Disgraced Consort


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Zui Fei; Drunk Consort. (I actually saw two names for this novel.  One is 罪妃 as in ‘Sinned Consort/Criminal Consort’ (but sin and criminal sounds too melodramatic so I chose disgrace.)  The other name is 醉妃. I like this one better.  It means ‘Drunk Consort’.  But the site I downloaded it from named it ‘罪妃’, so I chose the first one.)

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Chinese Novel


Historical, Romance, Palace


In progress

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A night to serve the emperor.  A palanquin briskly made it’s way, surrounded by cold and quiet palace’s walls.  The sound of eunuchs’ footsteps can be heard.  The palace’s gate is open at the place where the palanquin stops.  A woman who is wearing a snow-colored veil is invited to enter the palanquin.  Tonight is the night where she will serve him.   Her first night will also be the last night, because after this, the emperor will order her to commit suicide.  Step by step, she enters the palanquin.  Her pair of eyes shows no fear, and instead are calm and tranquil.  After a night of serving the emperor, what will wait for her is death.  This is her fate. Her fate as a disgraced concubine who had committed a wrong.

Her life, that year, in that particular night, instead takes a different turn.


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