DHM Chapter 12

Witch Regret

They can’t move inside the sea of flame. The blowing hot wind made them unable to open their eyes.


It truly was hell.


The lovely flower that was blooming in the field screaming as it’s burned down by the crimson red flame.


The continous mixed sound of tearing live tree continously resounding in the field, the muddy grey colored smoke drifting upward to eastern direction. The body of Ento, a tree who’s live for thousand years was dancing inside the crimson sea while scattering jet black ashes. [TL : ENTOOOOOO]


Marika face paled and fell on her butt.


With eyes that as if it was an illusion, she’s looking at Kurando expression.


There should be no fire seed formed naturally in the forest. In that moment, a flash of shadow passing in Kurando mind, but he purposely trying to not think about it.


But, though he’s not saying it, it’s impossible to turn a blind eyes to this reality.


Marika was being absentminded, was running as if snapped when she discovered a hiding place in distant place. Kurando also silently following her from behind. The grey smoke enveloping the wide area made it impossible to see what infront of him.


The long ears that’s sticking out from Marika’s hair twitching repeatedly. That was her habit when she discovered a strange sound. It seems they’re saved again by Marika intuition and excellent sense of hearing. They’re even saved by it right now. They know that they’re scared in looking at what beyond them. In the place where they found cleared from grey smoke, they saw a small shadow.


That shadow laughing in low voice while standing still on a slightly elevated ground. That tone was extremely gloomy as if it’s resounding from the abyss. It’s filled with extreme joy. That was a really dark and gloomy sound. The master of that voice continuing it’s eerie laugh while being covered by the grey smoke that was drifting toward western direction.


「Ara, Kurando-sama. You’re finally catching up」


Gertha turned her face as if being disgusted while let out a smile.


She’s slowly approaching them with hand made torch in her hand.


Kurando who’s in the middle of pondering being thrusted with reality before him.


That’s right, they’re the culprit.


Gertha face warped, it didn’t leave an ounce of the expression she show when they met for the first time.


In his mind, the transformation to that violent appearance as if her anger surpassed her sorrow.

Gertha was slowly appraching with a hatched stained in dark brown color in one of her hand. Spontaneously like a mother dog protecting her cub, Marika forced her way by interrupting with her cane. Since Kurando vanished from her sight, an active human-like change happened on Gertha expression.


Whether she was being delighted with her sorrow is hard to differentiate, it was warped as if she’s trembling in fear.


「You’re the one who did this to Ento……! Why! ? 」


Marika asked while desperately trying to surpress her anger. Gertha lips warped in cynism.  [TL : Marika’s boiling point : 99%]


「Ara, why this elf so mindful about that thing. You really are a strange elf-san huh. I,and George is different from the useless Kurando-sama, we’ve exterminated the great monster who’s live inthe forest. This ways everyone will be happy when we goes back, how can you understand the feeling of being persecuted?」


「Even calling it Ento, are you even sane!? 」


「Insane, My goodness it’s okay even if you’re not insane.  It’s a fact that me and George are the one who beat the underling of evil witch. Right, George」


Gertha expression become placid and turned the object in her arm to the side.


As the smoke coiling around exposing a dark object.


Marika gasped and stepped a back.


Kurando raised a squashed toad like groan from his throat.


「George. We did it. We’re perfectly accomplished it. With this there won’t be any idiot who’ll treat you as half –wit-man, even those of the village*. With this, we’re succeded. We’ll be together. I’m sorry Kurando-sama. Just as I said, I’m done with you」


Maybe they’re being attacked on the way to reach this place, that Thing(・・) which is ripped off violently by sharp claw or tusk was, George head. In the middle of his fallen hair, part of his brain dangling from the splitted skull. The blood oozed from his body already completely solidified on his chest. Post mortem, it’s the evidence that considerable time has passed since he’s dead.


Gertha who’s didn’t even care about the solidified blood on her face was rubbing her face on that corpse.


It’s impeccable that she’s insane. Though there’s no need to confirm each of the matter, Kurando didn’t pass even a normal tools to Gertha from the very beginning till the end. Though he didn’t know how far he must trust a nonsnse spouted by madmen[woman], in the end for her, Kurando’s just nothing more than an adventurer who’s happen to passing in the village afterall.


Even if she’s entering the village saying that it was to looking for Kurando’s whereabout, it was nothing but for the sake of George[corpse] who whe loved. That way, he know why she’s showing such blunt flattering.


「Ah, Kurando-sama. We’reTheOneWho’sExterminatedTheEvilMonsterInTheForest. Don’tTellMeYou’reNotThinkingAboutGoingBackToTheVillageToSnatchOurAchievement, RIGHT?. We’llbeTroubledIfYouDoThat. Very-veryTroubled. That’sWhyPleaseDieInThisPlace, right, now. PleaseYou’llSAcceptMyWish. Right, Kurando-sama」


Gertha casually throwing her hatched while talking about her insane logic.


The hatched flring silently forming a semi circular arc and lodging on his left chest.


His reaction was delayed due to surprise and pain.


Kurando easily holding down that small build girl.


It was his mistake that he’s dissilussioned that she was a powerless and innocent girl.


Gertha breath is reeking of blood to the point that it’s made him feel sick. Bared her teeth which is shining like white snow. The omnious dark red blood trickles down from her canine.


Her eyes become let out crimson color of insanity.Though he look down on the slender arm of the girl, she has this unbelieveable strength while holding him down. He can’t think nothing but the fact that she received the Evil God miasma.


Kurando pride was just his brute strength.


Even comparing to the human with same stature as him, he didn’t think that he’ll lost miserably. His muscle considerably strengthened with his works on manual labor.


In reality, in university, he could made the candidate of national wrestling athlete to surrender.


But, the pressure and the weight of her arms was beyond imagination. The power behind her slender fingers that was gripping his throat is just like a hydraulic machine.  and can’t be unfastened no matter how he struggle. Though her expression is ghastly, Gertha is Gertha. He can’t easily erasing the image of a gentle girl from his mind. He quietly raised the handle of the longsword in his left hand. The kishin-like expression on her face before him transformed a weep and considerably softened. [TL* : Ogre, Fierce God]



As he reciting the pray* to send her to the next life in his heart. [TL* : Namu san]


In that instant moment, his heart hestitated.


Maybe because she’s sensing that, Gertha lips raised letting out a cruel smile.


A sharp and thick sound of broken bone resounded. At the end of his line of sight Marika raised a rock on the size of an infant, and as he saw the slow motion of her bashing that rock for the second time to Gertha head.


Marika violently banging the rock she held with both of her hand while screaming aloud.


Her movement have this unpararreled accuracy like a drilling machine. Everytime the tip of that rock uplifted, it’s pulled shorts dark brown liquid smeared with brain matter.




Gertha lukewarm blood splashed on Kurando face. It sound like a wet cloth hitting on a wall heard from quite distance. Everytime the white slender arms moving like a wheel, Gertha back of head melting like a boiled crushed potato. Kurando brain who’s witnessing the process from the top front seat automatically switched off his sense of reasoning. That’s right, otherwise he won’t be able to endure it. That was due to inevitable truly cruel act. His stomach already feel nausea from it. He forcibly swallowing the stomach acid that was risen till his throat. The thing that was formerly known as Gertha is collapsing on his chest. Due to reflex his fingers held part of grey matter.  [TL : Yandere is out of the world]


Following after that was pieces of crumbling meat that was not even in the slighest can be called pretty.


There’re some mud of crumbling meat.


Though he felt both discomfort and pity inside his head for her, it’s surpassed by his psycological discomfort.


It’s already finished, done and done.


He’s propelling his upper body upward while throwing the corpse that already become like a doll to the side.


His line of sight met with Marika.


「Eh, that’s. I mean, I I didn’t do this, you’ll be……」



Part 2



Marika muttered with vacant eyes while breathing roughly. As if the cloud of sands fluttering and made a trifling sound in Kurando chest.


「I know Marika. That’s why」


「If I don’t do this, you’ll, you’ll 」


「I know, I know already. I’m not blaming you. It’s not your fault, Marika」


「This woman is evil! This woman is, this woman is!   ! 」


「I said, it’s okay already. It’s already over」


Though the divine punishment from Marika was going too far, he didn’t have any right to blame her. When Kurando began to move his fingers on the hilt of his sword, it was for the first time he’s taking an initiative to hurt Gertha.            All of that is the act he should do to protect his life. In that part, even with Kurando personality who won’t even budge, without anything to vent his anger, he’s knocked out by Gertha. Marika only turned into that state. He didn’t blame her at all.         [TL : Otherwise it’ll be your turn next to receive Marika’s excessive bash…. I mean “LOVE”]


「You definitely not at fault. I mean, look you just trying to save me」


Saying that while tightly hugging Marika. She’s leaning her body on Kurando chest and, her whole body shaking violently as if she’s contracting by fever.        It goesn’t seems that her trembling remaining even after waiting for hours will be settling. Herd of sinister looking monster approaching them seemingly being lured by the smell of blood that was drifting in the air and the killing intent.


Leaping from inside the grey smoke was a beast walking on four legs.


There’s smooth black luster on it’s hairless skin. It’s pig like hoof is awfully large.


It’s most striking feature is that it have one eye right at the center of it face.


This one eyed monster is called Scavenging Beast(Scavenger) which live in the deepest part of the forest.


Though it’s originally a docile beast then transformed into a brutal beast after receiving Evil God miasma.


Since they’ve almost never hunt and have their tusk is degenerated, they’re excellent enough to leave behind the other carnivore.


And, they’ve an ability which enable them to dissolving nutrinent with their strong digestive gastric juice, even if that so called nutrient already completely decomposed.


He take some distance while holding the still dumbfounded Marika in his arm.   茫然自失と化

Five one eyed beast slowly approaching them while digging the earth surface with their front hoof. Their bloodshot one eye was gazing steadily at George and Gertha corpses. It seem’s those that aren’t completely decomposed are a feast to them.


As for Kurando, though he want to give a proper burial for them, he didn’t even have any leeway to do that already. He unsheating his long sword while protecting his right leg. Discussion is impossible and, he’s expecting that the sharpness of the long sword is dropped due to the clot of blood and fat.    He should avoid battle at if he can do that.


Maybe because fining a chance of victory to Kurando who’s slowly retreating, one of the one eyed beast rushed in to attack them.


Dancing on the ground surface with a poof, lump of black mass leaping at them.


Kurando immediately throwing Marika to his side and then picking up the long sword that was stabbed near his right feet and pushing it on upper part.


The blade stabbed into the eye of one eyed beast as if being sucked by it.


It’s blood splattering around along with rust growl.


The sword blade destroyed the eyeball of one eyed beast till it center.


The feedback he felt was like smashing a hardened jelly. After quickly extracting the blade, the beast was toppling on the ground with a loud thud sound, flailing around it’s four limbs, vomitted blood, then it’s movement ceased. Even when the other beast witnessing the death of their fellow before their eye, they’re not fleeing despite the the bitterness in their fear filled eye.


It seem’s there’s some regret to the feast before their eye. Kurando holding Marika in his one arm while setting his sword with the other arm, when he’s retreating slowly, they’re slowly approaching the reserve feast, and soon they finally reaching the limit of their patience and simultanously began to puncing at him.


Kurando leave that place without turning his head, running at full speed.            Remained there means that they’ll be competing to tear his guts, it was hellish scene where they’re competing for the white slender arm.







There’s no more place left where they can rest at peace. Due to the shock left when she killed Gertha and her parting with Ento, Marika was still in her stupor state. She can’t goes back nor advancing forward.


Kurando was looking for a place to rest while paying attention to Marika who’s walking with her arm being pulled by him like a child. Let alone food, they’re not even have time to drink water. His will power dissapearing along with his stamina. He managed to discover a streamlet by chance. He could see small fishes swiming leisury from the surfaceof the river. This place, isn’t polluted yet. He scooped the water to wet his throat and then, his conciousness litted. Though he’s urging Marika to drink the water, she just looking at far away place without making any movement. Her sharp red pupils lose it’s light. It’s as if she’s just a living corpse.


「Marika, it’s water. Your body won’t hold out if you didn’t drink it now.  Hey」


Kurando forcing his head to take the water into his mouth and then, forced her to drink mouth by mouth. A change can be seen after she’s swallowing the water. Her body was wishing for moisture no matter what.


「Right, Maybe there’s still some left」


Kurando touching the leather bag on his back and taking out the dried fruit and dried meat then began to chewing slowly with his mouth. Since it’s made a difference between putting filling his belly with food or not, Even if it’s just a little. Marika didn’t show any reaction when he offered the food to her. Thereupon he bite a very small piece of dried meat and bean then forced her to eat it with mouth-to-mouth feeding. She’s swallowing the already turned paste like food without showing any refusal. Her small and pink colored lips glittering with her saliva. That was an extremely obscene sight.


Just like that, they’re waiting sometimes while sitting on the side of that streamlet. When he’s looking at the skies, it’s color gradually turned grey.          And slowly pouring a gentle light rain.


Marika who’s no means isn’t in a mental condition to use magic. He’s lead her by hand, and walking without any specific goal. Maybe because they’re recklessly running around, he didn’t know where’s their current position.            That was how huge this forest is.


He found a hollow on the gigantic tree and slipped into it. The inside isn’t wet, and cozy. It was a suitable place to hide themself from foreign enemy.     Then he make a simple filter by placing branches then covering it with leafes that he gathered sometimes ago. The he’s laying his body in slanting position like when he’s sitting on a sofa. Kurando placing Marika on top of him then tighly hug her like a parent who love their child.  Soon enough, Marika burying her face on Kurando chest, and raising a calm sound of sleeping not long after. His whole body filled with mucle fatigue and pain wound. He didn’t forget to put a minimum amount of awareness as he shut his eyelids. Though his whole body become relaxed, one part of his brain is in full alert. He noticed that the light outside already become slightly dulled. The night came again.  Marika’s squirming restlessly on his chest. He got the feeling that their gaze met in the dimmed room.


「……Nee, this place. Where it is」


「A hole in a random tree. I don’t knnow where is this」


Though she’s still fumbling around with her tone, he’s truly relieved that Marika was fully regaining her soberness.


「I’m, sorry」


「What are you apologizing for」


「I mean, I just, to that girl(read as bitch)……」


「The matter about Gertha is already finished. Even if you’re regretting it, situation called for it. Though this seem’s to be cruel, I just glad that I’m not the one who die. Furthermore, I’ll also somehow doing the same thing if it was me. SItuation pressing for cruelity. Sorry, it’s nothing but just a big talk」


「I’ve killed a human. But, that’s not the first time……」


「I see. Even if it’s different with me, I’ve personally killing everyone up till now.  This is just how this world is. We won’t even survive unless we made a clear line」


「Won’t survive, unless make a clear line」


Marika firmly pondering about that words inside of the darkness. It was as if she’s making a decision whether to go forward, or retreated back.            Kurando waiting for her to speak her words while gently brushing her silver hair. It seem’s her magical power is fairly restored. Her red pupils is shining bright red inside of the darkness.


「We can only transfer once. But, if we spend sometimes to goes back」


「We didn’t have that kind of leeway,  isn’t it? Then, aah to do that, maybe I’ve, or*」 [TLC* : 次に、ああなるのは、俺かもしれないし、或いは」]


The Evil God miasma is growing more powerful with each passing days. The fear of the world destruction isn’t a mere pipe dream now.


In the first place, that kind of world that was being pulloted by such muddy air will make anyone lose their hope to goes on living.


「We’ve running out of time. Right?  」


「In that case, please entrust your life to me. Then, I, definitely will seal the Evil God」



Part 3


They leap till they’re arrived at the campsite where they’re being attacked by the Evil Ento with Space Distortion(Room).


From there till the dungeon where the sealed Evil God was, just a stone throw. Their map was only that far. He hear that Marika mother deliberately didn’t write down beyond that point.


「The dungeon was consisting of two floor. Be careful」


The entrance was cleverly being camouflaged behind a huge  rock. Marika tapping the swelling portion of the boulder with carved pattern, then mumbling an aria. One part of the boulder that was being covered by deep green moss opened while creating a loud rumbling sound. He faintly seen the artificial that was piled up toward the inside of gaping wide subterranean.


Marika made a small swing with her cane, the magic stone become small ellipical ball of light which is subtituting for a lamp shone inside of the dungeon.


One person could somehow slowly descending the staircase.


The stinky smell of mold along with stagnating air dampened the mood.


The dust piling up higher till their angkle with each step they take to descend.


Kurando unsheating his long sword while descending with sliding steps and keeping their concentration at it’s highest.  After descending for some times, they’ve arrived in a big room. Two hun, it’s enough for around 300 human to standing in line side by side.


「What the heck, it’s just suddenly come into a dead end」


Marika keep her silence, then quickly approaching the alongside wall and starting to beating her shoe sole while pinching her skirt.  She’s moving clockwise while kicking along the wall. Without understanding it, the sword gripped in his hand loosened and dropped.


「Why are you looking with such stupid expression? Come and help me. You should be able to simple words right」


「Eh, that was words. But, I can’t read it」


「It’s ancient letters. It’s only natural that you can’t read it」


「It’s as if you’re Asking something a bad kid unable to do 」


「Stop complaining or I’ll kick your balls」




Following Marika’s command, Kurando kicking the surrounding wall at fixed interval.


Soon enough, one part of the wall producing a light clattering sound, and collapsed.


「I did it. 」


「Yeah, but the real part is starting from this point. If we’re not destroying this. It’s a little playfull side of the creator. Kurando, you like this kind of place right. Then, please do it」


「I’m hate this kind of place」


Kurando using both of his hand to diligently demolish the brittle earth wall. Bot of his arms instantly covered in mud till the upper arm. Kurando face distorted beyond recognition.


「Then, let’s go. Don’t get careless」


「Sensei, it’s terrible, I’m being covered in mud」


「You’re such a good child. See ……」


When she’s looking at Kurando arms that was covered with mud, Marika kissed his face.


「Sensei, the deep* one is also okay for my reward」 [TL : maybe he’s referring to deep kiss]


Wehn Kurando pushed out his lips like an idiot, Marika pushed him with her cane.


「This isn’t the time for that. You’ll be waiting till next week right」


「It’s absolutely not the next week right」 [TLC* : 「来週とかねえだろよ、絶対」]


「I won’t accept any complain」


Anyhow, they’re entering the opened hole. Kurando shaking his mud covered arms, then going further advancing through the newly opened hole. The hole ahead has precise stone wall with stacked passage. Tracing their finger on the inlaying stone piece that was standing still one by one*. Feeling closely, it’s polished and the texture is closer to plastic dur to it’s sleek feeling. [TLC* : 立ち止まって嵌め込まれている石片のひとつひとつを指先でなぞる。]




「Whoops, that’s close one isn’t it !! 」


He’s pulled Marika arm till she’s almost bending her back. “Gyuut”, her body leaning to his chest due to the sudden powerful pulling force.  The sudden feeling of her rich breast made him happy.  His expression slightly loosened.


「Say, are you fine as long as it’s woman?」


「If it’s a beauty like Marika, I’m ready  anytime」


「I-I see. ……But, I’ll think badly of someone who’s arbitrarily touching someone butt」


「But, I mean, you’re not even rejecting it」


「Uhhmm. Eeh, really. Eh, wait ———–  Stop it」


「Don’t wanna, absolutely not」


Kurando foolishly squeezed Marika butt. His chain of thought isn’t even coherent.


「P-Please stop it. This sex beast, U-Uhn」


「Wha-, stop that sexy voice.   Shit, my fingers is out of my control, IT’S MOVING ON IT’S OWN.  Sorry, I’m sorry Marika」


「A~h, even when I say no. EH, something hard hitting my stomach」


Kurando’s mind calmed down when he’s looking at Marika moist eyes.


(It become an unstoppable impulse. Damn it, I even pretended to be controlled by that Evil God guy for justified reason.)


「Sorry, I’m a little carried by momentum. Let’s go quickly」


When Kurando forcefully ending his heavy petting, he did that by pulling his cheeks as far as possible. When Marika who’s snifles and behaved like a spoiled child saw that, she felt a little lonely.


Marika expression become cloudy as they keep advancing in the stone passageway.


「I hope there won’t be any monster coming out  as we won’t easily beat it.  Whoops, it’s stairway again starting from this place.  Wait for a while! It’s just alittle bit more till the Evil God.   Don’t lose your focus」


「Ah, you’re right」


Though Kurando a little worried due to Marika half-hearted reply, that though vanished a little while later as he’ll be lost in thought if he’s worrying about every little things. Dropping his line of sight to the descending long stairways, they continue to descending in silence. Whether it’s his fatigue or his pained wound,everything just vanished. When they’re arrived at the bottom of the stairs, they saw an anticlimatic scene of a gate with simple ornament. Suddenly, someone pulled the cuff of his pants. It’s Marika. Her face that was being illuminated with light of magical power become paled as if blood drained from it.


「Nee, I wonder whether it’s better if we leave this place ? 」


「Oioi, is that another one of your joke! What’s matter, whatever monster that’ll be coming out, together, we’ll surely can somehow overcome it」


Kurando lightly rejecting Marika joke and proceeding to pushing the gate in front of him. There’s no fragment left of it’s lock. Thinking that whether it was due to god[Kami-sama] carelessness made him unconciously smiling. A dim light coming from the room behind the gate. It’s an appropriate setting for a last boss. He’s crashing inside hittinghis shoulder. Stretching before his eyes wasn’t a gigantic monster in his imagination, it’s just one large bos shaped thing resembled power generator, it releasing an extraordinary violent roar. He can’t felt anything like strong wave of miasma coming from that strange box. Since he’s expecting that there’ll be a fierce battle ahead, the degree of his strength draining isn’t average.


「Say Marika. That thing is……」


Asking while turning to behind.


That moment, Kurando sensing a strong wave of numbness from his cuff of the neck, then he’s fallen face down.


How can it be in this kind of situation, he’s unable to understand it.


That’ aside even more than anything else, Kurando wasespecially paying attention that Marika didn’t mumbling any words since they’re entering the room. His mouth is flapping miserably like a gold fish lacking oxygen.   There’s no sound leaving from his throat. Somehow he can only moving his head, then turning his line of sight behind him.


Marika was standing on that place, lowering her cane that was still releasing electric current from it tip,


Her pointy hat already fallen on her feet.


Her face is expressionless like a noh mask. Why, that’s the only question which is currently occupying his mind.


「That’s the true identity of the Evil God. And then, I know how to stop it. From the very beginning」 [TL : Eh, so Emergency Power Generator=Evil God, that world must be crazy]


Kurando continue to hear that strange noise similiar to broken radio coming from the “Evil God”.


It continously piercing from the crown of his head with it “Bzzzt, “bzzzt” noise resembling the feeling of percepting of sixth sense.


Marika told the origin of the Evil God and her own fate with solemn tone like a prophet that just receiving a decree from god.


Once, the household called as High-Elf resided in this whole nation of this Romres continent. Different from the common elf race, they didn’t have something like life span, they’re a living creature that was trancending their natural death. [TL : They here using girl term, in short basically ALL High elf is FEMALE]


In short, because they’re can’t death by old age or illness, as long as they’re spending their live without competing with the other creatures, the’yre basically half-immortal. Or that was what they say from ancient times. Or so they said, in reality, High-Elf life span isn’t actually that long. The world, is set it’s eyes toward them who’s magical talent is towering far above others, and completely exploitting, and enslaved them. The High Elf who’s naturally born with strong resistant, no matter what kind of fiendish illness rampaging in the world, it’s just too easy in front of them, thus they always survived. No matter in what kind of situation. However despite of that, their reproductive ability is lowest of the low, one child in their life, they can’t give birth anymore except for one girl. Powerful and influental people of that time is overfishing to bid a high elf, continous cruel research to grasp the secret of their life span, or a king who’s being entranced by their beauty to become their favourite child[concubine?], and personally become the origin of ruined country. Even Magdalena, who’s Marika mother is living a secluded life alone in this forest to run from that calamity. Magdalena was living for more than 500 years.   Despite their high basic specs, their life span is mostly damaged by external enemies.            [TL : High elf harem is just a pipe dream]



Part 4


Though Magdalena has uncommon beautiful face, due to her strong suspicion of others, she basically didn’t trust anyone but herself.


Normally, her fate crossed with one man to bring her a closure, he was an eccentric lumberjack who live in the forest. Though Marika vaguely remembered her father face, his hair already turned pure white at that time. Most of High Elf body stopped growing old and keeping their 20 years old appearance.


In short, it was a fortune that Magdalena who’s acting like a girl met the already old man.


Meanwhile, she’s basically a gentle mother with difficult personality, she’s being risen by a doting father who could become her grandfather, Marika spend her childhood blessed by happiness.


But, it’s just suddenly collapsed. That era was always enfulfed in flame of war, when her father who was a lumberjack descended to the village to sell firewood, he quickly met his death while being robbed by bandits. Marika memory is halted till that point. Magdalena completely abandoned Marika just when she greet her 10th birthday*. SHe’s completely abandoning child rearing.   That was the truth behind Marika who’s never receiving care. Though it’s possible to growing up if someone didn’t know any kindness since the very beginning, it’s impossible for someone who once tasted happiness. Marika very young mind is trembled due to sorrow from violent isolation. Outside of the forest, the war is ravaging. Thank’s to Magdalena who’s erecting strongest barrier in the vicinity of their house, they can pass their live in peace.

[TLC* : マグダレーナは、十歳の誕生日を迎えたばかりのマリカを顧みなくなった。]


In this place, it’s reaching to the point where Marika’s striving to learn magic. In the first place, there’s nothing else left except for that.   Her mother is going into the deepest part of the forest every morning. It’s a blessing that there’s countless grimoire. The common rule of magic is that one’s unable to learn no more than one of the four element[Earth, Fire, Water, Wind] to counter each others. Though she have that basic specs by nature, the body of High elf could use all of that as an exception. Even if a normal human spending their whole life to learning which one of those element to pursue, devoting 5 years to study,  Marika mastered elementary, intermediate, arriving at advanced, she mastered all 46 kind of elemantal magic alog with 18 kind of magic which didn’t belong to any element. Not being satisfied with that, she reached her hand to dechiper the chanting of 5 forbidden magic.   She can’t heal her loneliness except she’s immersing herself in her study.   By the time she finished her study, Marika turned 18 years old. The number of people she spoke till she become that old is just two, her father and mother. She though about a magical life-form called Ento who’s raised when she was a child. Even that sapling was just suddenly vanished from the garden without her being aware of it. Most likely Magdalena transplanted it to another place when she took her eyes of it for a moment. Whenever she meet Ento, she knew how rare the existance called Magdalena is*. Marika was typical of shut in.   [TLC* : エントは顔を合わせるたびに、マグダレーナに意見を行う稀有な存在だった。]


And then, in that turning point day, she truly alone in real sense. The reason was because Magdalena completed the Evil God. A certain humid afternoon during the summer, she transfering the room in the deepest part of the dungeon with transfer magic. When Magdalena keep ratling about a magic theory which is beyond Marika understanding, then plunged herself into the strange box called Evil God. And then, that was the end. The system was being in operation, certainly till just before Magdalena plunged herself into it. According to Magdalena, it’s a divine system to eliminating the evil of the world. The so called evil is of course all living being. The living beings who received the wave of ill malice will absolutely hating each others, then starting to slaughtering each other. The conclusion that was produced by Magdalena is the destruction of this very insignificant world.


In that case, why she is, after completing that delicate Evil God system, decided to destroying it with her own hand. She can’t understand it.


「Maybe because mother can’t bring herself to destroy this world with her own hands. And then, the Evil God keep it’s slumber in it’s half-complete state.   I too, set an alarm for the time when this system rebooting, and sleep for a long time. I never expecting that it’ll keep in that state for a thousand year.  If possible, I never one to wake up forever 」


「Well, maybe I simply just unable to destroying it ……」


「It’s impossible right. Even I don’t understand why it’s like that. At least it’s unable to blown off the entire of this Romres continent. I can’t bring myself to do that. But, if it’s your soul」


「My soul」


「There’s countless young spirit exist inside the Evil God. But, even if I’m tricking someone and bringing him along to throw into it, it can’t completely interrupting the operation. This is because there’s no existance with strong will power to enduring the crumbling of this world. That’s why, I go with you as your partner, you’re just like a duck jumping in for the offered spring onion, right. This room which is used to build the Evil God system is protedted by my mother advanced magic theory, transfer is impossible to use inside it. In the first place, even though I want to return to the ancestor with incomplete structure*. Different from usual, my magical power is completely being influenced by the waxing and waning of the moon. The time when I met you is the time when my magical power is at it’s weakest in one month, adding that I’ve frail body by birth. I won’t be able to arriving in this place if I’m travelling alone by foot without relying on someone. Sorry it’s dragged into a long story. You, will become the offering. From the very beginning that was my intention.  Though that was how it should ………….! 」


[TLC* : そもそも、私はちょっと不完全な体質で先祖返りのようなものを起こしているの。]


「Oi, stop it. What’re you going to do」


Marika passing beside Kurando who’s body become paralyzed, and opened the door on the surface of the Evil God.


The strange “goon, goon” sound strongly resounding again and again.


「I hope a spiritual existance called me can destroy this system. And, if even that is failed, run. Run to far away place. You must absolutely promising me that.I’m really sorry. That’s my only wish」


「It’s okay no matter who it is right? In the first place, aren’t you deceiving me till we’re arrived in this place to turn me into a sacrifice?」


「I’ve no intention to do that. I mean, I’ve fallen in love with you」




「Even, Even if it’s useless saying it now, even if it’s just one day with you, I want to live long life even just one second. I’ve fixed Space Distortion(Room) outside of this room so you can go back to my hut. You must live no matter what. Please live on」




Kurando body regained it’s function, when he noticed that. The crest on his chest let out a brilliant light, it filled the room with pale light.


He pushed Marika away and jumping toward the altar in a flash.


Opening the cover on top of it there’s a spot to lying down like a coffin which keep goes on toward the infinite darkness.


He’s rolling his body into it without any hestitation.


His body is being wrapped by lukewarm darkeness inside the darkness, then his consciousness interrupted.

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