CE Chapter 8

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 ­ Home for the Lost

The sun was halfway up in the sky, the sky itself was an ocean of blue, birds could be seen sailing through as they glided through the waves of floating clouds. Occasional, cool breezes would cause the trees inside Amaysu’s home to rustle around, it was a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

This was Amaysu’s second day in this new time period, he was sitting on the green grass covered ground, sitting cross legged. Arisa and Raymond were a few metres in front of him playing with the toys that he had carved out for them, waving it around while crawling without any worry, this caused a serene and affectionate smile to appear on Amaysu’s usually cold face. The only two people that could cause Amaysu to show his loving side were Arisa and Raymond.

Amaysu looked at them for a brief lingering moment and then closed his eyes, breathing softly, he started training in the Dream Conscious Mind Technique.

His conscious was completely black without a trace of colour, gradually the sheet of black receded like mist and in its place was the image of his new home. In the environment he had created, each strand of grass would appear, even the miniscule detail of the trees had to be perfectly displayed in his mind. Amaysu slowly moved his gaze within his conscious, as he moved his gaze the surroundings correspondingly moved in a natural manner and now he was staring at his new home. The details of the home was recreated in his mind, from the windows, to the doors and even to the smallest visible cracks.

He tried standing up with his hand pressing down on the floor to support him, the grass was pushed down by his palm, the surroundings changed naturally with his movements, everything was being acted out in his mind.

All of a sudden Amaysu lost his focus while standing up, he moved too fast without taking the surroundings into account, this slight mistake caused the image in his mind to flicker and then disappear.

“Huh…Huh…Huh…”  Amaysu’s eyes flashed open, his breathing heavy and beads of sweat drifted down from his forehead.

To think this technique was so difficult, even the most simplest tasks forces me to use the maximum capabilities of my concentration and I still couldn’t last even half a minute. This technique is so profound and deep, to think ancestor Lao created such a mysterious technique. Amaysu’s thoughts were in disarray, he found this technique extremely difficult to train under and it caused him to gain a head splitting, taxing headache that caused the crown of his head and the top of his brain to ache.

Amaysu started taking deep breaths to calm down his body and to tranquilise the pain he was feeling in his head. Amaysu had gone through this process multiple times already and he realised that this training method was extremely hard, but to make up for the difficulty of the technique it only took half an hour for his mind to return to its tranquil state.

After a few minutes he stood up and raised his white soft palm so it was level to his chest, with only a thought a silver diamond shaped crest appeared on his soft palm.

“So this is the Nanotekro Inherited Legacies core,” he mumbled to himself.

Amaysu had been taught a lot about the Legacy by his father and he had studied the legacy and its many aspects.

The Nanotekro Legacy was something that the Dasecris clan had possessed for over ten million years, it was first possessed by his ancestor, Lao and has been passed down through countless generations until he himself possessed it.

The Inherited Legacies core was connected to his brain, he didn’t know how it was possible but  he could feel it. the Nanotekro Legacy was now completely a part of him, it felt like an extra limb that he could control with just a thought.

Amaysu allowed the silver crest to be visible and started walking around the front garden of his new home and picked stones that were the size of a grown mans fist. After he collected a dozen stones he walked all the way to the other side of the garden, passed the small pond and then stopped. He was now about 20 metres away from Arisa and Raymond, he only did this for their safety in case something unexpected happened.

Amaysu placed the stones in a circle with him in the centre. The circle had a radius of two metres and twelve stones were kept around him, this was to help him set a boundary and to help him activate the array.

Amaysu stood in the centre, taking deep breaths, his eyes closed, he was in a serene and calm state. Slowly, silver specks started floating around him like fireflies, it was an eye catching sight and would have been more spectacular if it was in the middle of the night.

Slowly these specks started revolving at an extremely high speed, if a person tried to touch one of these specks they would have felt  an overbearing pressure coming from it.

Slowly Amaysu waved his hands, directing clumps of silver lights at each of those twelve stones sitting on the grass. The silver specks coated itself around the stones, causing them to glow with a dim silver light.



Amaysu’s knees crashed onto the ground, at the exact same time a painful groan rang out of him, he felt an immense pressure coming down on him, it felt as if a mountain was being placed on his shoulders.

These twelve stones that were coated by the silver lights gained the property to pull gravitons from the surrounding area into the array, causing the pressure inside the circle that Amaysu created to be much greater than the regular strength of the gravity on the outside.

These gravitons produced an enormous pressure to fall down upon Amaysu, there were specks of silver light still floating in the air inside the array, each speck was pushing down on Amaysu causing his insides to twist in pain.

A person at the Fighter stage had extremely powerful physical strength, however they carried many weaknesses. Even if their body could carry a force of over tens of thousands of Kilograms when they fought, their body itself and especially their internal organs were extremely fragile, the 1st chapter of the Emperor Arts aimed to temper the body as a whole and remove these weaknesses.

So this gravitational array is meant to temper my organs, skin and bones, Amaysu thought as he felt a twisting and heavy feeling, he found it difficult to breathe under this heavy pressure.

Amaysu used all his strength to stand up, his insides were writhing under the tremendous pressure. The effects of the array was as clear as day, within the array each strand of grass was flattened by the force.

“HU! HU!” Amaysu took two deep breaths and with a burst of strength forced himself up, to stand on his two feet.


His bones creaked under the pressure, a burst of pain tackled his innards, but he merely gnashed his teeth tight bearing the pain under the crushing force.

“You… think… I’ll give up with just this?… I’ll make sure the both of you die under my hand. I’ll even run through an ocean of thorns or walk through a sea of blood if it means I get strong enough to kill the both of you.” Amaysu struggled to say these words, sweat was drenching his entire body, his eyes were hazy but they carried a murderous glint within them. Staring into the distance, he saw the illusive image of a man with a scar below his eyes and a pale, beautiful woman dressed completely in black, the both of them were gloating with a mocking smile on their face as they stared back at his feeble appearance.

The burning hatred he had for those two was bone deep, the thing he wanted most was to shred these two people into a thousand pieces, he desire revenge, to kill the ones that murdered his parents, master and grandfather.

Amaysu’s eyes started burning with unwillingness as he gritted his teeth, he didn’t have the vast resources he used to have, he had to grit his teeth, swallow the pain and carry on because he had no say in the difficulty of the training.

“Thump… Thump…” Amaysu slowly took a step forward, one foot after the other, he felt like he was walking through a swamp. His strides were very short but he was still moving forward, bearing this mountainous weight, his organs were screaming with pain but he ignored their cries.

This went on for five complete minutes until the moment he collapsed onto the floor, the stones immediately stopped glowing and the grey specks started to converge around Amaysu and then completely enshrouded his body.

Amaysu didn’t realise this because of the exhaustion and cries of relieve that his body was emitting, but the grey specks covered his entire body, supporting it and slowly relieving the stress on his body.

Even though he was exhausted and had only been lying on the floor for merely a quarter of a minute, he stood up and walked the distance between him and his two siblings who were still playing around, minding their own business. When he was right next to them, he collapsed onto the floor once again, gradually, yet slowly he turned to face the radiant blue sky, his face carried a relieved and relaxed expression on his face.

Amaysu slowly waved his heavy hands and silver specks coalesced like sand and formed a small item, this item had twelve holes, a mouth piece to blow through and an elongated circular appearance, it was an Ocarina.

Amaysu slowly sat up, his fingers moved in an intricate manner creating a harmonious whistle to move through the air.

Raymond and Arisa sat there and were attentively listening to the beautiful song Amaysu was playing, even though they didn’t understand they sat patiently watching Amaysu.

For the next few minutes a melodious song was playing around the entire estate, people outside who were walking around could here this serene and heart warming tune coming from Amaysu’s home. In a matter of a few minutes a small crowd had started gathering around Amaysu’s home, trying to appreciate the masterful skill of the musician who was playing.

“Who is this musician?” A man who lived in one of the nearby homes asked a woman who had been in front of Amaysu’s home before him.

“I don’t know, but this person’s accomplishment and skill must at least be at the level of a grandmaster.”

Slowly more and more people gathered around Amaysu’s home, they did not know who this extremely skilled musician was, however they could clearly feel the emotions and the story that this song held.

Amaysu was still playing the Ocarina in an intricate and peaceful manner, the scene of him playing the Ocarina in front of Raymond and Arisa was like a picture that came straight out of a priceless painting.

For Amaysu playing the Ocarina was a way for him to calm and relieve his emotions, it was a means for him to reminisce and the song he was playing right now, was called ‘Home for the lost’.

Home for the lost was the story of a young, neglected and unloved orphan from ancient times that roamed across the entire continent. This young boy was on a journey, searching for his real parents and to find a place that he could call home. On this journey he had met many people, he made friends, fell in love and even had a family. Even though he never found his parents, he found a place he could call his own home and had his own family, during the end of his life he created this song to depict his journey in life and called it, ‘Home for the Lost’.

Amaysu found a strange familiarity towards this song, he himself was an orphan now and had to roam this world to find a new place that he could call home, but there was a difference between him and the boy in the song, he also desired revenge.


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