, with brainwashing magic I planned to lure him to become soul offering to control the Evil God from outside, and destroy it.   Beside, the brainwashing won’t progressing unless there’s a mutual trust for both parties.   But, If I throw myself inside the Evil God, there’s no need for controller.   Now, I can’t goes back.   While thinking like that, I could tell him frankly that I love him.   Kurando was taken by surprise with that.   I’ve no regret left.


I placing my hand on the box lids and bending myself forward.


A good-bye is unnecessary.


Somehow I don’t know why I laugh in the end.


Kurando moving quickly.   Though I snatched his freedom with electric shock, ignoring that just like a quick witted and nimble beast, he thrusted me away with delicate movement.




What just happened?


The outer lids closed with a bam, and silence returned in the room.


——— And then, I, maybe I goes mad.












I don’t even know how much time has passed.   Maybe just a few hours.   Or maybe a few days.


Will this anguish moment last forever.   Even if my tears dried up, that was the right answer.


I carelessly let my most beloved other half dropped in the bottom of waterwell.


Getting tired of crying, I sleep curling like a ball as if I’m a little girl.


Both of my nails teared off and blood flowing from the wound.


After leaving countless scratching marks on the Evil God box, I’m sleeping silently.


Kurando won’t come out anymore.


In that case, though I don’t know how long I’ll life after this, I’ll always stay beside this coffin.


I bring myself closer to that cold box, and rub my cheeks on it.


The box didn’t anser back.   It didn’t give any warm.   Always silent.


Even so, it’s close by.




I don’t need anything.


Just by being close to it like this, no matter what happen, we’re always together, who said that.


The world finally completed.


「We’ll always together, Kurando」

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