CE Chapter 7

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 ­ Insights of the Dasecris Emperor

“When an Emperor is born, he will be remembered for an eternity. A True Emperor stands at the pinnacle of power. I await for the rise of a True Emperor.” Amaysu read out these words, he felt a powerful oppressive aura coming from these words, it felt like a message for every cultivator that trained in this Art.

Those were the only words on the first page of the book, but it gave Amaysu an unforgettable sensation and a profound impression of this seemingly common book.

He slowly turned the page and Amaysu slowly read out the introduction of the book.

“My name is Lao Dasecris, the first Emperor of the Dasecris Empire,” Amaysu was shocked as he read the first line. Who was the first Emperor? He was the most powerful man on the continent over Ten million years ago, no one knew where he had come from, however his appearance changed the course of the continent, he overpowered all his enemies and destroyed many powerful empires that possessed experts in the hundreds of thousands. Lao Dasecris was the man’s name he was the ancestor of the Dasecris clan and Amaysu was his direct descendant.

“I leave this book for my descendants. The Emperor Arts is one of the two foundations of my Dasecris clan, this is the cultivation art of my clan and only when the younger generation of the main lineage reaches the age of 15 will he be able to learn this cultivation art.” Amaysu realised why he hadn’t known of this books existence, it was because he was too young, however the situation was different now because the Dasecris clan had been wiped out.

“The Emperor Arts is an enigmatic and profound cultivation art, it has a deep and long history. This art is split into 5 chapters, each chapter represents 5 stages and each stage is obscure and profound, only when the first stage has been completely mastered, will the 2nd stage reveal itself. Even with the power and long life I possessed, I could not completely master this technique, so I wish my descendants luck and I hope that there will come a day when this Art is completely mastered.”

Amaysu couldn’t believe the words of his ancestor. Lao Dasecris was a legend, his power was at a frightening level, it was even said that he could crush Origin Transformation stage experts as though they were ants. For even a legendary figure like Lao Dasecris to not be able to fully comprehend this technique, it showed how difficult this Cultivation Art was.

Amaysu knew what a Cultivation Art was and what the importance were. ‘Cultivation Art’ was a technique that cultivates the body, it increases the speed of a person’s training and also guides them to reach a greater stage when compared to a person with no cultivation art.

Cultivation arts are split into 6 tiers and the greater the rank the harder it is to cultivate however the harder it was the stronger a person’s foundation becomes when they master it. The names of each tier and order from weakest to strongest is: Spirit tier, Earth Tier, Sky Tier, Prime Tier and the strongest of them all was the Mystic Tier Cultivation Arts. Mystic Tier Cultivation arts were legends, the existence of a Mystic Tier cultivation art was considered as nothing more than a folks tale for those that dreamed.

These Cultivation Arts can also determine how far a person can reach in the path of power. A Spirit tier will only be able to train to the peak of the 10th rank of the Fighter stage and there’s only a 1% chance of a person being able to reach the Body Transformation stage. Despite this, even a Spirit Tier Cultivation Art was valued highly by small sects, schools and commoners, because it could finally lead them out of a life of poverty and weakness. The price of a Spirit Tier rank would go as high as 10000 gold coins or 10 Amethyst Gold coins and the other tiers were valued higher and cost a lot more than a Spirit tier, because depending on what a person’s Cultivation Art was, it could affect how great or poor a person’s future prospect could be.

Amaysu immediately flicked through the pages and realised that only the first few pages had writing on it while the rest of the pages were plain white and empty. He also realised that it did not contain a hundred or so pages but rather a little over 30 pages, however these 30 pages were slightly thicker than normal paper. Amaysu turned back to the second page

“Chapter 1”

Amaysu looked over the first page of the book and there was only a single illustration on the entire page with a few words below it.

The illustration was vivid, lifelike and very deep. There was a faceless, robed man, standing tall at the peak of the tallest mountain in the middle of a humungous mountain range. The entire mountain range was covered by a luscious layer of greenery. Just the illustration exuded an aura of power and absolute authority, nobility and pride. After Amaysu analysed the illustration, his eyes dazzled however he had a confused expression on his face. He realised that the illustration had multiple deep meanings and that by gaining his own understanding will he only be able to get stronger.

“Standing tall under any kind of pressure, tempering the body to perfection, carrying an aura of absoluteness no matter what, that is the first stage of the Emperor Arts.”

“Pressure… Perfection…” Amaysu murmured as a glittering light appeared in his unique eyes, it seemed as if he was creating that light however it was merely the reflection of the stars on his pupil.

“The true way to master the Fighter stage is to temper the body, while increasing your strength. Create a gravitational array, temper your body to attain the Black Tempered body.”

Black Tempered… Body? Amaysu was confused about what the Black tempered body was, but he pushed the thought aside for now as it wasn’t very important.

“All I need is to create a gravitational array.” A gravitational array had the ability to increase the pressure and gravity of a certain area and Amaysu with the knowledge and limited resources he had could easily create an array.

Amaysu gradually turned the page and he felt that these few pages were somewhat different, the texture of the paper was smooth and shiny when compared to the roughness of the first two pages. it was chaotic as if multiple auras were staying on this one page and there was only one word on the paper, ‘Insight’.

“Memory Slip?!” Amaysu was shocked, Memory slip were extremely high quality, pieces of paper that could store a maximum of a 100 books worth of information in a single sheet. Just a single sheet would cost 100 Amethyst Gold coins. This is because the amount of information a single sheet could hold was huge.

Amaysu immediately pressed down his index finger at the centre of the paper and right away straight blue lines that looked like a web but it also had the appearance of the crack lines that appear on a broken window, the blue light emanated up around his index finger. All of a sudden a white, vibrant screen appeared in front of him.

The screen itself was a paper thin screen that was formed by the Memory slip.

This Vibrant screen had a large amount of information within it and Amaysu was instantly shocked by the content of the page:

“My name is Lao Dasecris, I am the first Emperor of the Dasecris clan and this is my insight on the Ancient Valour Illustration. What I leave behind to my future descendant is a Mind technique which I created from my own insight of the illustration. It is calledDream Conscious.” Amaysu couldn’t believe that this page contained a technique created by the first Emperor himself.

Amaysu carried on reading, “Dream Conscious is a Technique that is fully compatible to our Inherited Legacy, The Nanotekro Legacy. This technique requires you to sit cross legged in a meditative position, this is to calm your mind into a serene state, you must then close your eyes and then concentrate on your actions in real time. This technique will increase your ability to learn a technique and increases your control over the Inherited Legacy. Even if the most simplest actions are acted out with extreme detail in your mind, such as your daily activities, it can increase your mental state drastically. I wish you luck in mastering the Dream Conscious Technique.”

Amaysu eyes shown with a light he had never felt before. If what Ancestor Lao said is true… No, what he said must be true, by concentrating and acting out each action and playing it out in my mind will help increase my control over the Inherited Legacy.

The Inherited Legacy created a heavy burden on the mental state of a person, Amaysu himself had to constantly practise day and night to reach the stage he was currently at and still he could only activate it for a meagre period of 5 minutes.

Amaysu himself knew that his control over the Legacy was unspeakably small, it wasn’t even worth mentioning. The Nanotekro Legacy carried a deep amount of power and he hadn’t even scratched the surface of it and he himself understood this.

What Amaysu required was to a technique that could strengthen his mind and for him to get one that was created by his ancestor, the first Emperor Lao Dasecris, was a great blessing. Amaysu’s expression was Jubilant as he started reading once again.

“My name is Remy Dasecris, I am the second Emperor of the Dasecris clan and this is my insight on the Ancient Valour Illustration…”

“My name is Ardon Dasecris, I am the third Emperor of the Dasecris clan and this is my insight on the Ancient Valour Illustration…”

Amaysu looked at the second extract of writing and the third and so on, the introductions made by each emperor began the exact same way as the first emperor, Amaysu clearly knew this was them giving their respect to their ancestor.

A thought suddenly flashed in Amaysu’s mind, he quickly withdrew the projection with a movement of his hand and he quickly turned to the next page and it also had the same words on the paper, “Insight.” He pressed down his index finger and then a white screen appeared once again, Amaysu went right to the bottom and realised what he was searching for wasn’t there.

He immediately withdrew the projection and turned the page and once again, another projection appeared. After a brief moment he found what he was searching for.

“My name is Ranel Dasecris, I am from the Golden Age and I am the Nineteenth Emperor of the Dasecris clan and this is my insight on the Ancient Valour Illustration.” Amaysu realised that after a long time, an insane amount of Emperors would have past. To categorise them, they would be placed with the Age that they were living in.

“What I leave behind for the future generation is a footwork movement skill; it is called the Lunar Moon Dance.

Amaysu felt a nostalgic feeling run through him, it was refreshing yet caused him to feel a tinge of sadness as well. The Lunar Moon Dance technique was something his father had shown him once, it was a technique that was elegant and powerful, it was an unstoppable technique in Amaysu’s eyes. When it was combined with a weapon it was an unstoppable set of movement that was extremely difficult to block.

“This technique is to be trained under the grace of the moon. This technique will increase your speed, agility and it is a skill that is well suited for weapons. How far you’ll reach is unknown and it all depends on your talent. The first set of footwork is…”

Amaysu read each word, one by one, to make sure that it was deeply imprinted into his heart. He made sure that he would practise this technique to perfection, because this was what his father had left behind.

Amaysu recalled the memories of his father showing him this skill, to him it felt very vivid as though it only happened yesterday, he remembered the elegance, the power, the profundity his father carried when he executed the Lunar Moon Dance. Nevertheless reality was cruel and it was a memory from over 10000 years ago.

Amaysu carried on reading the insights of the illustration, each insight was different yet they carried a similarity between them, they all carried the Valour of the illustration. All these insights carried in this seemingly common book would be invaluable; in Amaysu’s eyes this was a priceless treasure that could improve his strength vastly.

Amaysu spent the whole night studying the insights, however he set his main focus on his father’s technique and the technique that was left behind by the first emperor.

Soon the night sky grew brighter and brighter, until dawn arrived.

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