Coder Lee YongHo

Alternative Name: 코더 이용호
Original Author:  SOKIN
Category: Comedy, Sci-fi, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Tags: Cheats, Debugger, Hackers, Hidden Abilities, Male Protagonist, Programmer, Special Abilities
Status: Complete in Korea with 233 Chapters/Ongoing Translation
Schedule: 3 a week
Translator(s)/Translation Group: KobatoChanDaisuke (Chamber)
Source: Munpia


Element breaking mental of all developers during a program development.
YongHo who’s got the ability to quickly and accurately solve the bugs.
And the story of his Korean IT adaptation.

Chamber’s Synopsis

One day, poor college computer science undergraduate Lee Yong-Ho goes to Mt.Jiri to have a fresh start for his last semester in college. But he gets struck by lightning on his way down. He then wakes up in a hospital but realizes that something’s different. He could see words floating in front of his phone. He realizes later that it is program bugs. Follow Yong Ho as he uses his bug window to solve his problems.

Chapter 1 – 89 at KobatoChanDaisuke

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