DisB Chapter 2 Part 1

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 ­ Terrifying Hell Part 1

In an indescribable feeling, Pei Jiao seemed to pass through the tunnel between life and death. He could feel it but couldn’t move, talk, think. This sort of feeling was driving him crazy. He didn’t know how long had passed, but Pei Jiao’s eyes brightened up as he had finally passed through that swirl passage. In a splat, he fell to the ground. At the same time, there was also the old man who pulled his shoulders tightly.


While they just fell to the ground, Pei Jiao finally escaped the old man’s pull. He jumped up from the ground and just a few meters form where he landed, the black swirl was getting smaller and smaller. Before he could react, the whole passage had disappeared in front of him. All it left was a few hundred people still moaning on the ground.


Pei Jiao just felt there was an inextricable pain from his shoulder. This pain was different from the pain of flesh being ripped apart. It was a type of continual pain that ripped his soul making him feel very hysterical. But good thing was that this pain was gradually decreasing. It didn’t continue forever or he would really rather die. Until then, he slowly looked at his surrounding and saw what place this was.


This was a barren landscape; there was not a single leaf of grass. The ground was dark red, land that was arid and cracked were everywhere. From where he stood, this land stretched too unknown how far away. However on the other side of him, in the very distant, the land seemed to have disappeared. The end of the stretch of land was pitch black space. This sort of scene was hard to imagine. It seemed like the ancient tales of the round sky and square earth. When the earth reached its end, people would fall off.


Pei Jiao then raised his head to look at the sky. The whole sky was in a dark grey colour. The dusty cloud was unknown in thickness. The sun could not be seen through the sky…. He even doubted if there was a sun in this world. This scene looked extremely like hell. In that dark and abyssal place, would there even be a sun?


“What place is this?” Pei Jiao looked at the barren plain and said to himself.


At this point, Pei Jiao was extremely lost; he suddenly came from the human world to here. He didn’t think he travelled to another world like in those novels. The so called travel is not so ominous and each time bringing a few hundred people. These people were obviously the number that had died in Shanghai. It was as he thought before, the souls were all directed into another world and not accumulated in the real world. Otherwise, the souls would have filled the earth ages ago, how could there only be a few hundred people that came with him?


“In other words, this is the underworld? Or this is hell?” Pei Jiao started staring around him again. If he didn’t guess wrong, this was the underworld where the dead were supposed to come. Then, the number of souls here would be a least a few billion or more. After all, there were people dying at every moment. If there was a continual build up, the amount of souls here would probably be more than the number of people in the real world…. But very strangely, when all that sum of souls had built up, why was this world still so barren?


Pei Jiao felt very curious yet at the same time frightened. There was a bad feeling that accompanied him ever since he arrived at this world. That feeling was growing stronger and stronger. Just when he looked around him, he saw ten or so black dots in the far distant. Those black dots were approaching them at an incredible speed. As they flew, there seemed to be a dust cloud blown up behind them. It could be seen how fast these black dots were moving.


As soon as Pei Jiao found those ten or so black dots, he immediately focused all his attention in that direction because in this endless plain, there were only those black dots that were not normal. Gradually, he finally could see clearly the appearance of those black dots….. yes, they were black wolves that were many meters tall!


Pei Jiao’s eyes focused and immediately looked around his surroundings. Although this plain was very barren, there were large rocks that were a few metres tall everywhere. Pei Jiao looked left and right, immediately rushing towards a rock that was a few hundred meters away from him. And behind him, the few hundred human souls were still rather clumsily laying on the ground. Only a few souls stood up shakily but these souls didn’t look like humans anymore. The largest of them was near 3 meters tall. Its figure was still humanoid but these souls all started to develop some scales on their body. Ten or so people’s facial appearance even went under change. Although they didn’t have vicious extended canine tooth or something, their looks still seemed intimidating.


Pei Jiao really didn’t trust anyone, especially with the appearance of those wolves, a sense of danger went straight down his head. Thus, he didn’t even think about it before rushing towards that big rock. As soon as he came near the rock, he hurried searched under the rock using his hands to explore the hole underneath the rock. However, the ground was suppressed by the rock and there was no way he could get in. In that moment was so frustrated that it was like he was sweating….. unfortunately, he was a soul right now. How could he sweat? It was just his face looking more and more worried.


“Calm down!” Pei Jiao suddenly stood still and took a few deep breath suppressing the worry and fear in his heart. In his heart, he yelled to himself to be calm until his emotions finally stabilised. Only then did he run to another rock hoping to find a hiding place near there.


The black dots from the distant were getting closer and closer. That huge wolf that was 3 to 4 meters tall from head to feet was getting more and more clear. When it was about 3 or 4 kilometres from everyone, Pei Jiao ran to another rock. Relative to the wolf’s speed, if there was no hiding spot near this rock, then he wouldn’t have time to go to another rock…… those wolves can definitely rip him apart before he ran to another rock.


Pei Jiao just felt his body was shaking. Although it was a spiritual body, his worried chest was still beating heavily. He didn’t know whether it was his heart or another organ but Pei Jiao suppressed the fear in his heart with all his might. At the same time, he crouched on the ground searching desperately. Finally, his hand felt empty space and discovered there was a small crevice between where the rock and the ground connected. He didn’t have time to think whether this would fit him and hurried to put his feet under the rock, reaching down forcefully inch by inch disregarding how the sharp parts of the rock was rubbing against his spiritual body. He managed to endure this immense pain and forcefully sent himself in the crevice under the rock. At the same time, he used his hands to dig the dirt, sealing half of the entrance to the crevice. By the time he had done this, the first huge wolf had already charged into the crowd of people.


The huge wolf was pitch black, its hair was like sharp steel needles stretching up. Its figure was scarily big. From head to feet, its height was actually 3 to 4 meters. From head to tail, it was ten meters long. It could nearly be compared with a dragon of the legends. Humans were miniscule in front of it. It was like a cat in front of a human. What made Pei Jiao shiver in his heart was that the head of this wolf wasn’t a wolf’s head but a human’s.


Yes, the head of this wolf was an enlarged human head. But this human head had eyes that emitted a green light, the mouth had also mutated into one with countless protruding sharp teeth like that of a saber-toothed tiger. However, the saber-toothed tiger only has two protruding teeth while this wolf has tens of sharp teeth, each one as though it was a dagger, emitted a frosty white glow.


At this moment, a huge human headed wolf charged into the crowd. It lowered its head and bit, in a slight ripping sound, the three humans souls below him were crunched in his mouth. These three human souls were originally still fazed but under the crunching of those sharp teeth, each one of them howled in pain. That sound was really shocking but this human headed wolf really didn’t know what rest meant. Its mouth continued to chew. After a few crunches, it swallowed the three human souls into its stomach.


There was no blood spilt when the souls were ripped but instead a thumb nails sized glow of light and a small stream of black string. When the wolf chewed the three human souls, there were some light glows and black strings floating out. The human headed wolf seemed to enjoy it a lot and devoured the light glows and black streams all into its mouth. It swatted with one of its claw smashed ten or so souls around him to the ground before gulping down another two human souls.


Indeed, after those black streams invaded the body, these human soul’s physical capabilities underwent obvious mutation. They were all robust unlike normal humans. But no matter how inhuman they seemed, they still couldn’t compare with these giant wolves. These weren’t some wolves, they were obviously some unknown beast of the ancient era, smashing out a ditch few meters deep with just one tap of a claw, gulping down numerous humans souls in one go, easily ripping souls into pieces. Even those tanks and battle vehicles would probably be like paper crisp in front of these giant wolves much less human souls. But within a short span of time, these few hundred souls had all been eaten by these human faced wolves. Subtly, Pei Jiao felt as though the bodies of these wolves had grown bigger but still couldn’t discern it very easily. At this moment, he stopped breathing as he focused on the movement of these wolves.


Pei Jiao didn’t know if these giant wolves had acute sense of smell or not and didn’t know if spiritual bodies could be smelt. All he knew was that, if he was discovered by these giant wolves, then what awaited him would only be death…. Death not as if becoming a soul, death as in the actually disappearance of consciousness and soul!


But Pei Jiao’s worries didn’t not happen. Those huge wolves seemed to be short on time. After they devoured the human souls, they each howled to the sky and left running again. They didn’t even notice Pei Jiao who hid under the rock.


But Pei Jiao didn’t dare to move a bit. He just waited in the crevice. After around 3to 4 hours, he left the crevice carefully. At this time, he checked his body again. During that frantic squeeze, his stomach was cut open by the sharp edges of the rock. If it was a normal person, this degree of cut would have been enough to see the intestines however Pei Jiao could only see the spots of light inside his stomach. As the light gathered at the wound, the wound on his body started to repair and once again became a complete body.


Pei Jiao touched his perfect stomach again as he looked at the place where he and the few hundred people descended. Although those few hundred people had all become the wolves’ food, what was frightening was that there was not a single bit of mark or blood left after that slaughter. It was as though what had happened was only his imagination. But the tearing pain on his soul reminded him that what happened was real. Those few hundred souls had been devoured by those monsters and he was also left in this world of monsters and may at anytime be devoured by monsters like those huge wolves.


“Sigh, is this really hell? No wonder, if there are those monsters here, then no matter how many souls drop here, they would all be devoured by those monsters. How can there be civilisation?”


Pei Jiao talked to himself. When he stopped there, his body was already feeling cold, it was as though the depth of his heart had became frigid. He was originally planning to work hard and build up a fortune for his family in the underworld so that after his parents pass away, they could live a prosperous life in the underworld. But who knew reality could be so harsh? Although there was indeed the existence of souls after death, who knew souls would be dropped in such a horrific hell. Life and death no longer depended on you. He didn’t believe that every single one of those few hundred people were the so called sinners. They were just the average citizens of Shanghai city. They are good and bad. There’s no way people would be purely good or purely bad. Humans were those who stood in between. But these normal citizens were all dropped into this place and devoured by these monsters. It can be seen from this that this world should be the final resting place for all the souls. There was no good or bad, there was no so called heaven!



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