Apology and Moving

Hello everyone, ConformChild here.

I have an apology to make.

I said in the comments section of Chapter 85 [delayed] that I would be posting that week. However, any chance of that was gone when I spilled coffee on my laptop. I have been trying to get a new laptop so that I can quickly translate again for you guys again. I’ll add another chapter on queue as my apology.

The novel is not dropped. My new laptop is coming on December 5th. I am using a friend’s laptop to tell you guys this.

I’m very sorry for my lack of chapters.


I have another big announcement to make.

I am officially moving to Moon Bunny Cafe. I’m so sorry to move yet again.

NovelsnChill has truly been wonderful to me, however, I do feel the need to move websites.

Most of the chapters on NovelsnChill will be moved to MBC in a week or so.


Thanks for understanding.

A special thank you to Shane Jones for donating $7. I really appreciate it.

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Table of Contents:

Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter


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