Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter

Alternative Name:

Duke’s Daughter
Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami
Simply Good Sense for a Duke’s Daughter

Original Author:



Drama Fantasy Romance Shoujo Slice of Life


Adapted to Manga, Beautiful Female Lead, Broken Engagement, Business Management, Caring Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Determined Protagonist, Domestic Affairs, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Kingdom Building, Modern Knowledge, Multiple Pov, Nobles, Otome Game, Politics, Reincarnated Into Another World, Religion, Royalty, Secret Identity, Slow Romance, Villainess Noble Girls


227 WN Chapters (Ongoing)/ Translated by ConformChild

Translator(s)/Translation Group:

ConformChild/Yado Inn



I was reincarnated as the villain character of an otome game, the daughter of a Duke. However, when I regained my memory, I had already reached my “ending.”

My engagement had been canceled and if things go according to its “course,” it was set that I will be imprisoned by the church.

Where is my bright future?

Chapter Release Schedule:
1 Chapter a week
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Table of Contents:

 Volume 1

Volume 2

Chapters 52-74: Shiro Translation

Chapter 75

Chapter 76

Chapter 77 (Part 1)

Chapter 77 (Part 2)

Chapter 78

Chapter 79 (Part 1)

Chapter 79 (Part 2)

Chapter 80

Chapter 81

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