IMPORTANT POLL: Skip Chapter 5 Filler?

Hello all,

Here we are at another poll. Something’s come to my mind recently, and it’s about Chapter 5’s lack of importance.

Chapter 5 goes a lot more in-depth with Guotong’s game, Republic. The entire chapter is just our MC, Lu Fan, raging at the dumb game.


There is near zero “real” plot development. The game isn’t mentioned again after Chapter 5 for the entire rest of Volume 1. I’ve decided to designate it as a “filler”.


Chapter 6 and 7, however, have everything to do with the main story arc. They’re exact opposite from Chapter 5. What my guess is that the author, inexperienced as he was, tried to add more Republic content, thinking that it will gain more views (since there are tons of successful game-world novels). However, he received a lot of negative feedback, so he didn’t dare mention it again in the series. As compensation, he stuffed the next few chapters full of juicy plot bits until everything regained balance from the Chapter 5 reviews.

It ultimately comes down to this: a) more stuff to read , or b) less but more interesting stuff to read.

So, here’s when YOU readers decide. Should I translate and release Chapter 5 as usual, or should I just move on to Chapter 6?

Remember, it’s ALL up to you guys.


Respond and vote by commenting below!


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  1. Ya better skip it. I just wanna get moar yandere stuff ASAP

  2. No filler. The story is quite slow as it is. And whose good idea was it to insert one at chapter 5?
    Also, thanks for your work.

  3. If the chapter is redundant to the story, it is better for you to skip it instead of put more labor, thanks for translating.

  4. More work for translators and Unrelated stuff to the story ? No!

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