DisB Chapter 1 Part 2

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 ­Death is The Beginning Part 2

Until Pei Jiao finally calmed down and had an idea on what to do, he looked carefully at the world surrounding him. This world was not much different than the previous one, the only difference was that there seemed to be a black stream of gas floating in the air. This black gas flow seemed like environmental pollution caused by chemicals but if the environment was really polluted to the point where black gas flows like this appeared, then there was no way the government didn’t do anything about it nor would it not appear on media. In other words, this black flow or gas was highly possibly unable to be seem be humans. Only souls could see it.


Pei Jiao was also a curious person but he could control himself. Although he could guess that only spirits could see this black gas, he had no intentions of touching it, at least for now. What happened if he was teleported to the underworld immediately if he touched the black cloud? If this gas flow was specifically for devouring souls, what could he do? Looking at that pitch black colour, it made his heart feel shivery. He definitely did not have the intentions of touching this gas.


“I’ll go home immediately to see my parents and sister!” Pei Jiao made his decision. He was an obedient son. Other than this, he who just died felt more attached to his family. Perhaps because what people lose, people cherish more. When he thought that he could possibly never see his parents and sister again, this feeling intensified.


Pei Jiao flew faster and faster. In order to take the short route, he flew to a hundred metre altitude in the sky. He stopped when there was only 2 or 3 hundred metre distance between him and the black gas flow. Then, he continued flying towards his house. When he looked down at the city from a birds eye view, he finally discovered the astounding difference.


This was Shanghai, one of the most densely populated cities in China. When Pei Jiao looked down from the sky, he actually saw souls floating in the sky. Many souls were stationed next to houses. There were also a few souls flying out from the major hospitals. Looking down, there were hundreds of souls in Shanghai.


While Pei Jiao was exclaiming his revelation, he suddenly realised that these souls were somewhat different to him. The surface of these souls had a strand of black gas flow surrounding them, like a rope tying these people. He also barely made out that the souls in the black cloud seem to be constantly struggling.


A feeling of uneasiness rose in Pei Jiao’s heart. He hurried to the closest soul near him. This soul was floating on the twentieth storey of a large apartment block. Through the black strings, he could see an old man around 60 years old. He seemed to be constantly struggling. When Pei Jiao flew near him, the old man immediately started yelling: “Young man, help me get out of this. This yin guo is burning my skin as soon as I touch it….”


TL note: 因果/yin guo: cause and effect, karma. Whatever you do in this world, it will create yin guo according to Buddhism. Yin is cause, guo is effect.


As he said, the old man under excitement wanted to reach out his hand, but as soon as he touched these black strings, the place where his skin touched the black strings immediately gave off grey smoke as if a hot piece of iron had stamped him on the skin. The place became pitch black immediately and the old man retreated his hand in pain.


“What are these black strings?” Pei Jiao was shocked but he did not dare to come closer any more and asked ten metres from the old man.


At this time, the old man raised his head and asked in surprise: “Young man, why don’t you have yin guo on the outside of your body? No way, is it possible that you never did anything since the moment you were born?”


Pei Jiao asked: “Old man, what is yin guo? Is it what’s covering you on the surface of your body? By the way, you are also a dead spirit right? Why haven’t you gone to the underworld yet?”


The old man stared at Pei Jiao fazed. After some time, he sullenly pointed at the black strings around him one by one: “

This is the yin guo created when I stole my neighbor’s melon back when I was young. This is the yin guo created when I beat my teacher, this is the yin guo created when I fought with someone. This is the yin guo created when I owed my friend money for a long time and didn’t pay him back. This is the yin guo because my elder son is jealous of my love for my younger son, this is….” The old man began rambling on like this. He pointed to the strings of black gas around him. As he spoke, the black gas grewer thicker and thicker as if gaining nutrition from his memory.


When the old man finished, he suddenly looked deeply at Pei Jiao: “Young man, how did you escape from yin guo? Everyone should have yin guo. It is created from our experiences while we were alive. If we had contact with people, then karma will strike us creating this yin guo. They are created from people’ feelings towards us. There’s no way that you never done anything in your past decades of living right?”


When Pei Jiao heard this he was shocked and scared at the same time. Of course, the souls in his sight all had floating black gas around then as if a long string circulating the surface of their bodies but there was nothing on the surface of his body. The black string that all the other souls had did not appear on him at all. This made him really shocked and confused.


But that old man continued: “Young man, you can come closer and talk. It’s fine, these yin guo will only circulate the people who created the yin guo. I can’t pass it on to you even if I want to because as soon as I touch these yin guo, I can sense clearly the memories stored within it. They are all part of my memory.”


Pei Jiao looked at the souls around him, they were all covered with black clouds of gas. He was really worried and scared as goosebumps appeared on his back. He immediately checked his body and there really was not even a single string of black gas. Only then did he ease up and floated to three metres from the old man but didn’t dare to approach him too much. He asked: “Old man, how do you know these things are called yin guo? And why don’t you go to the underworld?”


The old man shook his head: “I also don’t know what these things are called but it contains all the things I had done in the past and all these memories. Thus, I call these things yin guo. Doesn’t the Buddha say: the yin you plant is the guo you harvest. It’s not affected you yet because the time is not right. Now I have died, therefore all the past wrong things I have done are back to haunt me. I believe this is yin guo….. as for the underworld, I have not seen that. It’s been more than ten hours since I died, how come I haven’t seen the Black and White Wuchang come and get me?”


Pei Jiao was stunned, he originally thought it was really easy to go to the underworld, it should be something that each soul naturally knew, or after a few hours of death, the soul would naturally move there. Who would have thought that after more than ten hours of death, he was still trapped here. He looked throw the window into the house. As expected, there was someone in the house setting up mourning stand for the old man. It seemed that the old man really did die just today.


“Could it be that 12 am is the time we enter the underworld? Otherwise with the accumulation of souls day by day, there should be a lot of souls in Shanghai. There was only a few hundred souls near him. It looks like the amount that had just died today.” Pei Jiao said in astonishment, at the same time, he looked towards his surroundings.


At this time, in the sky few hundred metres above ground, approximately where the large cloud of black gas floated, the space around there started to twist and blur as if a swirl that had appeared on the surface of water. It continued twisting as the space there appeared as if it were being ripped apart. Finally, the space was completely ripped apart revealing the portal that lead to a pitch black unknown world.


At the same time, all the souls bound by the black strings started crying out in pain. Those black strings that only covered then started invading into their spiritual bodies. Strand by strand, it merged with their body until it was all gone. Then, the souls started flying towards the sky, being sucked into that pitch black swirl.


And the old man beside Pei Jiao started howling in pain. When the black strands started merging into his body, the surface of the old man’s body seemingly started forming scales. Not only this, the old man’s body starting inflating rapidly. In the short span of a few seconds, his body grew to nearly 2 meters tall. And him, under immense pain, subconsciously grabbed Pei Jiao’s shoulder as his long nails pierced deeply into Pei Jiao’s skin.


Pei Jiao felt a soul piercing pain coming from his shoulder. He immediately roared loudly and at the same time pulled away the old man’s arm. He looked at the old man and suddenly saw that not only did his body shape grew but the old man’s face also gradually became twisted.


“Old man, let me go, I haven’t done anything wrong to you. Even if you become a vengeful ghost, you should go to the ones who harmed you. Why attack me?” Pei Jiao yelled. At the same time he tried to pull the old man’s arm away. But before, the old man was clearly very feeble but now, he had immense strength. No matter how hard he pulled, Pei Jiao couldn’t move the old man’s arm. Just like this, Pei Jiao was pulled into the swirl in the sky by the old man.


Pei Jiao also saw the swirl in the sky and was so scared that he fought even hard to free himself. He didn’t know why but he felt fear towards the world inside the swirl as if he could never come back if he went in. Perhaps that place is the so called underworld…


“Let me go! Let go!” Pei Jiao looked at the black swirl that he was getting closer and closer too. He fought with all his might but not matter how hard he wrestled, the old man’s hand still clutched him tightly rendering him unable to move. In that short time frame, the two were closer and closer to the swirl….




Pei Jiao roared. When his voice sounded, he was already completely sweeped into the swirl and couldn’t make any more sound.


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