DisB Chapter 2 Part 2

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 ­ Terrifying Hell Part 2

No matter what, Pei Jiao stayed at where he was in contemplative thought. He had no choice but to walk towards the barren wilderness. He couldn’t stay in that hole for his whole life could he? Although he was a spiritual body and didn’t feel hunger or thirst, he was still a person. He had to move around. He couldn’t become a stone and wait there for hundreds of years, in that case, that sort of living would pretty much be death anyways.


“Fuck, I don’t believe there’s no chance of living. There’s always a sliver of hope. There’s no way that being devoured is the only thing that can happen to you in this hell.”


Pei Jiao was determined, he was prepared to explore this world. Perhaps this world is like those alternate dimensions in those novels where there are humans gathered together using all sorts of ways to fight against those monsters. Perhaps this plane is the dead zone in those novels. It was because they were unlucky that they travelled through worlds and was dropped into this dangerous area. Perhaps this world was still very beautiful….


Just like this, as if lying to himself, Pei Jiao started exploring this barren land carefully. Because he witnessed the terror of those giant wolves, he was vigilant at every moment. But he didn’t know why, once he entered this world, he lost the ability to fly. He was just like a normal person and could only walk on the ground. The rocks and dirt he touched was also felt by his body. It was although he still had a physical body and the ground and rocks were physical things. And in this circumstance, he could only use his vision to search around. He stayed vigilant like a rabbit at every moment. The smallest movement would make him freak out.


But even with such vigilance, he walked hundreds of kilometers in tens of hours. He hadn’t seen any monster on his way and on this huge plain, there were very little monsters. At least Pei jiao hadn’t seen any even from a far distance. This made him feel slightly easy.


As a spiritual body, Pei Jiao walked more than hundred kilometers without feeling hungry or thirsty. Even his stamina remained perfect. Although, he didn’t know if he felt wrong or what but his strength seemed to be a little bit weaker….. this must be a wrong feeling. Pei Jiao comforted himself but a bad feeling formed in his heart.


Conservation of energy, conservation of mass. This probably still applied to spiritual bodies. It was said that people from foreign countries had conducted such experiments where they put someone who was about to die in a tightly sealed weighting container. When the person died, the person’s weight also decreased and this weight was the weight of a soul. And now, my soul had walked for so long without feeling thirst or hunger nor even fatigue. But where did the energy I expended from walking so far come from? Could it be the energy that my soul is composed of? If I continued to walk like this, eventually I would probably dissipate right?


Pei Jiao really felt worried in his heart. In fact, he had this worry ever since he came to this hell. Even an ant seeks to live. People like him who had ideals didn’t want to die more. He still wanted to go back and see his family. He still wanted to create a fortune for his parents after they die…. Yes, he didn’t want to die!


With this obsession, Pei Jiao walked towards the distant empty space that cut off the land. He wanted to see what it was like there. After all, this plain was ridiculously large. With his speed, he could possibly go on for years. With the rate of him losing strength after tens of hours, he would probably dissipate after half a year of walking at most. There wouldn’t even be the slightest consciousness of him left over, so currently, the only chance of survival would be at that empty space.


A horse dies while running at the mountain it sees. Although Pei Jiao could see that severed space from a distance, he found out that it was way too far. From where he landed to him setting off for that severed space, he had walked at least 2 or 3 hundred hours until at last, he couldn’t even calculate the time anymore. He even forgot if there would be monsters appearing beside him. He just focused on walking towards that empty space. As he walked, his strength grew little and little. He could even feel it himself. His current strength compared to when he just landed in this world was just less than a half. It was obvious his spiritual body was becoming weaker and weaker.


Just when Pei Jiao was sighing about how he would eventually die, he had already walked half the way to the broken space. There was approximately another 4 to 5 hundred hours of walking before he could get close to that broken space. And just when he was calculating the degree he was becoming weaker, suddenly he felt a heart throbbing feeling from h=behind him. It was the feeling of nearby danger. The feeling when those monstrous wolves appeared came to him once again as Pei Jiao swiftly turned back his head.


In the distant sky, it was those dot sized black dots again. If Pei Jiao wasn’t a spiritual body now who’s eyesight was better than humans, he could npt have seen such distant place. Although he couldn’t see clearly what those black dots were, but his gut feeling couldn’t cheat on him. Ever since he became a spiritual body, Pei Jiao’s sixth sense were becoming stronger and stronger. Perhaps this was the advantage that spiritual bodies had. After leaving the restriction of the physical body, its will and soul had been released. Therefore, the sixth sense grew stronger.


Seeing that black dot flying over here, Pei Jiao hurried to find huge rocks nearby. But looking around, Pei Jiao immediately felt bitterness in his heart. He was at completely flat plain. There weren’t even small pebbles around him much less large rocks. The closest rock was a few kilometers away. With his speed, he would probably be eaten after running a few hundred meters. After all, that thing could fly and those running wolves could not compare with it. In a few short seconds, Pei Jiao had already seen the figures of these monsters. It was a 9 clawed bird with a human head.


Pei Jiao yelled, although it wasn’t plausible to run to that rock with his speed, he still charged forward with all his fight. He was really fighting for his life. If he didn’t run he would die, if he ran, there was still a sliver of hope. But as he ran, Pei Jiao felt a piercing pain on his back. He knew that the nine clawed bird had spotted him. The piercing pain would be where the bird’s eyes were focused at.


Fuck, I always hear people say that those who practice martial arts after reaching a high state could feel people’s eyesight. I didn’t think I could also have this ability after becoming a spiritual body….. but I’d rather not have such ability, as long as that monster bird doesn’t chase me!


Pei Jiao grew more scared as he ran, countless thoughts flew across his brain. Until the last remaining thoughts were run and live. Under such unprecedented focus, a lightning mist started to appear under his feet. However, this lightning mist didn’t make any sounds as though it was a shoe condensed under Pei Jiao’s feet. As the lightning mist started to appear, Pei Jiao’s speed became faster and faster until he eventually became like a black silhouette charged thousands of meters in a short ten or so seconds. When Pei Jiao turned his head around with his back on the stone, he suddenly realised he actually ran such a long distance and the black dot in the sky only grew a few circles bigger. It was still about 7 or 8 kilometers from him.


Hmm? Did I run that fast? I was faster than a bird could fly….


Seeing he arrived at this destination, Pei Jiao was overfilled with joy. He immediately began searching under the rock for another crevice where he could hide himself. But the more he worried, the more easily he made mistakes. Under such stress, he used more power of his hands constantly trying to search for a crevice under the rock. Just when his hand reached into a crevice, his stress made him use too much force and his wrist was stuck in between the crevice. The more he worried, the more he couldn’t pull it out. When he finally pulled his hand out, a gust of wind approached the back of his head. He didn’t even have time to turn around and could only instinctively roll on the ground. Next, a soul piercing pain came from his left leg. The left leg from his knee to below had been ripped off.


The 9 clawed human faced bird swooped down from the sky reaching out with all 9 of its claws. If Pei Jiao wasn’t fast, he would have been clawed into smithereens but a part of his leg was still ripped off by the bird. Not only this, the bird under such momentum was stuck inside the huge rock. With the sharpness of its claw and the ferocity of its power, the huge rock was clawed the many pieces under a huge bang. This was a huge rock tens of meters tall and was broken in half after one claw. The small pebbles rained down burying half of Pei Jiao’s body in the stones. He couldn’t move at all.


At this time, Pei Jiao finally clearly saw the appearance of the bird. This bird was approximately 8 to 9 meters long. If it expanded its wings, it would be almost 20 meters in width. Its height was also around 3 to 4 meters. It looked more savage than the human faced huge wolf. The face of the bird appeared to be that of a woman but this woman’s face was twisted chilling people’s heart with just one glance. Not only this, the woman’s face continued to make sharp shrieks. The sound was as though it was made form metal wires scratching against each other almost shocking Pei Jiao to deafness…. Even if he was only a spiritual body.


The bird put the piece of human leg in its mouth and starte to chew. That leg immediately dispersed as light granules and disappeared in its mouths. The bird didn’t seem to be satisfied enough and gave off another sharp howl as it turned its face to Pei Jiao. It didn’t use its claws to rip and just opened its mouth bowing its head down as if wanted to gobble Pei Jiao wholly. This scene really shocked the last bit of consciousness from Pei Jiao’s heart. Right now, his body was shivering in fear and the only thought left in his brain was fear, live and those replaying memories…


It is said that when people die, the past will be replayed scene by scene. But Pei Jiao died extremely fast. He was burnt to crisp by that high current. He didn’t replay his memories before he died. After he died, he finally experienced this. Although, if even his soul died, he wondered if he would really disappear. Pei Jiao didn’t know this, his brain just continued to replay the things that happened in the past. From the obscurity of his birth, to the naughtiness when he was slightly older, then to the love for his sister when she was born until to the gradual maturity….. his parents’ gradually aging looking, his sister calling his name sweetly, and the her that didn’t occupy much of his memory….


These scenes were all replayed in Pei Jiao’s head. The more it played, the more Pei Jiao didn’t want to die. He still wanted to live, he wanted to support his parents, he wanted to see his sister grow up, he wanted to hold hands with ‘her’. There was too much things he still wanted to do. Just dying like this….. he refused to do so! He didn’t want to die!


“No, No…… I don’t want to die argh!”


Pei Jiao looked at the bird as its face neared him. He could even see its terrifyingly sharp teeth. Just as the bird opened its mouth and reached for him, when that mouth was only a few inches away, all the replaying memory suddenly disappeared. All the thought and fear also disappeared. At this moment, all that was left at the bottom of Pei Jiao’s heart was the word live!


Suddenly, he subconsciously closed his hand and pierced into the bird’s mouth with his hands. Within his hands, lightning sparked. A lightning beam few inches short protruded from his hands as it pierced into the bird’s mouth and into its body. There was a crackling sound and the back of the bird’s brain suddenly exploded blasting the back half of its body too. With this sudden pain, the bird closed its mouth. In a light sound, it bit off the hand Pei Jiao reached into its mouth. But Pei Jiao right now couldn’t hold it anymore. He just felt his eyes darken as he immediately went unconscious.


In this slumbering darkness, Pei Jiao felt weirdness around his body. His leg and arms were in inextricable pain but his body was as though bathed in a hot spring making him feel lazily comfortable. This contradiction made him extremely uncomfortable. After some struggle, he finally opened his eyes. When entered his eyes shocked him half dead. The monstrous bird still had its mouth pointing at him looking as if it was going to take the final bite. This scene scared him hassling backwards on the ground.


When Pei Jiao was a few meters out, he finally discovered that the bird was dead. What was remaining was only a body. He didn’t know what heavy injury it took. Although the first half of its body was still perfect, the back half was blown up. There wasn’t a single bit of meat left from it.


Until this time, Pei Jiao finally eased up from his shock and fear but he immediately stood up looking around fearful that he may encounter another monster. However, his luck was still decent. What he saw was just barren land and not a single bit of anomaly. He turned and walked a few steps closer to the bird intending to see what the bird was made of.


“Hmm? Wasn’t my leg ripped off? And my hands too…” Pei Jiao walked a few steps forward and suddenly realised that before, his hands and leg were ripped off. He didn’t think his hands and leg were perfectly fine now. What surprised him even more was that now, his body seemed to be filled with power like a athlete who had plenty to eat and a good rest. He felt his strength was strong enough as though he could kill a cow.


Just when Pei Jiao was curious, countless light particles rose from the bird’s body. As soon as these particles appeared, a part of the bird’s body dissipated. Obviously, this bird was also composed of the light particles just like Pei Jiao’s spiritual body now.


Pei Jiao immediately thought of a possibility… that was this world was really possibly the place where dead people went. Underworld, hell, although the names were different, they all pointed to the home of the dead. Regardless, this world also seems to obey the law of conservation of energy. As for the source of energy….. it was probably these light particles. Otherwise, why would this bird and those wolves attack human souls? They probably wanted to acquire the light particles in the spiritual bodies.


Perhaps.. this is the energy source of this world!

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