Current Update on Taming Yandere and Important POLL

Hello all,

(please be prepared for a little reading.)

I am extremely pleased to see the positive feedback of The Taming of the Yandere. Please note, I don’t mind what kind of feedback, any feedback is very helpful to me.

As for my schedule, I will release twice a week, on average. But this can vary. If I don’t have a pressing exam, I’ll charge through maybe 3-4 in one day. So check often, or follow this novel in your list.

But the real matter I want to talk about, is the weight of this series I will likely be doing: God-Level Bodyguard in the City.

With the newly-risen demand of TOTY, two series total is my limit. KobatoChanDaiSuki dropped one of their projects, God-Level Bodyguard. Someone recommended it to me on our Discord group,  and I sent an email asking them whether I can continue it. They obliged.

The catch here, is that a) I can either devote all my time to translate TOTY, and have more frequent releases of it, or b) I will devote 1/2 or 1/3 of my time to GLB, and make 2/3 or 1/2 what I usually do of TOTY.

So, here’s what I ask all of you to do- check out God-Level Bodyguard (here), and comment on this post to tell me if YOU like it or not. I personally am not totally obsessed of the series, but I wouldn’t mind translating it at all. It’s all up to you guys.


Thanks a lot,



  1. I’d definitely prefer TOTY over GLB

  2. I’m nothing but a simple man. I see a word of ‘yandere’ in a title, I clicked vote. The Taming of the Yandere for love.

    Yan for death.
    Dere for love.

  3. Definitely prefer TOTY, esp if you think 2-4 updates a week is plausible! Thank you so much!

    1. haha I finished 3 chapters today, am going to finish 4 right now. probably gonna do another one during the weekdays, and a few more on Saturday. Most productive first week ever XD

      1. Will be donating for sure, try not to burn yourself out 🙂

        1. you have no idea how much that helps, thank you so much

  4. TOTY over the GLB. GLB Seems like a very harem-filled one.

  5. It is definatly worth a read and a chapter a week seems like a good start

    1. lol I finished 4 chapters today alone

  6. Yandere, of course. I’ll bribe you with donations.

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