CE Chapter 62

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 ­ Illusion (2)


“Mother?!” Amaysu’s heart jumped to his throat and his mind went blank.

In the next instant hundreds if not thousands of thoughts rushed into his mind like a torrential flood, memories of being taught the Ocarina, being scolded, being loved and many other memories flashed in his mind.

Tears slowly formed on the corners of his eyes, this was his mother, his mother who he watched helplessly as she was killed.

“Mother…” Teardrops rolled down slowly before forming a stream of tears.

When Amaysu’s mother Elisa noticed his tears she was stunned for a moment, to her it was much unexpected.

“Amay, you’re already 16, you’ll soon be taking your father’s place, you have to show a strong front.”

He sat quietly slowly swallowing the sight before him, rubbing the tears from his face he nodded quickly.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you but you can talk to me about it,” she said with concern.

“Mother, don’t worry about me,” he replied warmly.

“Okay then let’s go see your father.”

Hearing Elisa say that Amaysu froze for an instant before rushing forward to follow her, his thoughts were slowly calming down.

After following her for a while, he slowly realised what was actually happening and he felt a pang of pain in his heart.

This is nothing more than an illusion; he had a complex expression on his face while his heart was deep in turmoil: However, it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy this even if it will only last for a short amount of time.

Amaysu was like Luna; he had experienced some illusions when he was younger. In the era that he was from, creating illusions were a simple task because of the existing technology and knowledge. Furthermore, he was conscious of the fact that even though everything looked real, travelling through time to an old era was impossible, even in his time.

Amaysu followed his mother through the long hallway of the Imperial palace. The walls of the hallway reflected the radiant lights from the ceiling, creating an extravagant splendour, countless sculptures created by grandmasters stood on their pedestals between each arch along with a wall light. The palace was exactly the way he had remembered them to be.

They took a turn and passed a large doorway which led to a long spiralling staircase that went down into the mountain that the palace was built on.

Descending the long flights of steps, Amaysu’s gaze was plastered on his mother. Before he realised they came to a stop in front of an enormous door that stretched several meters high and wide.

“Mother, why are we in father’s personal training chamber?”

“He has something to say to you, so let’s go in.” Without further ado, Elisa opened the door with a simple push.

The door swiftly opened without making a single sound, revealing the insides of the training chamber. The training chamber itself was completely white and stretched a few hundred square meters. The air in the chamber was heavy, suffocating and visible to the naked eye as it trembled constantly.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

In the centre of the chamber, a man in white training apparels was swiftly dancing passed ten droid puppets.

Amaysu easily recognised his movement method, the Lunar Moon Dance.

These ten droid puppets were extraordinarily powerful, possessing an immense strength that completely overshadowed golems.

Amaysu gasped, each one was terrifying alone and would be able to suppress him with utmost ease, but the man was fighting them all with a single sword in hand.

He immediately pulled away from the Droid Puppets, in the instant his body emitted a black shine and with the blood red sword in hand, he struck the nearest droid puppet.

The air around his sword thickened which then was released as a ray of vibrations that soared through the air to the droid puppet, directly smashing into it with a loud bang.

Straight after, he blurred and appeared between two droids, he placed his left palm on the hilt of his sword and then pulled with both hands. Shockingly, the single sword split into two identical swords which he used to slice both golems.

Countless explosions rang through the white chamber, moments after the shirtless man walked away from a pile of broken parts, the sword dissolved into blood red specks that floated around him.

Amaysu was dazed, he subconsciously murmured: “Father…”

Countless memories of a stern cold man immediately played out in his mind, he would guide him strictly and would always appear cold in front of his son. However, there was always warmth and boundless fatherly love in his gaze when he looked at Amaysu and he always gained a sense of pride from him.

This scene in front of him of his father training used a memory as the base to create this illusion and this memory was from the time when his father had shown him the second stage of the Inherited Legacy and it was now replaying in the illusion.

The man heard Amaysu and he turned around which portrayed his facial features more clearly and it was similar to Amaysu’s. He had a lean muscular frame, long sandy brown hair, deep dark brown eyes, he was more mature and aged, there was also a more powerful aura surrounding him.

“Amay, I did not expect you to come so early,” Ranel calmly spoke.

“Artificial gravity, off.” On his instructions, the pressured air in the training chamber disappeared completely.

Ranel walked over to him and his mother, his expression indifferent as he inspected Amaysu: “You’ve reached the 8th rank of the Fighter stage? Well done,” A rare smile appeared on his face.

“I expect in two years you’ll be able to reach the Body Transformation stage, and then you’ll ascend the throne, taking my place as the Emperor.”

Amaysu calmly listened to his father’s words, while the feelings in his heart were in chaos.

In recent years the Thrown would be passed down the moment the crowned prince reached the Body Transformation stage and Amaysu was just about to reach that stage. He wondered if this was how it would have been if the Empire had not fallen, which made him feel isolated and lonely.

Father, mother, I swear there’ll come a day when I get revenge for you, I’ll raise the Dasecris Empire back to its former glory so that Raymond and Arisa can live a peaceful life. His words rippled in his mind never making it out; however, it reminded him of his task.

He sighed and quietly stared at his parents, this was a rare chance for him feel at peace. However, Amaysu was naïve to think that the illusion was going to be so simple, it was not only going to show what his heart desired but also his worst nightmare.

These illusions were created by Arthur Dasecris to impede anyone from attaining the fortune in the maze and to also temper the individual because that individual could also become his successor.

All of a sudden the setting changed and he felt pain in his head once again. When the pain receded he noticed that the entire scene had changed from his father’s training chamber to the study of that night. There was no one in the enormous study besides him and the endless shelves full of books.

“Why am I here?” he mumbled his intuitions told him that something was wrong.

The moment he blinked, two figures appeared in the centre of the study, standing without an expression on their face.

Amaysu’s heart went cold, a sound similar to glass shattering echoed in his mind leaving it completely blank.


Both figures had a bloody hole in their chests where a hand appeared, each hand was holding a heart, which was soaked in a large amount of blood as the wound was bleeding profusely. From their mouth and nose blood poured down to their chin and stained their clothes. These two figures in front of him were his mother and father.

All of a sudden a heavy deep voice full of malice came from behind the two dead figures: “Greetings, Crowned Prince.”

Amaysu didn’t respond at first, it was as if his soul had completely frozen while his eyes were wide open, he even forgot to breathe. The change in settings was too fast for him to comprehend, he didn’t have the ability to understand the situation or it was that he did not want to believe the scene before him.

An exceedingly uncomfortable sound echoed as the two figures pulled their hands from Ranel and Elisa’s chest. The two slumped to the floor and blood rolled out to stain the floor.

The two moved forward so that the light would reveal their appearance. The man had a cold expression which was exemplified by his thin lips, brown eyes, bronze skin, black hair and the scar below his eyes that stretched towards his lips. As for the woman she had black hair, brown eyes and pale white skin.

The two gloated with a mocking smile on their faces as they stared at Amaysu who was looking back at them lifelessly.

Instantaneously a deep sinister and demented emotion exploded from his heart, it was raw, berserk and ferocious. His mind was on the verge of breaking, boundless hatred appeared from the very core of his being that was etched deep within his soul. This savagery caused his eyes to turn bloodshot and his face to twist; his groans were heavy and deep like that of a mindless, insane savage beast.


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