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Original Author:

Mishima Chihiro


Action, Adult, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Seinen


Dark Fantasy, Dungeons, Elves, Harem-seeking Male Lead, Heroes, Netorare, R-18, Rape, Slaves, Transported to Another World, Weak to Strong


In progress

Translator(s)/Translation Group:

Roxism HQ




This is the story about Shimon Kurando, his image is… Well in short he’s just like a fallen warrior. Adventuring in a different world without any cheat abilities or magic except for one, with one goal in his mind, to GET BEAUTIFUL WIVES AND BUILD HIS OWN HAREM!!! [Though he accidentally triggered a wrong FLAG in one story].

Table of Contents:

Level 1: Hero Summoning That Full of Failure
Level 2: Wicked Chief Warden
Level 3: Let Me See Your Sincerity
Level 4: A Meal is Delicious Even Without Working For It
Level 5: Leave the Jail, Leave the City
Level 6: Fallen Forget-Me-Not
Level 7: Villainess Witch
Level 8: Stagnation Witch
Level 9: Witch Adventure
Level 10: Melting of the Snow Witch
Level 11: Witch Jealously
Level 12: Witch Regret
Level 13: Witch Demise
Level 14: The Fading of Sarasouju

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  1. Thanks for translating this novel. I really like it. ^^ Thought it is sad that there isn’t +18 scenes (Even thought violence, blood and dark themes are everywhere) But it is still good like this. Hope you keep continue translating this novel until it’s end ^^

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