CE Chapter 65

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 ­ Confrontation

”Tap… Tap…”

Amaysu tread forward in a non-exaggerated pace, in his arms was Luna, severely wounded and extremely frail.

Currently, Amaysu’s expression was ragged and tired, he had Luna’s bow around his shoulder, while his scythe was placed on his back.

He was psychologically exhausted, the energy required to overpower his emotions was high causing his mind to weaken greatly which also affected his control over his Inherited Legacy.

Looking down at the fragile and weak appearance of Luna he felt a throbbing pain in his heart: “Hold on Luna, as long as I find the Body Altering Pond, I’ll be able to heal you,” he reassured Luna, but it sounded like he was trying to reassure himself.

Minutes after Amaysu suddenly tensed and his previous ragged expression became stern and concentrated. He looked straight ahead towards the end of the pathway, which was where he sensed the danger.

“I think we’ve found it…”

Edward’s group must be ahead of and the body Altering pond might be surrounded by danger but nothing’s going to stop me from saving you today, he thought as he gazed at Luna who quietly looked back at him.

Their eyes locked in this position; instances later she broke the silence: “Leave me here.”

Amaysu could easily tell how delicate she was right now: “No, I won’t be at peace if I’m not holding onto you.”

Not stating another word Amaysu walked forward, moments after he could see a faint light coming from the end of the pathway.

Amaysu finally came to the end of the pathway and the scene in front of him was not something he expected, he immediately frowned and his forehead creased.

At least a hundred metres ahead of him, he faced the back of three youths who were staring at a pool of green liquid from a short distance away. Even from where Amaysu stood, he could feel the cleansing and detoxifying effects of the liquid from just the smell.

He recognised the three youths even though he couldn’t see their faces, it was the trio from the Titan’s hall.

“HAHAHA, you’ve finally come!” Without any warning, a loud unbound laughter rang through the hall; at the same time Edward standing in the centre of the trio turned to face Amaysu. His arrogance could not be hidden as he smiled at Amaysu.

His two followers turned to face Amaysu as well, the moment Tukal saw Amaysu a roaring killing intent exploded in his heart, the disgrace he felt from being forced to kneel in front of Amaysu was indescribable.

Amaysu was surprised that he was noticed, however, he quickly calmed his heart because he was no longer in the mood to mess around because the thing that could heal Luna was right in front of him.

“Move Azarlin, I have no interests in fighting you or your Titan’s hall. All I want is some of the liquid from the Body Altering Pond.”

Edward looked at Amaysu and then his eyes fell on Luna who was staring back at him; he instantly understood the current situation. In that brief moment a cold glint appeared in his eyes, a malicious thought appeared in his mind.

“Do you really think that I will allow you to have a share of my property?” Edward scorned haughtily: “For disrespecting me you already deserve nothing more than just a death sentence, but I as a man full of mercy will let you leave here with your life as long as you turn around.”

Hearing this Amaysu’s expression turned cold, turning a deaf ear to the words that Edward said, he steadily tread his way towards the pond ignoring the threats.

As Amaysu proceeded forward Edward shook his head, he had already expected this reaction and it gave him another reason to trample all over Amaysu.

“Kill him…” Edward ordered coldly and then turned around and walked towards the pond.

Tukal and the other youth looked at each other; simultaneously they both drew their swords. These swords were no ordinary weapons; they were comparable to low-grade Rank 1 Combat Artifacts in toughness.

Even though these two were geniuses they did not possess Inherited Legacies. Inherited Legacies were priceless as they required an enormous, astronomical figure and a vast variety of materials to forge. Creating an Inherited Legacy could shake the foundations of a Super Family clan and put them in a state of near collapse. However, if they could get past this stage they would rise to a status that completely overshadowed their previous position.

Seeing the two draw their weapons Amaysu was confused for a split second: Killing here should be impossible… Unless… However, he was quickly able to calm his heart and create his own assumptions of the situation even though he was not absolutely certain.

Looking down at Luna, Amaysu felt worried, he did not care much about his own safety but more so hers.

He placed Luna on the cold hard ground and placed her Inherited Legacy next to her, straight after this, his hands slowly moved towards his neck and he slowly pulled out a silver square locket.

Without hesitation he passed the necklace to Luna: “If worse comes to worst, I want you to crush this necklace, it will protect you,” he whispered gently. Even though this locket was exceedingly dear to his heart, at this moment he valued Luna’s safety even more.

Taking the Silver square locket, Luna could tell that this was exceedingly precious to Amaysu or he wouldn’t keep it so close to himself at all times. She quietly accepted it to calm his heart.

“Have you finished your goodbyes?!” Tukal roared arrogantly, not missing out on this opportunity to mock Amaysu.

Even though he was being mocked Amaysu thought of those words as nothing more than the last remarks of a dead man. His right hand silently pressed against the handle of his scythe, his grip tightened over its long handle as he drew the domineering weapon from his back.

A cold calm voice echoed through the hall: “This scythe is the most befitting weapon to take your life away.”

Immediately activating Lunar Moon Dance, he rushed forward in an obscure and unpredictable manner. At the same time, Tukal and the other youth activated their own movement techniques to meet Amaysu.

“Rekal let’s end this quickly with the second sword form combo,” Tukal said to the youth named Rekal.

In response, Rekal nodded.

These two weren’t ordinary geniuses, in the Titan’s hall; they had apprenticed themselves under the same master and were further gifted their own sword techniques that complimented each other. They were not only geniuses but had a high chemistry with each other giving them the ability to easily defeat Rank 10 Fighter stage experts when they fought together.

The two rushed towards Amaysu in a crisscrossing manner, as they crossed paths countless times their swords moved in an obscure manner to attack Amaysu.

A cold glint flashed across Amaysu’s eyes, in an instant, he conjured the silver specks to float around him.

In a split second when the two opposite forces were about to clash, the silver specks brightened, instantly the area was trained.

The gravity around Tukal and Rekal strengthened causing them to lose their stability, disrupting their planned combo. Even though it was just a split moment it was enough for Amaysu to deal a heavy blow.

A frighteningly cold murderous intent flashed across in his unique pupils.


The air was cleaved apart.

Rekal’s eyes widened violently, gritting his teeth he forcefully controlled his centre of gravity to adjust his position and managed to intercept the scythe.


The immense was force of the scythe in addition to the strengthened gravity crushed Rekal, he grunted and was sent tumbling backwards.

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