DHM Chapter 15 Part 1

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Cnine is here, it’s regular release of DHM. I’m currently in the middle of joint project, what kind of project it is? please wait for further announcement[Though I’m sure lot you will like it]

Anyway, here some announcement :

  1. I’ve explained about the chapter policy[Seigensou only, so make sure to email me at {zmunjali(at)gmail(dot)com} when you’re donating for another project] in this post.

  2. Chapter 59 will be released after the donation reached $40 for regular chapter, since it’s a double chapter and I still not released regular chapter in the previous sunday.

The Current Donation is :


My Monthly Target :

$335.55/$3000[Monthly target to work me to the bone, I sold my too much free time]

The Rest of The Donation :


Without Further ado, ENjoy :

Lv15 [It’s Loli Everywhere]–>This is obviously fake title

If you’re unable to enter the chapter, please wait for ~3 minutes[Different timezone]

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