CE Chapter 63

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 ­ Self Destructive Rage

Instantaneously a deep, sinister and demented emotion exploded from his heart, it was raw, berserk and ferocious. His mind was on the verge of breaking, boundless hatred appeared from the very core of his being that was etched deep within his soul. This savagery caused his eyes to turn bloodshot and his face to twist; his groans were heavy and deep like that of a mindless, insane savage beast.

AARRRGGHHHHHH!!!!” he roared like a berserk beast that had succumbed to its own emotions. It was earth shattering and contained all the fury in his heart.

“BOOM!” Amaysu exploded with an unbelievable amount of energy and force that caused the ground in the illusion to tremble uncontrollably and he leapt towards Kronos and Karia.

He no longer possessed any rational thoughts and was only moving based on his primal instincts it was as if he had completely become a savage beast. “ARGH!” He roared as he punched out at the illusory figures of Kronos and Karia.

When his fist struck Kronos’s chest, it surged with unknown berserk power and broke through, punching a hole through his chest.

In the next moment, he moved on to Karia and also did the same thing, forcing blood to spurt out of their wounds. In his moment of madness, he grabbed onto Karia’s head and pulled, the muscles in his arms tensed with immense power, ripping her head right off her shoulders and threw it aside.

“AMAYSU WAKE UP!!” A loud voice jolted him also causing the illusory world to shake.

Because of the explosive voice Amaysu paused and looked back, but in his hand was the gruesome and mutilated head of Kronos.

Behind Amaysu a figure slowly appeared in the illusory world in his mind, the figure was a mirror image of himself except for the difference in his aura; this was Shadow, Amaysu’s second personality.

“Amaysu, don’t lose to your emotions and humanity, you’re no savage beast get a hold of yourself! This is not the place to lose yourself, there are people waiting for you in the outside world. Are you going to lose to your own devil? Are you going to leave Raymond and Arisa in this world to fend for themselves?!”

Each word seemed to cause Amaysu to slowly lose a bit of the glowing red in his eyes. He then slowly turned to look at the head he was holding and there was still a mocking smile on Kronos’s face.

His face reminded him of scenes that caused him to feel utter heartbreak, slowly tears welled up in his bloodshot eyes, and his body trembled in pain.

“Argh!!!” Amaysu howled with madness smashing the head down to the ground with absolute force and then raising the head to smash down once again.

Constant banging sounds shook the ground as he smashed down over a dozen times.

Moments after there were nothing except a gruesome pile of bloody mush around his palm. He slowly stood up holding onto what was left of Kronos’s head and looked at the ceiling of the library.

“Amay…” Shadow called out weakly, he couldn’t do anything, and his voice couldn’t get through to Amaysu in his berserk state.

Amaysu was still full of blood lust, his breath was ragged.  All of a sudden Amaysu raised his head and howled, then rushed towards the table in the centre of the study, clenching his fists he hammered down breaking the table into dozens of pieces.

This sudden behaviour was seen by Shadow and he realised what was wrong, “Amaysu there’s no one there, you’re hallucinating!”

At the same moment, Amaysu released a shocking howl; the roar came from the deepest region of his heart and shattered the illusion. Since the illusion was in his mind he was able to forcibly break through as long as he possessed enough power or his own method to escape, and Amaysu possessed enough strength to escape.

The illusion crashed down before him like small fragmented shards of glass.


Luna quietly sat in front of Amaysu, who was still standing motionlessly with his eyes closed.

She had only recently woken up from the illusion that she was in and the first thing she saw was the motionless Amaysu standing quietly. Since she was the first to wake she waited for Amaysu to wake up from his illusion.

Just like Amaysu she also faced one of her own nightmares in the trial but compared to Amaysu her trial was much easier, she experienced a nightmarish memory from her past. By maintaining her sense and grasp on reality she broke through the nightmare and woke up from the illusion.

Abruptly, Amaysu’s face turned red and a murderous, intense aura exploded from him. Luna sensing this sudden change in atmosphere turned to face Amaysu.

Everything happened in an instant and it took a moment for Luna to process what was happening.

Amaysu’s bloodshot eyes opened revealing a crazed expression that hid any signs of intelligence while tears flowed down his face without pause.

“Argh!” Amaysu burst with utmost speed and crashed against the nearest maze wall, he lashed out his palm as it struck the wall with explosive power.

“DIE!!” Amaysu growled his first audible and clear words as he hammered down at the ground without reserving any of his strength, silver specks floated around him as he struck the empty air.

“DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE, DIEE!!!!” Amaysu repeated over and over again. Through his bloodshot eyes, he saw countless illusory figures of Kronos and Karia standing all around him.

Standing at one side, Luna was shocked, she was dumbfounded. Amaysu moved rapidly and was exploding with power, attacking the empty air once again without any reserve. Luna could easily see through his excessive and wasted movements in his enraged state.

Countless booming sounds and enraged bellows sounded explosively.

Out of the blue he abruptly stopped, which attracted her gaze, but she could see Amaysu’s hands were shaking uncontrollably.

“Girl!” Luna heard a voice similar to Amaysu’s call out to her, except it was softer.


“No, I am not Shadow.” Shadow replied, for the sake of hiding Amaysu’s identity he carried on playing this ruse.

“What do you mean?” She replied confused.

Shadow gritted his teeth trying to suppress Amaysu: “This is not the time but I will tell you a secret, I am Shadow’s second personality…” Shadow suddenly felt as if he lost control of the body but quickly grasped his grip on the body: “Quickly! You must save us before Shadow loses himself completely.”

“Save him? What’s wrong with him?” Luna was starting to worry, Amaysu’s sudden berserk behaviour caused her to feel that something was wrong and she believed some of the things he said.

“He’s self-destructing; if this goes on for any longer he’ll be devoured by his own hatred, he’ll lose his rationality and go insane! Help me save him!” Shadow said with urgency, if Amaysu was devoured by his berserk emotions, the chances of saving him would be exceedingly slim and Shadow himself would disappear.

Luna sensed his urgency, her instincts told her that what the voice said was believable: “If you’re in danger or have a decision to make in a short amount of time, trust your instincts because it may save you!” Amaysu’s words repeated themselves in her mind.

She strengthened her resolve and called out to Shadow: “How do I save him?”

Shadow had a self-depreciating smile as he replied: “I don’t know… But you have to find a way to save him from his hatred, I’ll assist you as best as I can!” As soon as Shadow finished speaking he lost control of Amaysu’s body completely.

“Argh!” Amaysu howled uncontrollably without reserve and rushed towards the nearest illusory figure of Kronos and Karia: “I’LL KILL YOU BOTH!! I’LL KILL YOU!!! I’LL KILL YOU!!!!”

Amaysu slipped further and further into an abyss, he once again released a series of unreserved attacks containing a 100% of his strength.

Out of the blue just as he was about to race across to meet another illusory figure, Luna intercepted him blocking him from his targets.

Seeing that he was being blocked Amaysu growled something that could not be made out. Luna was shaken by his enraged appearance, No I’m going to stop him. Luna resolved herself and stood steadfast at the same spot.

“Wake up Shadow! You’re no longer trapped in a nightmare!” Luna’s voice echoed.

However, nothing made it through to Amaysu, he lashed out at Luna whom quickly dodged and appeared at a different spot.


Amaysu turned towards her and charged with the intent to kill her; he was no longer aware of his surroundings and was attacking mindlessly.

“Shadow! Don’t you recognise me! Shadow!” Luna gritted her teeth and without a thought followed an absurd act.

Just when Amaysu was about to strike her, she moved in and pushed herself into him and embraced him.

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