Death is the Beginning

Alternative Name死亡开端 Image result for 死亡开端

Original Author: zhttty
Status: Finished around 400 chapters/Translated by Vegerrot
Translator(s)/Translation Group: Novels&Chill (Vegerrot)
Source: raw

Synopsis (Official):

Death……. Is just the beginning

Synopsis (Baidu):

The main character Pei Jiao died in an accident. Due to the application of science in electromagnetic waves, it has resulted in an increase in electromagnetic waves on Earth. Every who dies will become a soul. When the electromagnetic waves reach a threshold point, a hellish world and Earth will combine. The time is exactly as predicted by the Mayan calendar, the day of doomsday, the fifth solar age—–2012 December 21st. In the short remaining time, how will Pei Jiao become stronger and stronger and continue to protect his loved ones and his belief?



Chapter 1 Part 1

Chapter 1 Part 2

Chapter 2 Part 1

Chapter 2 Part 2