TSM Chapter 1 Released

I saw some complaints on reddit when I only released the prologue about how I only released the prologue and not chapter 1. As some of you might know, I’m an editor. Not a Translator. This is just what I do when i’m in the bus or train and I’ve got nothing better to do. Plus my Korean is bad as I was born in Australia so I have to use the dictionary for every 3rd word. So please be understanding as this TL will just a side job from me and my TL speed is bad as well (Chapter 1 took me around 6-8 hours or 6 bus/train trips that take 1 and a half hours each).




Chapter 1  

If you’re in bed an got nothing better to do and want give me $0.006 then click this link instead:P



  1. So when do you predict the 2nd chapter will be finished?

    1. Hm… As its the weekend and I won’t be going anywhere I think I should be able to post another chapter by next friday minimum and wednesday if the words in the next chapter aren’t too difficult.

      1. Ok. Thanks!
        Hoped i could see it on Sunday, but it doesn’t matter. I will still read it. And now I will give you some more 0.6 Cent

    1. Thanks for all the support, I think I could finish Chapter 2 by Tuesday even with all the motivation you guys are giving me:D

  2. Thanks for bringing this novel to life!! (Translating it to english.. ^_^) <3

    1. No worries, I’m glad people like it:P I’m also going to be translating some other novels so look forward to those ones as well

  3. Thank you for this kind of novel! It feels like a Japanese origin mixed with Korean style, so basically a hybrid one)

  4. Both links are ADFLY and are links to WRONG SERIES (Master of Strength in stead of Skill Master).

    Please corect this.

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