DisB Chapter 1-Part 1

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 ­ Death is The Beginning Part 1

Pei Jiao was very gloomy. If anyone went through what he had experienced, then that person would also feel gloomy.


He died, in a car accident.


Yes, Pei Jiao was driving home on a rainy day and because it was slipper due to the rain as well as the dark and misty day, he could only see at most ten metres away in this weather. Thus, in a corner, he crashed with the vehicle turning from the side. Not only that, he was thrown straight out of the window for not wearing a safety belt and smashed into a high voltage power unit where he was stuck into. He was charred before even making a sound. At that point, even the gods couldn’t save him.


“Fuck, what care is this, where’s the air bags? If I was still alive, I will sue this company until they’re bankrupt!”


Pei Jiao floated about 1 metres high in the air. He looked down at the rowdy scene. He was still hysterically yelling. At the moment he was stuck in the high voltage unit, he felt he was pulled and his whole consciousness had left his body. He didn’t feel the slightest pain as he watched his body burn to charcoal. Yes, he was very sure that there was the so called soul in this world and he was in the state of a spiritual body looking at this world.


From the time the accident occurred all the way till the police and ambulance arrived, it only took ten minutes. According to the traffic, time and weather, the police and doctors were responsible in the jobs. But no matter, how responsible they were in their jobs, Pei Jiao was dead. He could only look down at everything gloomily. From the onlookers making calls to the police saving the people in the other car and the ambulance sending the man and woman to the hospital, no one even bothered to look at his body although it had became a charcoaled body that was still sparking. But still, he was the victim, why did no one even care for him?


“Yo, mate, at least get my body down from the high voltage unit? If it continues burning like this, body aesthetic surgery probably won’t even be needed, just bury me down as ashes…. Yo!” Pei Jiao couldn’t look anymore. He floated down from the sky next to a captain seemingly cop and yelled at him.


Very unfortunate, no matter how loud he yelled, the police didn’t even hear his voice. He had a frown on his eyes contemplating something until another police came to his side: “Captain Wang, the identity of the man and woman has been confirmed, their identification documents were in their wallet. The man is called Li Mingwei and the woman is called Ling Jiao. The woman is the vice mayor’s daughter, we have confirmed her identity through her phone as well, the vice mayor said he will be coming immediately, he also said…..”


The cop captain Wang was around 30 years old, he frowned: “What did he say? Why don’t you speak?”


The police looked around and whispered in captain Wang’s ear: “the vice mayor said suppress the footage in the traffic cameras and….”


Upon hearing this, Pei Jiao’s heart became cold. This was an intersection corner, the traffic department definitely installed traffic cameras here for those drivers who disobey the law. When he crashed with the car just then, the traffic camera definitely captured the whole scene. Normally, on such rainy day with low visibility, both parties have responsibility for the crash, but he died immediately and was basically left without a body. In that case, the other party must take the most responsibility but that was no big deal. They had to pay compensation at most. However, the person’s identity was the vice mayor’s daughter and judging by the looks of this, they were going to utilize some implicit rules. In other words, his family will be receiving almost no compensations and may be instead sued blaming all the responsibility on the dead…..


Pei Jiao’s family wasn’t rich, they were below average. His parents were both laborers, after the country underwent economic reform, his parents had lost their jobs in the public sector. But good thing was his parents had real skills and thus could barely find a job that could sustain a living. Other than him, his parents also had a 5 year old daughter. It could be said that this family was barely running.


But because his family condition wasn’t so good, Pei Jiao was very arduous in studying from grade 1 to university graduation. With his solid English and good university degree, he had successfully entered a foreign entrepreneur’s company as a low classed office personnel. After a year of hard work, he had successfully risen from low class office personnel to low class office manager. Rising in position in such a short time was due to his hard work as well as his clever brains. And his future was looked in favour by the entrepreneur and they decided to invest in preparing him so they listed his name under the list for investment for next year.


Because of this, Pei Jiao was able to use his company’s car sometimes, like today in the heavy rain. But because he worked very late at work, he could use this car to get own but in actual fact, this car belonged to the company….if his family didn’t receive compensation for his death, then his family would be responsible for the reparation fees of the car and possibly even be involved in a lawsuit. This wasn’t something his family could afford especially without his salary. Then what would happen to his little sister that’s still in school?


Thinking about this, Pei Jiao felt like he had lost all hope. His thought jumped to his parents and little sister as well as his girlfriend in university who live in another city also working in an office job. His heart ached boundlessly. His heart was in immense pain. Looking at the cops who were still discussing how to deal with this car accident, he wished he could kill them.


“Fuck your mum!” Pei Jiao was full of anguish, fury and regret. These sort of feelings could not be released until he couldn’t hold it anymore but to throw out his fist with all his might at that captain Wang. What made him feel worse was that as a ghost, he could only pass through the body without touching him the slightest bit. This powerless and pain made Pei Jiao feel more hopeless, making him howl in rage towards the sky.




An arc of lightning jumped between captain Wang and the other cop but this electric arc only sounded lightly before disappearing immediately. It looked more like the short crack of electricity created during a short circuit. The two looked at each other and moved further away from the high voltage unit at the same time.


“Li, hurry up and get that body out of there, it won’t be funny if the high voltage unit explodes….” Captain Wang looked at the charred body before turning to the cop beside him. He then shook his head as he walked over to this police car.


When that electric arc erupted, Pei Jiao didn’t even notice due to his intense emotions. Until captain Wang had left already, he slowly recovered from the emotions of despair. He had already become a soul and his body had been burnt to charcoal. He was separated from the world of the living, nothing could change anymore. No matter how sad or hopeless he had felt, things were set in stone. Pei Jiao had no choice but to sullenly accept this. He felt heavy in his heart as he felt had let down his parents who had raised him resulting in the white haired people seeing off the blacked haired person to his grave.


“I’ll go back and look at them one more time before Black and White Wuchang appears. Unfortunately, Xue Na is in Nanking. I probably won’t have a chance to see her again….” Pei Jiao sighed in despair. He didn’t look at what the police were doing anymore, he just floated towards the familiar street where his home resided. There was his parents, his sister…. This is probably his last time seeing them.


TL note: 黑白无常:Black and White Wuchang: The two gods when lead the dead to the underworld.


As he flew, Pei Jiao gradually calmed down. His current situation did seem overwhelming. He didn’t think that there was a soul after people died which also had conscious and thought. It wasn’t that state of zombie thinking, where everything was chaotic. Other than not having a body, he was no different to a normal person. In other words, some of those legends and stories of gods are also true? Like the underworld and the so called Black and White Wuchang, maybe even those gods and immortals exist……


Thinking about this, Pei Jiao’s heart became filled with energy, he wasn’t someone who gave up easily. Since he was small, he was very diligent in studying due to his poor family condition. He was never jealous of others who had money and never asked his parents to buy something expensive for him. It could be said that he was a very enduring person and there was the will of not giving up in him. As long as there was a sliver of hope, he was willing to try for it 100 times.


Since souls were real, then the underworld must also exist. Regardless of whether gods or immortals existed, since souls exist, then where did all the souls of the people that had died until now god? Perhaps souls also had a life, when the life of a soul was gone, then probably will and conscious would also disappear. But while the soul still existed, the countless souls of the dead couldn’t have all just disappeared right? They probably would be living together forming a society like the world of the living. If he could go into this spiritual world and work hard, then he could probably earn a fortune so that when his parents died, they could enjoy life as soon as they die. That way, he would not have let them down.


Thinking about this, Pei Jiao was more and more motivated. He had made up his mind. He was going to go home and see his parents and sister and then go the spiritual world and start fighting for a future. Even if the world view and knowledge of the spiritual world is different to the living world, even if his previously learnt knowledge were not needed, with his hard work, there would be one day when he would be on the top. He was not worried about being unable to do that.

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