Death is The Beginning Chapter 1 Part 1 Release

Translated by: Vegerrot

Hi guys I’m a new translator. Death is the beginning is book I’m translating. It is written by the same author (Zhttty) who wrote Terror Infinity. The two books are in the same world but different story line which connect near the end. This is not your typical Chinese novel where the main character goes off to kill everyone. The story and setting is huge. There is been five solar ages, each with a civilization. The last one was Atlantis and this one, the fifth solar age is about to come to an end as predicted by the Mayan calendar. Experience with Pei Jiao the other facet of Earth that you had no idea about as he gradually gains power in an attempt to save humanity from extinction. Hope you guys enjoy the book, feel free to leave a comment if there’s anything you want to say. Donations will be at thirty dollars per chapter.


Chapter 1 Part 1

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