CE Chapter 9

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 ­ Joseph Averice


As the last notes left Amaysu, a clapping sound was heard and the gate of his home was slowly opened. A bulky built man who was over 2 metres tall with brown skin walked in, still clapping.  This man carried the domineering aura of a veteran warrior and a scar that went from his right ear towards his nose gave his average appearance a sinister look.

Behind this man followed a group of men, each man carried the aura of a 1st rank Fighter and there was even two people that carried the aura of a 2nd rank Fighter and another man that carried the aura of a 3rd rank Fighter stage warrior. Among these men was Raza who was the 3rd rank Fighter in the group and was following the big man and his behaviour was extremely respectful.

“Marvellous! You’re skills in the Ocarina is a thousand times greater than how my son described it to be.” The built man said with a smile on his face, because of the scar his smile looked unnatural.

Amaysu was shocked because he sensed the aura of a 5th rank Fighter stages aura enveloping this man. To think this isolated place has a 5th rank Fighter stage expert.

“Who are you?” a cold voice escaped Amaysu as he slowly stood upon his two legs that were still burdened by the pain, he didn’t bother acting courteously towards a man he knew nothing of.

This built man wasn’t offended even in the slightest, he carried an amiable smile on his face. ” Young man, my name is Joseph Averice, I am the lord of this land and the patriarch of the Averice clan.” Joseph Averice had the temper of a man that loved to enjoy and was easy going.

“What is your name young man?” Joseph with both his hands on his waist asked in a deep, loud voice.

Amaysu thought for a moment, he had seen countless men like this during his time as the prince and these type of men all carried a different demeanour when no one was around, so he was very cautious.

Amaysu merely considered for a moment, as  of right now he wasn’t strong enough to retaliate against a 5th rank Fighter so he replied:

“My name is Amaysu.”

“Amaysu? Haha, what an odd name.” Joseph said with a brimming smile on his face, but inside he felt that either this was not his real name or was only part of his name.

“What is the reason that you came here?” Amaysu didn’t have a reason to act courteously towards this strange and outward man.

“Young master Amaysu, can’t I come and visit one of my own guests?” Joseph questioned. “Anyway I merely came to ask you a few questions and then I will take my leave.”

Amaysu’s brows furrowed slightly however he still nodded.

Patriarch Joseph seeing Amaysu’s approval he started asking his questions, “Young master Amaysu, how did you open that ancient door in our restricted land? In my opinion only someone at the Body Transformation stage could open it.”

Amaysu seemed to have immediately understood why he was being treated in such a respectful manner; it was because they believed that he had a Body Transformation stage as his backer.

“That ancient door was opened by my master so that I could search the contents within,” Amaysu replied. If that is what they assume, then I’ll let them believe it as so, Amaysu had no intention of telling them the truth, it would give him a reassurance that they won’t do anything for a period of time.

Joseph’s eyes widened in shock, he had merely speculated that this boy had a Body Transformation stage expert protecting him because of his hard to be found noble aura, however to personally hear it from the boy caused a surge of fear to run through him.

Despite this, when he heard that the boy had entered the ancient door and searched through its contents made a  glint of greed and desire to appear in his eyes.

“Young master, may I ask what you found in there?” Raza who was standing quietly on the side the whole time couldn’t help but ask Amaysu.

Amaysu looked at Raza casually and then replied, “I did not find anything that was worth my time.”

Seeing the young boy’s indifferent expression caused Joseph who was standing on the side to be shocked, he sensed no uncertainty or lies coming from the boy by looking at his appearance. Joseph was amazed by this 13 or 14 year old boys calm demeanour that was far more mature than the average adult.

“Do you not believe me?” Amaysu questioned abruptly.

“No! No, no. We believe what you are saying, but we have a hard time accepting it.” Joseph immediately replied.  How could Joseph believe it, a door that only a Body Transformation stage could open definitely contained some priceless treasures, however Joseph was too scared to accuse this boy who had a powerful expert behind him.

“Young master Amaysu may I ask one more question?”

Amaysu nodded.

“Are you a member of one of the Nine Overlord Sects?” Joseph said this with a fear filled, revering expression on his face.

“Overlord… Sect?”

Joseph noticing Amaysu’s confusion realised that this boy was not a part of one of the Nine overlord sects. Who was the Nine Overlord Sects? They were the most powerful forces controlling these desolate lands. Each one of these sects has enough power to contend against a kingdom.

“Young master there is no need for you to ponder on such things. For now I’ll be taking my leave, if you need anything please request and we’ll try our hardest to fulfil it.”

Amaysu pondered for a while, “There is one thing… I want you to send me a maid to take care of my siblings.”

Joseph seeing the two toddlers who were looking at himself in an innocent manner, replied: “Of course, of course. I will definitely send you one as soon as possible.” After saying this Joseph led his men out of Amaysu’s home.

For the next few minutes Joseph’s group slowly headed back to their home.

“Father do you believe that kid found nothing inside that ancient door?” inquired Raza.

Joseph turned to face his son, a grim expression decorated his face, “No, I don’t believe a word that kid says. He definitely found something behind those doors, but we cannot do anything to him if he actually has the protection of a Body Transformation Expert,” Joseph said bitterly.

Raza couldn’t help but swallow, a Body Transformation stage was an expert that many kingdoms and Empires would try to draw in, this was because of the ability they have to control a Combat Artifact.

“However, if we find any weaknesses from him, we can take advantage of it and gain all the treasures he found.” Raza hearing this felt a burning urge to take what the boy possessed, a twinkling light of desire birthed within his eyes.

“For the time being we’ll uptake his commands… Raza you will send him Aya, our most beautiful maid.” Joseph had a calculating mind, he tried to find a way to get this boy to owe him a favour.


Slowly time passed, the green leaves on the trees started changing into a mix of yellow and orange just like the colour of the sunset. Two months had gradually passed and the season of Summer changed to Autumn.

A boy inside a circle of stones that were dimly glowing, was jogging at a snail like pace. The boy was sweating profusely, his black training apparels were soaked with sweat, some beads of sweat dropped onto the flat grass at an extremely frightening pace.

This boys sandy brown hair had grown in the past two months and was now long enough for it to reach the tip of his nose.

The boy was thin and handsome which caused all the young women in this town to fawn over him, he also had smooth white skin that was now covered in a membrane of fluids. Even though his eyelids were heavy his golden copper and dark brown eyes could be seen, a willpower and resolve that could not be hidden was radiating within his eyes, this was none other than Amaysu.

After a few minutes he stopped treading around. The dim lights glowing on the stones were now nonexistent, silver specks seeped out of these stones and gradually coalesced around Amaysu.

“Ninety Minutes, not good enough, not good enough and only lasting half an hour in the Mind Technique, truly disgraceful. Two months have passed and I’m still struggling under this pressure, how despicable.” Amaysu reprimanded himself; he was disappointed by the slow progress he had made in both the Emperor Arts and the Dream Conscious mind cultivating technique.

If this was anyone else it would have taken them at least a year or longer for them to reach Amaysu’s level in only the Emperor Arts and that was only if they constantly trained under this immense gravity. Even for the most talented youngsters, it would take them nearly 5 years for them to reach Amaysu’s level in the Dream Conscious technique. This unbelievable growth was only possible for those with an unbreakable will and talent.

Amaysu sat down once again, silver specks gathered around his palm to form an Ocarina. Throughout these two months, during the afternoon he would always play the Ocarina to release the unwanted stress that had piled up within his body.

Once again the musical skills of a masterful musician played throughout the area.

Outside his home a group of young women from all over the town were standing outside Amaysu’s home causing a small commotion, they were all waiting for this moment. As soon as they heard the pleasant-sounding, heart lifting melody they silenced themselves and listened in awe and admiration.

These young women would stand in front of Amaysu’s home at this time every day. Amaysu had left his home many times and whenever he appeared in the streets he would immediately become the centre of attention.

“Young master Amaysu is perfect in every way possible.” A girl standing within the crowd expressed the statement within her.

“Yeah, his skills in the Ocarina is like nothing I’ve heard before, his aura is that of a noble and beauty is otherworldly, he makes all the men in the city look like Neanderthals. Rumour has it that he’s a 4th rank Fighter stage expert and also if we add that he is single, it makes him the perfect prospect as a husband. ”

” But I’m so jealous of that maid who’s inside young master Amaysu’s home.”

Amaysu had unknowingly created his own fan base within the girls of the town.

After a while the euphonious tune died down and Amaysu slowly opened his eyes, walking towards the front garden.

Since the day the maid had come to take care of his siblings, he had forbidden her to enter the garden behind the hut. The garden behind the hut was a similar size to the front one, so he used all that space to train freely, however he still kept his guard up in case someone was watching him.

As soon as Amaysu appeared in the front garden two toddlers staggered towards him as they tried to get used to walking on two legs for the first time.

A smile appeared on Amaysu’s face as he bent down to embrace Arisa and Raymond who had grown at least an inch in the past two months.

“A month left till your First birthday, isn’t it Arisa, Raymond?” Amaysu asked as he slowly picked them up.

“Greetings master Amaysu,” a resonating and alluring voice came from a woman, who was dressed completely in a white robe. This woman was the most beautiful maid in the entire town and Joseph had given her to Amaysu as a gift to use as he wished, however Amaysu already understood Joseph’s way of thinking.

The woman was slim in all the places that were meant to be slim and was voluptuous in the places that were meant to be curved. Her face was beautiful, she had red rosy lips, tanned skin, brown eyes and long black hair, her appearance could easily cause the hearts of the men in the town to race and their faces to flush red.

Amaysu turned to look at her, an indifferent and cold expression hid the previous affectionate smile that was once on his face.

“oh it’s you, Aya.” Aya was a girl who was only 16 years old and her height was about 1.6 metres tall, which was slightly shorter than Amaysu.

Aya wasn’t affected by Amaysu’s indifferent expression as she was already used to it. At first she was Raza’s maid and was planned to be one of his concubines, however she was demoted to a maid of a guest, this caused her heart to be unwilling.

Nevertheless the moment she saw Amaysu for the first time, her heartstrings were immediately pulled and she felt a tugging feeling within her, she had fallen in love at first sight. Aya was thankful that she had been demoted, when comparing Amaysu with Raza was like comparing the beauty of a Celestial Tiger with a rat.

Despite her beauty, Amaysu had always treated her as if she didn’t exist which caused her to feel disappointed. She was most likely the most beautiful woman in the town and she wasn’t even looked at by this boy. When Aya first saw the smile on Amaysu’s face when he faced his two siblings, she felt as if her heart was about to burst out of her chest and that was when she first planned to keep that smile all to herself and to do this she planned on taking care of Arisa and Raymond to her utmost ability.

“Aya for the next few days, please stay at my home, can you do that?”

As soon as Aya heard that, her imagination immediately ran wild. He couldn’t possibly think of that, he is only 13, no. He is also at that age now.

As Aya’s thoughts ran wild which Amaysu knew nothing of, carried on speaking: “Take care of my siblings for the next few days, I will be taking a training excursion into the forest for the next week or so.”

Amaysu had been putting a lot of thought into this training excursion for the past two weeks and he decided that to gain combat experience and to get stronger much faster, he had to go out and train. The only things that caused him to delay his plans were Arisa and Raymond, he still felt suspicious of Aya, however, he had to get stronger quickly.

When Aya heard this she nodded respectfully, “Yes master.” She had personally been told by Patriarch Joseph to treat every one of Amaysu’s need because of his special background, so she accepted his requested, for her it could be a chance to gain Amaysu’s favour.


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