Dimensional Sovereign

Alternative Name: 차원군주
Original Author:  Oren (오렌)
Category: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Tags: Alternate Reality, Cunning Male Lead, Game Elements, Magic, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, RPG, Smart Male Lead, Weak to Strong
Status: Ongoing in Korea with 108 Chapters/No Translation
Schedule: Random Schedule
Translator(s)/Translation Group: GravityTales (RainbowTurtle)
Source: Munpia


One day, I was given the mysterious power of Hwanmong.

If I killed a monster in the dream then my level would rise in reality.

My home in reality became a base in the dream.

A dimensional strategy RPG where reality and dreams are linked!

Earn money and become stronger!

Now I will dominate the world.

Chapter 1 – 9 at GravityTales