DC – Chapter 6

Mistakenly Made a Consort


On the day of the selection, Emperor Xuan Yuan Yu will release a decree, bestowing Princess Xi Yan to Ye Kingdom.  This is an info that is known by many officials within the ministry, so naturally, Mu Yan is also aware of that.


“After two days, we will never get to meet each other again.”  Xi Yan stroke the hairpin on her head with a sigh.


Mu Yan smile before comforting her, “Listen to me, the Ye Kingdom’s inner palace has no other consort at this moment.  The Ye Emperor is gentle and elegant, obtaining him will be a woman’s blessing.”


“But the Ye Emperor has just inherited the throne, when spring comes, the Ye Palace will also naturally have their own selection.  Only our kingdom organizes their selection on the first lunar month, right in the middle of the winter.  It’s cold both to the body and the heart.”


Xi Yan thoughtlessly spoke, prompting Mu Yan to frown.  Xi Yan realize that she has gone too far.  As a noble family’s daughters, the final selection of the palace is a delicate matter.


“Yan Er, you know I didn’t mean it in a bad way.”  She quickly explains, grasping Mu Yan’s hand lightly.  Just as she does that, Mu Yan moans in pain.  Only then did Xi Yan finally realized of red marks on the outer side of Mu Yan’s arm, sore and bleeding.


“Yan Er, what happened to your hand?”


“Nothing.  I was careless and scraped myself while strolling around just now.”  Mu Yan retrieve her hand; on her face, a trace of blush.


“Bi Luo, hurry and give us some ointment,” Xi Yan instructed, before turning back to Mu Yan, “Even though it is just a small injury, you must not be careless.  If it leaves behind a scar, wouldn’t it be a fine jade with flaw?”


“You’re really too much!” Mu Yan frowns at her.  Before this night, she did not really mind the palace’s selection.  But after tonight, can she really let go of her heart and accept this arrangement?   This is the path every noble maiden has to go through, only if they fail the selection will they finally be betrothed to other people.  But after tonight, after seeing that person, her heart that has been calm these many years starts to palpitate.  She gaze at the Xi Yan hairpin with a small sigh.


Xi Yan take the ointment from Biluo and put them on Mu Yan’s arm.  “After putting this ointment, there will be no scar.”


After they finish putting on that ointment, Rong mama suddenly rushes in.  “Princess, bad news!”


Rong mama is a mama close to Xi Yan’s mother.  At this moment, she look as though she has just lost her soul.  Xi Yan smiles upon seeing her, “What is wrong, Rong mama?  What frightens you?”


“Princess, hurry and go to the main house.  Wangye—– Wangye—— has been assassinated!  The eldest young master also—–“ after saying that, Rong mama can no longer continue.


After hearing that, as though she has been struck by a lightning, Xi Yan remain where she is at, unable to speak.  After she regains her ability to think, she places the ointment on a table and stand up.


“Yan—–“  Mu Yan’s word is incomprehensible.  She grab Xi Yan’s shaky hand as a gesture of support.


“What about Mother?” Xi Yan forces herself to stay calm as she asks that.


“Madam has fainted—— Princess, you should hurry—-“


She motions Rong mama to show her the way before she turns to face Mu Yan, “Yan Er, something suddenly happens to my family today.  I can’t keep you company.  Go home.  We’ll meet another day.”


Another day?  Actually, between her and Mu Yan, before the impending selection, they no longer have ‘another day’.


The two people, their own destiny have been set within their separation.