DD Volume 3 Chapter 79 Part 1

Chapter 79 – The Conviction of Sei (Part 1)

[Iris’ POV]

Translators: ConformChild [Novels&Chill]

Editors: Misaki [Novels&Chill], Matty [Yado Inn]


The shop was so crowded that the line to get in extended outside the door and snaked into a horde of people.


Although I’ve read the reports, seeing it for myself makes for an entirely different experience.


I knew that it was crowded from the flood of sales, the rapidly declining stock, the sheer amount of equipment orders, and other store records. I also knew that I had to address those reports eventually.


When I saw the scene myself, however… I was, once again, astonished.


“… I think the shop is much busier than last I saw it.” (Mimoza)


Mimoza side-eyed me as he stated his opinion.


“It seems so… But this level of activity is ideal, I suppose.” (Iris)


The shop is so jam-packed that there is virtually no vacant space as far as the eye can see…


Even the line for the accounting services is exuberantly long.


For any business owner, a sight like this is enough to make them dance with joy.


We entered from the back of the shop through the employee only entrance, leading directly to the store interior.


“Ah, Lady Iris, Mister Sei, welcome.” (Manager)


The Manager spotted us and promptly came over and bowed.


“Please lift your head. We’re only here to deliver something.” (Ryle)


Ryle wore a wry smile as he held out a box to The Manager.


“…. A delivery?” (Manager)


The Manager seemed to be in disbelief and muttered the phrase again.


He quite blatantly wanted to know the meaning behind this, but he didn’t press any further. However, the Manager probably didn’t want to seem rude.


In reaction to this, I too put on a wry smile.


“Yes. Business has been flourishing in abundance lately, and  I suspect all of the employees grow weary after yet another hard day of work; and so, I decided to bring juices for everyone to enjoy.” (Iris)


“Oh, thank you very much.” (Manager)


The Manager received the box from Ryle.  


“Is there enough juice for all the employees? Or is it insufficient?”(Iris)


“No, this is enough. Things have been relatively calm compared to the prior week… “ (Manager)


Suddenly, right when those words left his lips.


Clash..! There was a loud cracking noise followed by a scream.


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