Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter Chapter 81

Hey guys, ConformChild here.

A bit of an earlier chapter with a few updates about the translation!

You guys already know that Yado-Inn and I have been alternating chapters for this novel. Sadly, they are leaving this project to work on a new translation. They are going to translate the Light Novel version of Duke’s Daughter. Make sure to check them out!

Again, I will be the sole translator of the series now.


Also, on the other post, some readers were worried about the issue about there being no “link to new tab” feature. Thanks to Squippie and RHEXR, they told me that if you scroll click with the mouse or tap with three fingers on a trackpad, it will open up the chapter in a new tab.


Character List made by ConformChild


In case you missed Yado Inn’s last chapter:

Chapter 80

Regular Chapters:

Chapter 81 Part 1

Chapter 81 Part 2

Translated by ConformChild

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Table of Contents:

Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter



  1. Good Luck on this novel, i just hope you will not suddenly drop this novel….

    1. I have no plans on dropping it. Unless something major in university comes up, something that requires my full attention, I will be on temporary hiatus for a week at worst. Other than those infrequent times, expect chapters every week.

  2. Huh? yado inn leaving this novel when it’s already as far as ch80 to do the light novel version, which maybe not really that different, from zero again?

    Weird yo.

    1. I don’t know, maybe they want to actually own the novel translations from chapter 1.

    2. Cause there isn’t any translation of the LN in the past. As simple as that.

      And why we decided to translate the LNs instead…………… You will see soon.

  3. Yaaay, thankee for the chapter!! Gooo Sei… and hopefully the chapter where imouto san and Iris meet is near xD

    1. You’re welcome! I hope for that moment as well!

  4. Thanks for the chapter! Didn’t expect a change already, hope things go well with the translations.

    1. You’re welcome! I didn’t either to be perfectly honest.

  5. Eeh….? Even though I thought you two work so well to make the update faster… Lol XD

    Keep up your great work! XD

    1. I’ll update the same as I did with yado-inn which was 1 full chapter per week, and you’re welcome!

  6. So how many versions of this is there? And whats the difference between a light novel and the web novel? Wish there was a English printed version. I’m old fashioned with a like of paper in between my fingertips…

    1. There are two versions of the novel. The light novel and the web novel. The web novel is the original version that the author uploaded. The light novel is basically the printed version of the series. They do slightly differ as the author does need to suit the publisher’s demands. As for an English printed version, an English publisher has to work with the Japanese author to publish the official English translations of this novel.

  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to translate this was a real treat. It’s hard for me to find stories that really capture my attention, but something about this novel just gets me. It’s not like the usually predictable MCs

    1. You’re Welcome! I enjoy it just as much!

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