CE Chapter 64

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 ­ Restraining the Berserk Emotions

Luna held onto Amaysu’s waist for dear life as he charged in random directions trying to tear her off his body. He was not aware of his actions as he relentlessly punched Luna’s back, however, he was subconsciously holding a great amount of power from his fists or she would be beaten to death by him.

Luna gritted her teeth tightly, she felt pain surge from her back to the rest of her body, yet, rather than letting go she gripped tighter around Amaysu’s waist.

“Shadow don’t lose to your inner demons, you’re stronger than this,” Luna murmured in pain. Abruptly, she coughed a mixture of saliva and blood onto Amaysu’s clothes.

If Amaysu was aware of what he was doing he’d feel an intense feeling of grief and regret, but as of this moment, he felt nothing but rage and anger.

Moments passed like this and Luna held onto Amaysu adamantly, he slowly lost interest in her and no longer paid any attention to her and ferociously charged towards the nearest illusions of Kronos and Karia.

“BOOM!” Silver specks swallowed his palm as he pummelled the empty air. Amaysu drove forward as his instincts drew the strength of the Inherited Legacy to assist him and it responded to his emotions.

Luna tightly gritted her teeth; she could feel Amaysu’s relentless desire to kill as she was extremely close to him. This hatred, I’ve never felt something like this before, what has Shadow experienced to make him go berserk?

Out of nowhere she suddenly pressed her foot down into the ground causing Amaysu to suddenly pause mid-charge: “Shadow, I won’t let you get hurt any longer, even if it means getting hurt myself I’ll do it.”

“I haven’t done much to repay the favours that you’ve done for me. You’ve helped me out more than my family has ever helped, you protected me when I was about to face a fate worse than death and now I’ll help you no matter what the cost!” Luna truly did feel this way, the way her family isolated her as unnecessary weight alienated her from her Family clan. Even though Amaysu was cold and quiet he showed her more kindness than her family showed her.


Deep within Amaysu’s conscious his body was quietly floating through the air in a deep and long sleep.

All of a sudden a figure materialised, his body identical to Amaysu’s in every way, he helplessly looked at Amaysu and sighed.

“We’ve lost everything and yet you still don’t realise what you have right now. Times have changed and you no longer possess the status you once owned, however there will come a day when you will change everything and even if it means I disappear I’ll gladly trade it for your survival.”

Shadow breathed in slowly planning his next words carefully: “Amaysu Dasecris…” As he started the sentence a voice echoed through Amaysu’s conscious causing his mind to tremble.

“I’ll help you no matter what the cost! So wake up, rise over your own demon, just as you told me: In battle you either live or die so kill your demon!”

Amaysu’s conscious quaked under the words that Luna uttered in her moment of adrenaline. At the same time, his sleeping body trembled and his eyelids twitched.

Shadow’s noticed this tiny change and was stunned, no matter what he said nothing made through to Amaysu, however, Luna’s voice passed through the walls covering his heart and broke through to him.

“Yes, yes, carry on speaking,” Shadow said urgently. “Amay, listen to her, you have to kill your own demon, suppress your berserk emotions.”

From the original crack made by Luna, Shadows voice slipped through it to reach Amaysu. He called out to Amaysu with hope, as more and more of their voices broke through his barriers Amaysu gradually stirred.

Amaysu’s conscious had hidden even deeper in his heart, a region that no one could come anywhere near, a place which even Shadow could not reach; it was a sort of safe region, where his most precious memories were stored.

In this place Amaysu was seated in front of his mother and father, his eyes filled with happiness and it seemed as if he no longer remembered the existence of the outside world.

He conversed with his parents as his father held Raymond in his arms while his mother held Arisa in hers.

“I’ll help you no matter what the cost!”

“Urgh!” Amaysu groaned and instantly he was filled with confusion, he looked around aimlessly but everything was the same, everything was normal.

“Rise over your own demon, just as you told me: In battle, you either live or die, so kill your demon!”

Amaysu felt severe pain in his head as if he was being beaten by a steel bat.

Suddenly he realised what was happening as the memories came rushing into his clear mind reminding him of what was truly happening.

“I can’t stay here any longer!” Amaysu mumbled without hesitation and then looked up at his parents with an unwillingness to leave.

His mother seeing his unwillingness spoke: “Amaysu, remember as long as you remember us we’ll always exist in your heart,” her voice was warm and full of love.

“You’re a future Emperor, you’ll step on the same grand stage as our ancient ancestors, so live on for us and for the future of our clan,” his father said to Amaysu as he rustled Amaysu’s hair.

Amaysu nodded and he stepped back, a lingering gaze stayed on his parents and he sighed before he spoke: “Break!”

This was his world, his mind, he completely shattered the world around him and he slowly gained control over his body.

“I am the ruler of my body! I won’t be controlled by my emotions!” Amaysu roared ferociously when he felt his Will being suppressed by his berserk emotions.

Immediately his Will exploded restraining the berserk emotions and regaining control of his body.


“Argh!” Amaysu roared, grabbing Luna’s arms he ripped her off his body and tossed her aside as if she was a ragdoll.

Luna groaned, her body crashed against a wall and she spat out blood, her back was in severe pain and blood was pouring down from the cuts all over her silky body.

“Shadow… you have to survive… Please…” She murmured, the throbbing pain on her back caused her mind to reel in with nausea. Her forehead was covered in sweat and a small streak of blood flowed out from a cut on her bright red lips. She looked up only to see Amaysu drawing closer and closer, she sighed helplessly and shut her eyes slowly.

When she shut her eyes she expected everything to end, but on the contrary, nothing happened. A few seconds passed and she opened her eyes out of confusion only to see Amaysu looking back at her with wide eyes, tears rolling down his cheeks and apparent self-loathing on his face.

“Shadow?” She raised her hand at Amaysu.

Amaysu’s eyes widened and he rapidly retreated: “Don’t get near me! Just don’t! I’m a monster, I tried to kill you!” He roared as more tears flowed down his cheeks, he felt intense pain in his heart seeing the weak appearance of Luna in front of him.

A weak smile appeared on her face: “You’re finally back.” She tried walking forward with her arms stretched towards him.

Amaysu felt, even more, heartbreak at the sight of this and he went forward and embraced her. “I swear! I swear that I’ll make sure this never happens ever again!” Amaysu’s voice trembled as streams of tears rolled down his cheeks, due to hurting Luna and everything he experienced in his illusion.

In response to Amaysu she calmly patted his back: “Cry, you’ve been holding it in for too long, just release your burdens,” she whispered slowly.

Amaysu held her even tighter and slowly let go of his emotions: “Ah…ah…ah…”Within the immense maze, Amaysu’s cries echoed, he cried his heart out while leaning on Luna’s shoulder. He did not say any words and released the mountainous weight in his heart.

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