DC – Chapter 7

Mistakenly Made a Consort


Just as she enters the door of the main hall, she hears the sorrowful cries of the womenfolk.  As the Wangye of the kingdom, Nalan Jing De has only one other consort besides his Wangfei.  And that side consort, Mo Lan was bestowed by the empress dowager a couple of years ago.


If she thinks about it, the current empress dowager is also Xi Yan’s maternal aunt.  Xi Yan’s mother, Chen Huan Wangfei, is the daughter of a minister and is cousins with the empress dowager.


Because of that, the position of her mother is honourable as well.


But her mother has never used that honour as an excuse to harm other people, including that side consort.


All these years, her mother has given birth to two sons and one daughter while the side consort has one daughter.  As for her father, the one he loved has always been her mother, that side consort is just someone he is inconveniently bestowed with.


Xi Yan understand all that, but that side consort Mo Lan, does not seem to share the same thoughts.  She takes advantage of the empress dowager’s decree and always looks for opportunities to show her face to her mother.  At this moment, Xi Yan can already hear her sharp voice coming from the room.


Wangye, you left just like this!  What about us, this mother and daughter pair?  Wangye, you left, will this residence still accommodate me and our daughter!”


Xi Yan enters the hall.  A white mourning cloth has long been hung in the hall, the word ‘memorial’ written on it.  A nauseous feeling surfaces from her throat, one that she used her entire strength to overcome along with the tears in her eyes.


“Somebody come and escort the side consort to rest,” she enters the hall in big strides, her heart as hollow as an abyss.


A couple of maids goes up to hold Mo Lan who flings their hands away.  She no longer wipes her tears with handkerchief as she claims, “Aiya, it hasn’t been long since wangye left, princess already wants to push me away?”


“Exactly, it hasn’t been long since Father left and you had already made a ruckus like this.  Whatever will you do next,” she pauses before turning towards a nearby maid, “Help side consort to rest.  Once she is calm, she can come back here.”


After saying that, Xi Yan no longer has the desire to say anything else.  Something so big has happened, the palace must have sent people over to look.  If the people up above hears of this and it reaches the ears of the empress dowager, the king’s residence will be in more chaos.


She is very aware that although the empress dowager and her mother are related, the empress dowager did not like her mother very much.  She has no idea why, all she knows is that she must not let the king’s residence descend into further chaos.


Eldest brother and second brother went to accompany father to release lanterns.  After she enters the main hall, everybody she sees are maids and servants.  Remembering Rong Mama’s unfinished words, her heart grows heavier.


After Xi Yan told the maids to forcibly take Mo Lan away, the housekeeper Nalan Jian is already in front of Xi Yan.  Nalan Jian is the residence’s housekeeper.  Nobody knows what identity he truly has.  After Nalan Jing De bestowed him the ‘Nalan’ surname, his original clan name no longer matters.


“What happened?” Xi Yan asks.  Only she herself knows how much strength it require her just to ask that.


No matter how miserable she feels right now, she must toughen up.  Must not let anybody else sees her vulnerability because this residence only has her right now, barely keeping it afloat.


“Princess, wangye and the two young masters went to Tai Yuan building to release lanterns.  Who would’ve thought that a bunch of bad people would use a dragon performance to get near the building.  Even though there were many guards, but the bad people were too many and too capable.  Wangye and the first young master died——  the second master lost both of his legs—–“


Nalan Jian’s lips trembles as he said that.  Tears stream down his two eyes and he no longer says anything.


Father was in Tai Yuan Building?


Even though Tai Yuan Building is usually frequented by the noble people during the festival, but Father has barely went over there the past years.


Then why did he went over there this year———