DC – Chapter 1

Unexpected First Meeting



That night is the Spring Festival.


The capital of Xun Dynasty, Tan Xun started snowing from the eve of the Spring Festival.  But now, the sky is finally clear, so the release of sky lanterns will go as scheduled.


All the men in Nalan Residence goes to Tan Xun city to release lanterns, whilst the unmarried young girls on the other hand aren’t allowed to go.


The reason for that is because, other than the Imperial Family, the Nalan Family is the most powerful clan in the Xun Dynasty.


They are not royal by blood, but Nalan Jing De, the Xiang Wang, accomplished a lot in the military fields and is therefore bestowed the title ‘Wang’.


Because of that, the Nalan clan becomes more prominent than the other families.


But that night, the pearl within Nalan Jing De’s palm, Nalan Xi Yan cannot bear to miss the hustle and bustle outside.  She conspires with maid Huan Bi Luo to cheat her nanny, and slips out of the back gate while donning men’s clothing.


She deliberately put on an ugly devil mask to cover her face in case if she bumps with anyone from her family while walking along the noisy streets of Tan Xun City.


That will be one of her last joyful days in Xun Kingdom.


The emperor of Xun Kingdom, Xuan Yuan Yu already decreed her marriage to Ye Kingdom’s emperor, Bai Li Nan.


There will be a selection for the inner palace soon.  She will have to participate in them, though it will be only for show.  Her real marriage has been pre-determined from the start.  The decree for her betrothal to Bai Li Nan will be formally announced that day.



Nalan Jing De has no objection when it comes to the decree, in fact, he was happy.


Right now, there are three countries under the sky: Xun Kingdom, Ye Kingdom and Zhen Kingdom.


Xun Kingdom and Ye Kingdom has always have good relations with each other, especially now, between their two emperors.  Zhen Kingdom is another case.  The ruler, Yin Chi Chang has a hostile personality and has no contact with any of the two countries at all.


Now, with their future marriage, the relationship between Xun and Ye will definitely get even closer.  Political marriage like this is not the same with love marriage, the effect it will bring will be more impactful.


Unfortunately for Nalan Xi Yan, the number of days in her homeland is getting shorter.


She has never dream about what kind of men she wants to marry.  She knew, just like her older cousins, she will be made to enter the palace.  If she fails, she will be married off to men from the other noble clans.


This is the fate of girls from noble families and she is no exception.


So, what she should do now is to fully enjoy her life before the time comes.


She is so excited to explore the crowded street; just she does not know how and when she lost Bi Luo.


Walking around by herself like this, she is not afraid at all, in fact she goes straight to where the lanterns are.  She also sees a dragon dance performance.  The dragon is chasing a small fireball; the dance is so joyful.  There are people cheering here and there.


She push people around to try to get to the front line.  Because of her petite built, it isn’t a hard feat for her.  After she managed to get to the front-most line, she gets a front-seat view of the dragon dance in front.


It happened in the blink of an eye.  Everything suddenly changed.  The dragon that chase the fireball suddenly explodes, like fireworks.


Some of the people in the crowd gets burned by the sparks and the previously festive streets suddenly turns into a frenzy.


A small part of Xi Yan’s robe catches on fire.  She uses her sleeves to distinguish the sparks.


At the roadside, there are ice from the snow yesterday.


Ice, very slippery.


A lot of people who runs away from the blast ends up slipping on ice. Driven by their instincts to flight, some of the crowds even stomp on fallen people in order to run away.


There are bloodcurdling screams from all around her.  She froze in her place when she hears them.  But not long after that, she regains her composure.


Everyone is running in only one direction, that was obviously not a very good idea.  Even though she might be able to walk on the slippery ice, there’s no guarantee she’ll survive the pushing and shoving.


She quickly turns around and run to the opposite direction.


As she do that, she realizes that the dancing dragon team members are now holding glistening swords and are battling it out in the nearby Taiyuan Building.


Taiyuan Building, a place where the rich and nobles gathers to view lanterns on the Spring Festival.  The place with the most beautiful view and with the tightest security.


Now, that place looks like hell.



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